Inside the Trump Museum in Cleveland

ABC News' Josh Haskell tours the museum presented by American Bridge as the Republican National Conventions get underway.
6:16 | 07/19/16

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Transcript for Inside the Trump Museum in Cleveland
ABC's Josh Haskell with Jessica Mac caller I'm here at yes it's called the trump museum it's not. Put together by the RNC it is not put together by Donald Trump's campaign put together by a progressive democratic pack. American bridge this is just the man I just tell us a little bit about how this idea came together like a geyser Cleveland. Absolutely. Well that's how easy M lives are at efforts you tell the story of food on some really it is. And conventions about stories candidates and we wanted to take years of research that we've done and Donald Trump and tell the real story. So take us down this wall right here what would you call this part of the exhibits those people look and show me. Highlights remotely that you L over the past year. But also throughout Donald campaign and that's really we theater and that exhibit that shows that Donald Trump is really unfit to be president so boring people over here. You have. Trump. With the former miss universe I think he referred to as the ski because he thought she needed to lose weight and here is living with her friend exercise equipment. And so that's one example and we also have many moments from the campaign trail over here. Try holding what is an imaginary gun. And above average year it's been almost a year since he threw her promise out. Unprecedented. Absent he's arrogant overlay. Donald child's. Courier. And I don't. Believe this is the one hand imitating the New York Times reporter. Actually Heatley. And act. Problems and on how to Allen is well. I'm over here where he mocks a reporter with disabilities. Again really showing that he doesn't happen character and that he and president. And these are of course a lot of videos pictures that Hillary Clinton talks about. On the campaign trail that her campaign puts out in their videos. You're not seeing that presence here in Cleveland you have to wore a wrap her sponsor but this place. Seems like for whom to call who's your target audience we I don't think the Republican delegates will be coming by here well. There wasn't did you see activity on the boards I delegates who were not happy with Donald fronts he never know. But really our target audiences the press and the public in your helping us since you've got work and making sure that people conceit of McDonald's from earliest. And so why don't we go a little bit down this hallway. Which. He conceded there's his trump memorabilia everywhere we have some Atlantic City casinos we have small newspapers. Some of the casinos that he bankrupt in Atlantic City where Hillary Clinton actually just held a campaign event. Talk to us a little bit about this whole Jessica. Cindy is unholy. Three use the opportunity to get our audio visual display them over here we jury did nearly 30000. Out since we since the start it. And inherit MD I S three can be everything Brad Henry has the facts are correct we all. Ali number. And number I notice any passer by Donald Trump. This was captured in Korea that's not anything that's. At this time shirt in India. Because he's been talking a lot about outsourcing on the campaign trail. Through the yeah famous quote. From this campaign again really showing about character. Loses years to court and see me in Mexico. He produced. Again. He's propping up and ask him he really panicked. We have the trouble we're gained from working the let me ask the American British courtroom this from or even with all donated oversees the Turkey that work. And also an interesting story about this. Another example where Donald Trump says he. He is gonna get the profits to charity but ended up not doing so to spend a team of this campaign. And it's not just groups like American bridge as I mentioned the Clinton Campaign is here they're due rapid response this number of other progressive groups. Move on is doing some door knocking. And these groups are here to. I think let Cleveland know in Republicans know. Especially in the state of Ohio battleground state that they have a presence to they have a voice too it's not just a week for Republicans. I'm I have to ask you Jessica question I'm died knelt. Who came up with this idea and how did you find this Weinke. Ten pounds. Com. That happens to have a view in case. You weren't sure if I was actually in Cleveland I don't know if you can see it but that is LeBron James. Putting his arm flight. Tell us they got thumbs place. Well you know we wanted to be. Eat meat for that were here in Cleveland to tell this story so you be sure that we found that location but it really does that Donald you vehemently got the very act classic and classy. He's calling it was really fitting. Those of the class wars. Buford. And millions more rule. And everywhere you look there's some type trump memorabilia all in one place. So if there I guess. Are Democrats out bare ass I just there's just mentioning. Some unhappy Republican delegates. This seems like a place that they're more invited to come down and check out. A place where people who want the trees are a problem that's fair. Well I think mayor rich for letting us in on this sneak peek. Tell us just quickly the hours for the rest of the week how people can come here and and NC. Yes so you can get tickets online art museum dot or. Ands and we are open acts at 1 PM tomorrow for open house and then we'll have regular hours throughout the week. So heard that Jessica thank you so much talk game on ABC's Josh Haskell truck museum in Cleveland many more. Reports coming up throughout the next 4 days including this evening from Cleveland's for now we're starting off.

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{"duration":"6:16","description":"ABC News' Josh Haskell tours the museum presented by American Bridge as the Republican National Conventions get underway.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"40683863","title":"Inside the Trump Museum in Cleveland","url":"/Politics/video/inside-trump-museum-cleveland-40683863"}