Iranians fear as threats of war with US escalate

Mana Mostatabi, the communications director for the National Iranian American Council, says Iranian people's psychology has been "devastated."
4:20 | 05/23/19

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Transcript for Iranians fear as threats of war with US escalate
Our every now. Mono most at hobby who is with the national. Iran in American council great to see a money to send us and we wanted to bring you win because you're an important perspective I think that is the loss in all this you were born in Iran you still have family. Over there you could. Witness in touch with them I'm sure at this time but. You know lost in this debate about troop build up the standoff between the two the regime in president trump is. What's it like on the ground there are people scene about the threat from prison term do you get the sense that there's a rule conflict coming. But there's. You know it's it's a couple things they think that those psychological fact that it's halving all of this the escalation in recent weeks really has. Really devastated the psychology of the Iranian people. You know we are so. There's. A lot of them have already been traumatized by war there's already been generations that have been impacted and you know they say the long shadow of war and we haven't forgotten Iran Iraq War my family moved here you know in the midst of that kind of violence. And obviously Iranians saw. The outcome of the Iraq War. And they are seeing discs sort of playbook than the Iraq board rock according re used a gun. And so there's this sense of paralysis on the grounds in a lot of ways. You know a lot of people wanna say well it's like regime mismanagement in all of this that's contributing to sort of this like economic stalemate that they're facing. But if you talk to your audience they will say no they blame president trump for the sanctions that he's imposed they can't access Matta said. There's a lot of black market medication that's can't win if you know and terrible chemicals that are giving them incredibly bad side a faxed. And the reality is that there are now these opposition forces that are operating in Washington DC that have no support in Iran. And they are stoking this sort of PT SD almost to where they're seeing you know you have the former shah's son pat Levy doing these rounds through the Washington DC think taint. Very much the same way that Ahmed polity was doing. And he's sort of drumming up support and singing I want to support the Iranian people but you talk to the Iranians on the ground they're saying. We already dead fess we don't want a monarchy we don't want the US to come in and change this regime could we already saw what happened when they tried to do that one's. What do you think the riskiest of of a miscalculation. Here broke both viewed by the Americans are by the Iranians I mean. There is a report out over the weekend in the New York Times about how this latest tit for tat back and forth. Boom reverts both rhetorically and in terms of forces who was dangerously close. To an excellent violent explosion simply because a miscalculation do you get the sense that. I don't know that it's possible that cyber risk. I mean I think it's going to be it's gonna conduct like a miscalculated tweet. Honestly be Runyan people and their running government have no energy or political will to get into any confrontation. They are struggling with a flailing economy really unhappy population. And there just embroiled in regional struggles they don't have the capacity to take on for their conflict. They're exercising restraint they don't anticipate that that's gonna change. June and finally want to ask yours nation headline out this morning and Politico that senator Dianne Feinstein democratic. I senator from California senior member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee who Petrino left. It here a few weeks ago had dinner. With Iran's foreign ministers of odds we. Who is in town says. Surprised everybody in this town to see such a high ranking member of congress Democrat re having a meal with performance what did you make of that. I mean that age you know that seems like it's a lot more sounds than needing it proclaimed opposition figures like John Bolton taking payments from the and the UK. IA I will always abdicate for anything that'll advance peace and diplomacy with Iran the problem is that we are talking. And anyone who's willing to talk we should talk to you. If that's what it takes and the outer hull president trump back you know I don't know the Iranians have a lot of pride. And about guess that's kind of a wait and see but I don't think we should rule peace and diplomacy and just take it off the tip let I don't think where we're at that point. All right we'll see let's hope for peaceful outcome in this latest tit for tat back and forth between the united say. And Iran monuments to Tommy with a net national Iranian American council thinks so much for human error to meet you have you here.

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{"duration":"4:20","description":"Mana Mostatabi, the communications director for the National Iranian American Council, says Iranian people's psychology has been \"devastated.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"63239179","title":"Iranians fear as threats of war with US escalate","url":"/Politics/video/iranians-fear-threats-war-us-escalate-63239179"}