Inside the Iowa Delegation's RNC Ice Cream Social

ABC News' Josh Haskell reports from Mitchell's Ice Cream in Cleveland, OH.
16:45 | 07/19/16

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Transcript for Inside the Iowa Delegation's RNC Ice Cream Social
ABC's Josh Haskell in Mitchell's ice cream parlor in Cleveland I'm not back in Iowa but I miss Iowa so much. Course I lived there covering the caucus that I thought I'd catch up with my old friends the pilot delegation. Here with Jeff coffin who headed the Republican party of Iowa who was so helpful to ABC news during the caucus during those cold winter months. I tell us how we've been for you support Jeff. I'd tell you this this community. I don't think these people know how to our community I would absolutely young man just past the right now it's Marlins. Think they are just the city. Ruled out the red carpet you know it's easy to do you know infrastructures that maybe they're doing with the hearts of their attitude I'd like. Hats off to Cleveland for this cedar county Iowa horrible. And that's coming from the chairman of the state it's known as Iowa when nights you can get people Ohio per night through Iowa. Thought I I think the people of Cleveland helped raise the marketing I was. Yes. Tell us how the convention is going so far. Obviously yesterday must have been periods can date date ones who people are. Learning the rules getting their fifth straight difference is what was your take away. I'm you're right there's. Always helps themselves and it's to any of these conventions. I'm like living in small towns like a little mini Peyton Place there's a little shed little pizza palace appeared a little bits of gossip here. Most of the time it turns out not be accurate I'd have we rented but I would delegation it was erroneously reported that the Iowa delegation walked out. Bullet that we had a lot of empty seats in our section. But the problem that the problem Wallace that we were all sitting towards the back. And we were actually working we're about it economic educational I'll wait to provide information about first nation's best couple people go to restroom. We didn't walk at all it's just what those things will be got to stop and of course last night was absolutely you know a special time for us which audience. I'm real proud of our delegation nobody orchestrated this but what joining our students are outstanding. When she stood up. How important that it does. To me this is the second time out on the national stage to tell my friends and neighbors are out there. Of course we have the woeful hand. We're you know a lot of great speakers Chris Christie's speech and then it just keeps getting bigger. You can't keep keep getting more more tired but each energetic. Speech you get fired up I think we're gonna walk out of here more determined I think we're definitely you can feel for cage. So folks you heard that from chairman of the Iowa Republican Party there were some delegations did walk out last night chairman saying I what was not one of them. And it seems like. People expect to be a little bit more calm. Even more civil if that was your expect. From the roll call I think so I mean we can't. Here's the thing adolescents destructive. I don't mind arguments I don't mind debates I don't mind a little tension that's patient. And you know what happens we will return to Iowa again it kept patient is gonna turn into advocacy. Or for Donald trumps on. One thing I noticed the I would delegation is here rituals. You ventures wrapped up but they were holding an ice cream social and it was a thing for me for something covered the state to see some. Gentlemen who worked for the crews campaign someone else who worked for trump somebody we're Chris Christie all of these different representatives. In this same group part of the delegation coming together for what you would call this the good of the party anything else. Celine and Rick Santorum was or else and that's what you know we we are coming together what you're never gonna have a first. But we're we're going to be on our idea. We're ready I think Iowa is a deeper stated we are Hillary Clinton is basically a dead heat talent ultra. I was I was gonna go read this that this year helped the presidential level. And I'm hoping that we can get a good reporter like you to commit coverage I don't you don't do the erroneous stuff yeah resources and make sure your accurate. That's exactly what hoping to come back to Iowa couple making the fair. But I know that there are always big political events including. The candidates will definitely be swing through your stage one last question before we let you go home. If you you were able to kind of stay neutral. As chairman. If this forty would you CD durable whole wholeheartedly. Indoors don't younger the other delegates supporting Donald Trump would you guys stand up. I'm here. Yes I think to answer for me personally I was suitable time through at least that's what your needs to do. I'm wholeheartedly. In favor dollar if I couldn't look you in the eyes have a 100% favor Donald Trump I need to resign. Because that's my role my opinion is secondary to what my stadium republicans' plans to ask me. There are other people that are getting there there are people that are still in the process. But I think when we when we talk war war nothing. We talk about the the Supreme Court. I think Hillary Clinton as a unit uniting force is going to cause a more proactive. As the united force around the truck you can feel it tears. Ordered workers don't this year Hillary freeway where practicable at. Well I think the charity I. Republican Party Jeff hall in for joining us live I think it's digital job we'll get a ticket Stewart out of Mitchell's has a lot of ice cream. See it that or that profit pretty place. I'll want to thank you again in safe travel absolutely the rest your convention you're good man well I'll interview you again base. Seed Jeff. And look who we have here. I don't Mitchell our heroes welcome vote vigils ice cream people have tickets in the kitchen shows we're in the here you back here. So this is tactics in Ohio city this evening are asking apparently shot in Cleveland. In the grocery stores and restaurants whose ultimate well. We're just we think of ourselves as a small within company and we're so. Please be disposed of the delegates from Iowa and their visitors. You know this is a big moment for Cleveland high and we're very very small part of what we don't need a special place. But it's exciting I'm a lifelong we've and it's exciting to have. People from all of this country the world. Content music Steve Emerson pounded home. And so I'll take into that it was an eight do it. Summertime seventy. PM. And typically