Inside the Sanders Rally on Super Tuesday

ABC News' Mary Alice Parks takes us inside Bernie Sanders' rally on Super Tuesday.
3:02 | 03/02/16

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Transcript for Inside the Sanders Rally on Super Tuesday
That it skirt suit and every and it's good movies let's a sentence than about some residents and local. Hey he's projected to win that by very big budget. Very the Internet sites that either victory or is that it slightly tepid by a sense. That actually in the end. He would. Oh. I'm yeah. And again. A it. Very very interesting if you can imagine that we don't ambulance and love burning anarchy and supremely popular. Now that it might want it doesn't make sure that he's been home for the night you really celebrate here no matter what he's going up it was unlikely. They're really crowded and no matter what happens. They are proud that he represented were not well you know proud that you haven't been in this city well under the mayor here obviously accordingly. I'm so yeah celebratory hug then throughout the city present. Love and feel that energy and excitement but. A lot including in the camp and that is. What I think that it. It. Totally out of examining confirmed that they did not buy local event local ads TV time in the other hander himself though he was zipping around even treated me. He has not a eight news. He. Hey. He. Flowers they're looking accidentally after a run eight southwest. In the mountains and then it hit like help current and until later but I think. I have a real shot there they are forward thinking campaign immediately Huntley and I bet that they haven't. Money and the momentum to stay in his lane for a long time even in the money. They're currently. Larry Ellison the reporting a lot on the money he'd submit that you mention I'm struck by how much Bernie Sanders and his campaign expressing an advantage popular and record fundraising month. Last month actually put out about their fundraising capacity from here what do they hope that that's they. Going forward given the fact that we're looking for a long night he delegate. I. Yeah out and that's a great question and I'm actually not to. Reportedly tell. Okay. We're net profit though probably.

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{"duration":"3:02","description":"ABC News' Mary Alice Parks takes us inside Bernie Sanders' rally on Super Tuesday. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"37322730","title":"Inside the Sanders Rally on Super Tuesday ","url":"/Politics/video/inside-sanders-rally-super-tuesday-37322730"}