Inside the 'War Room' at the Democratic National Convention

ABC News' MaryAlice Parks takes us inside the 'War Room' at the Democratic National Convention.
4:34 | 07/28/16

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Transcript for Inside the 'War Room' at the Democratic National Convention
So right behind me is the intention to alarm that we are here and it in the house of the year and it pretty cool gassed. In Cubans that chief innovation officer we'll title. But I think congratulations and easily I did on Sunday and that's data out there that don't honor that it was a pretty badly beat analysts. So you're staying here and you are pointing out all of these wires. Cables. And you explained that every bit of power and bite her. Was built new for this three U I easy and it is apt with our current. So we overlay will now lawyer full are full fiber because the arena as of existence them enough different words we have but an awful news. So how much cyber army and a. I ever couple thousand miles and we it is over a million feet of copper cable just on the network side. How long it take to build up we've been here for seven weeks. OK so it's my understanding that you're gonna is in Oslo I and answer so my we're gonna go backstage of the backstage. So where you didn't as the network operations center. Where all of our I see folks it's. We monitor. Network monitor. And feeds on TV and I'll fire the connective devices all of our lives. And line streams going. Platforms. From France sixty degrees this second screen shows. And it's on the other places. And beam on our website on our network dollar use. Oh. And and let the grass lots of numbers. All of our web sites we are looking at immediately known island looks like. Man. He pound male. And McGuire air. You're saying this looks good cheer at Atlanta there was no problem thuggery but so does my network who's using. Services and services Internet name. And that he you know Ireland in. Web sites and so this just shows all that shows that one. Doing very nicely not to mean and analysts. There. It dine did them. There are thousands of people in this arena every night there get snapped their face the lightning so how in the world does does that works so Favre. Residents of ours objectively we spent the last years. Vote. Fourteen months building New Hampshire. Augmenting existing cellphone and went by sentences. And it's so far so good. And through Eagleton but it's not just like me who is on the rent. Various partners Cisco Comcast Microsoft. AT&T. You know our exact partners who. Who sit here with us and work with us every day day in day out to make sure. We can get it. I exit chief innovation officer what is the most innovative part at this convention. Four years ago was one last question was is and was a long time ago insect growth so. Last time we decide a website and the SATA mobile apps for people watch on. This time we over a dozen different platforms and people watch and so if there at home and they don't have seating staying. Don't have cable. That they have an apple sitting there fire TV they have Internet. They have from gas and he can't they have they can watch this convention. That's a huge queues difference that we have less and less times coupled. That's part of what you're monitoring aircraft. We monitor all of those platforms right here makes stands up and running through it. And are Americans at home watching that imagine millions of our million aliens. It doesn't look back east are now is thinking about this and it I'd don't know here. All this stuff that you see how apple although that greets sets and all the great people. So backed up by people that sit in their chairs and is about that Imus that's there right there makes program works and I so we are sitting below the delegates. Underneath the bar and that rises in about an eight month delegate forcing below that my obligation rice all night. Checking out all the work they're doing amnesty and. And I'm.

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{"duration":"4:34","description":"ABC News' MaryAlice Parks takes us inside the 'War Room' at the Democratic National Convention. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"40942197","title":"Inside the 'War Room' at the Democratic National Convention ","url":"/Politics/video/inside-war-room-democratic-national-convention-40942197"}