are British it is 730. Seconds it was three elevenths or kind of fight panic now between. So typically there's about eight or nine. Me right now others of sending one or two bubbles you. Every day. You're building the standards. Peter that is that the that the leader of the Rialto theater where we're standing now to the back in the kitchen was worthy stage in orchestra it would have been. Also in 1919 when this building burst open and for decades after that. Imagine that. Perhaps grandparents minus. That if they've been used for many things into the throughout the beater but most recently we do. Fourteen to make this right if you shot. You can see strawberries and all the different ingredients. For the ice cream here just coming in. Through that door. Lot of freezers a little cold in here but I think will be okay they're company. To California. Many in the days and begin descending here locally run northeast Ohio. It's almost Pete seizes it because it needs to be right from the trees. In error. For farmers here completely. Think Natalie Allen of organic things. They missile on peacemaking and most basic labor. These are news. Milk cream sugar eggs Vanilla. An athlete it is not a very. And we're just preparing now today usable each heist in making stations may be different flavors. In the second half day. Inner. It is an area over here. Again we're just. Just getting started the second. Eight hour. But very horrible Sarah we're eating caramel syrup which will go into you. Carnal Cecil. Whenever he can believers he gets on the not. And cleaning everything is from scratch right now where we're. Packaging the brownies anything in this area. The yards. Clinton. We can't quite different items that my parents. It's where Weaver's wife when he is not elephant tracks which wildly popular. Popular motorized parade with Johnson around me. And Spanish peanuts. And there's a sort they actually which. What sort of you know this fire gets into McDonald's profits over fired that's been in his pain in his passion fruit sorbet and a college senior taken piano needs. I. A reference obviously Tuesday's. That we have a Sunday called again for Sunday. Which brings back to mind Ronald Reagan. Philippine. It's really nice green raspberry sauce. Aside jelly bellies fast humanitarian. But not least we have a menu item that we which on the primary. And time as were seventeen candidates find Republican nomination. Long ago primary. Election sentence thanks sixteenths groups that it. I don't think you get a ballot primary ballot sticking to on the circled the left they recently cleared. Any features sixteen and then those sixteen are topped the one student of the required cash. So this is our home this is burning skyscraper. Oh come to different flavors peach did you guys create specifically for. For the convention. Two flavors but then to Sunday due to other maintenance and signing primary. We're up you know we're not alone in this a bunch of Cleveland restaurants. Other retailers are excited against Cleveland. And we're being creative we want perhaps finally. Posting. And so what flavors and done well so far how is the your fired selling. Can you take custody you're fired and connect dry it it's hugely popular more popular. It might be expected element to the future because it struck me topic but rice cookies brownies. I we're namely not. Natalie outward range falling as fast as he went away and I have to say that everyone loves on screen. But not a free ice cream parlor looks like Mitchell's. You know and unfortunately I think there's a lot of ice cream parlors where the ice cream is made elsewhere and then it. It is. Shipped in truck dean. We are behind essentially where the ice cream it's served. Him right over there. Like you can see through the window this is a full blow in onsite ice cream factory company's stores for you guys servicing. We'll just it's eight shops they've been there CN so all the ice cream though for those eight shots made right here. This is the only place that we gay rights and his it team of about fifteen people running. Pitching and very good at making ice cream. And I'll contributed saw me you know from ingredients values. High prices are where our. Visitors and even snow. I don't Snyder fired. He just couldn't let your fired us. It's okay okay real and. Your client right field Landrieu. Billboard. He'll pretty fortunate she is lucky. Really. Yes sure that I have to tell you I feel pretty fortunate to be where very few people get to column. Where and Mitchell is just. It'd be fruitful life in the industry comforted yes. Given a second. First taste like mango. And there is definitely. Strong healthy he'll hit you right by its that he. So here exit at very spicy. Might even need some water right now why I had so accredited public and spicy food Netscape being the Iowa state fair and back with you but. It's actually pretty refreshing. Your got to be talking out that you've had a spoonful of volcanoes what other currencies special flavor you show us. You'll find elephant traps. Haven't our freezer. Where there. Elephant tracks which in its profit in about a race in the sense of brownies. We have more classic. Maybe widely. Appealing flavors. Still wide shot of that. What did you bring it up to the cameras that we can show. Called animal tracks. Phillips elephant tracks giving it yeah. Our joy. Thank you. That's more like you and hooked. What's in this when its top speed of butter ice cream with chunks of brownies and Spanish. Stood up and he those delegates out there were in town. They have eight locations choose from Cleveland Mitchell's ice cream was so popular that even the I would delegation came here for their ice cream social. Really want to think Pete Mitchell over is the February giving us the access to where all of them that happens. Right in there. And also just kind of given us a little taste to Cleveland club last question before he goes. Tell us I want you think they've been for almost my whole life soon so. Briefly after talent and West Coast but privately wondered who agree. I'd like to be hosting the convention and just tell us how it is still weigh in eyes big moment the city would you say. It's tremendous and it didn't in this is sort of day you know just another. Positive thing in some really you know its commitment cities. Not just the past but just. You know economic developments. In different parts of Cleveland again and we're so happy be. Unity is. He's Josh Haskell would keep vigil at the ice cream parlor we're gonna sign off right now stay with ABC news golfer. Continuing coverage of everything that is happening at the art C including some more food and I'm sure thank you very.

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