Iowa Caucuses Underway: What You Need to Know

The caucuses in Iowa are ongoing - here's what we can say about the state of the race right now.
3:15 | 02/02/16

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Transcript for Iowa Caucuses Underway: What You Need to Know
But this is an ABC news special group. The Iowa Caucuses. Now reported. George Stephanopoulos. Good evening the body just about to begin what may already be the most surprising race for president any of us has ever seen. As we come on the are Republicans and Democrats across Iowa. Are gathering in living rooms and lodge calls church basements and school gyms there you see the Merrill middle school and the Moines Democrats meeting there. And over and five of the seven flags events and are Republicans back to hear the final pitches are come right before the voting the doors have closed the caucuses are under way. What those few 100000 I was decides that will want some candidates and the race for others. This rollicking campaign has already delivered a jolt to America's political establishment and our whole political team is out in force a night to break down all the results. We do have some clues now of where that vote may be heading. It comes from a poll of voters taking justice the end of the caucus like all polls in May not be perfect. But it does show right now that Donald Trump on the Republican side as a slight lead over Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio there are vying for second. And on the democratic side. Former secretary state Hillary Clinton has a slight lead over Bernie Sanders Martin O'Malley far behind I'm here with our political analyst Matthew Dowd in MacKey who would've guessed. That eight months ago Donald Trump reality billionaires star and also Bernie Sanders seven year old democratic socialist you can be more different. In these two would leave such a mark on the race. It's an absolutely extraordinary election we've seen in your right to use the word jolt this is shaken the establishment and right now. We don't know if the earthquake to the establishment is a category one. Our category five but we know it has shaken them both of them appealed to similar voter sentiments frustration at Washington. And anger at the situation of the status quo and they're venting that beginning tonight a lot of that was spent on exactly who turns out in these caucuses tonight. David Muir in Iowa right now and both Sanders and trump depending heavily on voters who haven't gone to caucuses before. Yet no question George the real test tonight is whether or not Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders and we've seen it all the rallies their campaign stops. The incredible energy enthusiasm whether they can translate that energy. And a first time caucus goers that will be the test tonight the secretary of state here in Iowa has that typically in the Iowa caucus they see about a quarter. A registered Republicans a quarter registered Democrats actually turn out to caucus we saw the record broken back and await President Obama on the democratic side. And so far they have that reporting an uptick on the Republican side. That might plated a projection you offer just a moment ago with Donald Trump what they said. So far the real test is for Sanders. Because the numbers that they're seeing are more typical. Then what they seated in a caucus generally and not what they saw in 2008 so real test for Sanders as we go to night here. And right now according to our entrance polls Donald Trump has a slightly on the Republican side Hillary Clinton. On the democratic side when returning an at a regular programming for many that is world news authority standing by all evening come back on the year the moment we have winners in either caucus. You get the latest anytime he BC I'm George Stephanopoulos he later tonight. As has been a special. From the CD.

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{"duration":"3:15","description":"The caucuses in Iowa are ongoing - here's what we can say about the state of the race right now.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"36651501","title":"Iowa Caucuses Underway: What You Need to Know","url":"/Politics/video/iowa-caucuses-underway-36651501"}