Inside the Hillary Clinton Event in Kentucky

ABC News' Liz Kreutz takes us inside the Hillary Clinton event in Kentucky.
8:17 | 05/11/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Inside the Hillary Clinton Event in Kentucky
I live right here covering the Hillary Clinton thanked him. I. A full. A lot and celebrate. Turnout here she's entering a whole big day around Kentucky's they are just in Lexington this morning there was another vendor in Louisville. And now we have this event tonight where she goes home. We're around the event. Active. I live right now but I didn't. Space. But let's bring back players that you guys seem pretty fast hot news or use them. Your mom had an enemy if any. It's not going to need a break ray Sims through hell yeah. And can. Well yeah. And I'm trying to. The threats coming with what you liked about Hillary Clinton. Let me that he now let's see is that you notice and if you aren't you. I view is that where you like her it's now. And he the first female president you like panic in her. And I'm hurts. About her before she ran. So what do you most excited act today we. It will think I'm so much and enjoy okay Friday. I saw them earlier and they weren't questioning me because I have Hillary phone when I'm using it needs to in the ordinary stock buy back. We got chatting. It's I've now just walk on the memories we find out turns around and show you that the media section for news. Case he found another injured people. Reporter and I read all. If I love doctor. I think music during a time and we're here on TV hot right now. Talking. Here about the New York. Yeah very much. Lugo and you know what yeah like I. Like everything about Hillary you know like her husband building when a great president. I think Hillary's gonna do a fantastic job and I'm really excited look at the first woman president. Yeah. OK you know. Signed with the public. Or not I. Republicans are just like I did not cold front that are looking at turning to Hillary. There's a lot of people. A lot of Republicans you don't like Donald. Third. Now understand that. But I think Hillary can win a things currently being I don't think there's any path to nomination for Donald Trump I don't think he's gonna get the women vote. Minority vote either. Maybe in the next I am serious. Details they have a pitcher Gloria Diane Murray says she's there are. No connection Duluth. Very loving my. I unrest. I'll photograph. For any chance I get. It's no other contact about how about what's going on here. It got intact he is key primary state they'd vote next week it's one of the one of them are easy. Very good chance of winning woods. Night West Virginia can't regret is that it winning. Sort of like they'd like working in. Normal. Yeah. Yeah well okay. I. I'm on the here are my. We're going back here. Asked me aerobics when he. Ignoring it. Levy. You're going. Parking ramp outside. The day. It's about coming to me that uncomfortable about little. Scandals. I've not been any age and dark side dish he would always. Bernie Sanders might have been. She voted off. The real money in the primaries. I'm the general fats are planned announcement. Look at today it's. Right now and. Anymore. Okay. It. I think I think that you got a good little field when the events like these. The programs I think what wrapping up a.

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{"duration":"8:17","description":"ABC News' Liz Kreutz takes us inside the Hillary Clinton event in Kentucky. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"39025614","title":"Inside the Hillary Clinton Event in Kentucky ","url":"/Politics/video/inside-hillary-clinton-event-kentucky-39025614"}