Israel Airstrikes Intensify in Gaza Strip

Hamas continues rocket fire toward major cities.
9:44 | 07/10/14

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Transcript for Israel Airstrikes Intensify in Gaza Strip
-- -- -- and losing two rockets have -- fired into Israel and that's who want every ten minutes. -- Fifteen seconds. That's how much time you have to run for your life. Friends going off at the UN Security Council as they do over cities and Israel. During hamas' rocket attacks symbolism in the face of a show of force right now. -- hot spot Israel and Gaza hello everyone I'm Michelle. The UN Security Council is holding an emergency meeting today Secretary General Ban Ki Moon saying the violence in Gaza is on a knife -- That could get further out of control very quickly the Palestinian envoy to the UN. Pleaded with the Security Council to intervene here is what he had to say a few moments ago. I speak on behalf of the -- flooding and grieving Palestinian people. Who -- into -- yet another but I -- of death. Destruction drama and cut -- Which is being perpetrated willfully and maliciously. Against them by the Israeli occupying forces before the eyes over the -- As it persists with its nearly five decade long -- UN military occupation. At least 81 people or people were killed by Israeli airstrikes the destruction in Gaza worsening every day BBC's Kevin Connolly. Since this report about how people in Gaza are dealing with a barrage of air strikes. Grimly familiar morning routine in Gaza inspecting the damage of overnight -- rates. This is the town of Khan Yunis where beach cafe was hit -- people will -- in the World Cup football on television. Many were killed. -- -- It might have two Brothers head to a Malta so I'm looking for the third movement to rescue says she's simply can't help me anymore are brought to try to homeland experts to look for more robust enough to -- -- -- can't find him. Other buildings Whitney -- The level of destruction a reminder of the power of Israel's huge military arsenal they -- all calls for restraint in the international community. But -- sign that being listened to. -- -- -- -- But deteriorating situation is -- being -- -- -- want aspirants. How which -- to -- could -- get them beyond anyone's control. Israel says it -- -- -- tries hard to avoid civilian casualties. Before houses of bomb warnings a telephone to people -- -- -- And a dummy ms. Saunders fired before the real one but so cold knock on the room. It doesn't always work. Israel today called the deaths of eight civilians and since communism's -- -- the tragedy. Saying the victims -- going back inside. Too soon after the warning. The rocket fire continues from Gaza to. Islamic Jihad have been firing longer range rockets and as the people. Concerning Israeli fears that they've been building -- stop piles of -- weapons capable of reaching almost every city in Israel. Israel's Ryan Doumit defense system has been in action again today in the skies at the Tel Aviv. And the Israeli army continues slowly together forces on the border with Gaza. That presents a signal that Israel can't destroy a massive rocket stockpiles from the air. The budget sending these ground forces to do to Joseph. Previous rounds of host cities like this have ended in cease -- before. But there's no sign went anywhere near that point this time. -- and savor the moment who might be able to mediate between the warring sides. Kevin -- BBC news. Jerusalem. We are joined now by ABC's -- -- ski in Jerusalem Aaron while rockets have been flying on both sides the -- -- -- Have -- to be one sided no Israelis have been killed by rockets but there are reports at least 81 Palestinians have been killed by these airstrikes in the last three days. -- tell us a little bit about the disparity there. Well the Israelis have a defense system that the Palestinians certainly do not and you heard it referenced in the peace iron dome which has been put to use just today in Israel's two largest cities here in Jerusalem. And in Tel Aviv long and countless other places in this country and that interceptor system has been successful. Much of the time in swallowing up the Palestinian rockets. Not all of them but the ones that the iron dome has missed -- more wasn't able to intercept. Have landed in areas where there weren't very many people didn't cause a lot of damage -- and didn't cause a lot of serious injuries on the other side. The Palestinians have no such kind of a defense system. And they are left at the mercy of the Israeli bombardment which in its third day the -- only signs of intensifying. Not -- prime minister Netanyahu said a cease fire. Is not even being talked about right now. And since there is no talk of a cease fire -- and how long could this continue and what could possibly. Caused Israel to pull back a little bit on these airstrikes. Well pulling back do if you take the politicians on their face would mean -- would require Hamas to stop the rocket attacks into Israel -- -- we don't want a cease fire of the UN ambassador from Israel said today. We want to dismantle. -- hamas' ability to fire rockets into Israeli communities short of that there really isn't any impetus -- for Israel to stop that the world community. Is just now starting to raise its voice a -- you heard from Secretary General Ban Ki Moon and some others. Over the last couple of hours urging restraint. But there really hasn't been a -- call for Israel to subside particularly from the United States its main patron. The secretary of state John Kerry was in Beijing today he said let's return to the negotiating table but still the US seems to be giving Israel some space. Yes and how likely is that considering that Israel -- called up -- reserves could this be a signal -- -- ground invasion. Is likely. 40000. Israeli reserve troops have been called up we understand about half of them. Are already in uniform and and troops and tanks and and artillery pieces are now massing at the border with Gaza. But there's no particular sign. That a ground invasion is imminent in fact we heard from the defense forces today. That the focus remains as we speak Michelle on air strikes they. Found some success in targeting Hamas -- the site of Hamas rocket launches they've had some success in targeting some of the underground infrastructure. In Gaza and apparently they feel they have not run short of any targets. From the air and then they leave that the ground invasion perhaps for later. And let's talk about the politics of the landscape there in that region Gaza under control of Hamas. But Fatah represents the Palestinians at the UN -- in talks with Israel. Are the two factions working together to try and defuse this crisis. Well lit and in some ways they are -- they did form a unity government attitude to govern both the West Bank can't and Gaza but in practice. Hamas seems to be -- more the ones in control day today. In Gaza and an even as fox -- works in some of the political institutions. The rockets are fired by militants not only from Hamas but also from Islamic Jihad. And and other militant groups and and that's where it is Israel's focus seems to be. Ordinarily that the main negotiator between Israel and the Palestinians. Would be Egypt. But -- that the LCC government still sort of new. And it seems to just now be getting into that game Egypt today offered to open the border at Rafah and allow the Palestinians to bring their wounded -- crossing to Egypt for treatment. Perhaps that was the start of a diplomatic overture to try to get Hamas to the table. And critics of Israel's tactics say that the firing of missiles into Gaza. -- causing civilian casualties and that will actually boost support for Hamas in the region. Is that a concern for the Israeli government. At the moment it doesn't seem to be Israel says it goes out of its way to warn civilians ahead of time when there's going to be incoming fire either a phone call or a text message or some other kind of warning shot. And in some cases the warning may come too late in some cases. The Palestinians. Who occupy the place may form a human shield are all sorts of circumstances where things get murky. But the Israelis say they are working to avoid civilian casualties. Of course when you're targeting specific things. The damage it is often more than than the head of the pin that might be targeting. ABC's -- pictures ski in Jerusalem thank you for joining enough. Thank you can keep up with this story in real time by downloading the ABC news -- And starring this story for exclusive updates on the go. You've been watching international hot spot I'm Michelle Franzen in New York.

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{"id":24511688,"title":"Israel Airstrikes Intensify in Gaza Strip","duration":"9:44","description":"Hamas continues rocket fire toward major cities.","url":"/Politics/video/israel-airstrikes-intensify-gaza-strip-24511688","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}