Israel denies entry to Muslim congresswomen, NYPD cop suicide, comfort dogs

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu supports interior minister's decision to deny entry to Reps. Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar, NYPD faces tragedy as a cop takes his own life, and comfort dogs bring joy.
28:11 | 08/15/19

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Transcript for Israel denies entry to Muslim congresswomen, NYPD cop suicide, comfort dogs
Yeah. Happy Thursday welcome to the briefing room coming to you for the Washington bureau ABC news I'm Jan sand QG we have a jam packed show. And our bureaus a little buzz right now you'll figure out why and a couple minutes or so. But we're gonna start where we were watching our focus yesterday and that is the markets take a look at the big board right now stocks have rebounded from where we were yesterday 800 points down. At the closing bell on Wednesday right now leveling off. That comes on the heels of where we may or may not be going as we are watching for any possible indicators. A recession ahead we're gonna keep our eyes on that have all latest U right now up on line at But we do begin with the growing story. What is happening between president trump. Members of the school wide. And Benjamin Netanyahu so to members of the squad ill on Omar and where she did to lead. Wanted to go on a code L over to Israel something every member of congress at some point has done. However presidents from putting pressure on the scenario. And getting his allies in Israel prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu had jumped in and sit. Guess what you can't come now. Let's dive into this this is a crazy story is still developing we have heard just about from every. 20/20 candidate on this topic we're joined right now by our entire team Jordan Phelps over the White House monitoring for us we also were joined by Gil Hoffman he's a chief political correspondent. At a Jerusalem Post and rabbi I'll be a Lipsky he is the senior rabbi at Beth el synagogue in saint Louis park Minnesota. And he of course a surge in the area where congressman ill on oh Har. Represents. Great to have all three of you join us but let me start first with you Gil because they statement from prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Is something we've really never seen before let's put it up on screen for our viewers to follow along with me it reads in part congressmen to leave and Omar. Our leading activists in promoting boycott legislation against Israel in the US congress only a few days ago we receive their visitation plan and it became clear that they were planning a campaign whose sole purpose was to strengthen the boycott and negate Israel's legitimacy. For example they define their visit destination is Palestine. Rather than Israel the statement goes on to say that is why the Interior Minister decided to not allow their visit. And I as prime minister. Back to that decision Gil I owed something we've never seen yet at all I mean I can't imagine you've seen something like that in Israel. Absolutely not I'm here to explain. The decision of the government as a journalist nuts endorse it in any way. Now there has never been an American official blocked from entering Israel America has done that two Israeli officials the four. And what happened was ass than that as Netanyahu wrote in his statement when they received the itinerary they saw. That the congresswomen or going to be meeting with any Israeli officials. In any capacity even those who oppose the Israeli government. And this was not a trip to Israel the way the seven the Democrats and Republicans came over the last two weeks this was a trip to Palestine. This is true that from the point if you're the government. Violated a law that was passed in Israel. That bans those were actively trying to harm the Jewish state from coming and and there are such laws and western nations all over the world. OK let's bring rabbi the rabbi into this conversation because rabbi let's do you just put up an op Ed. I'm about this very choppy you've been very vocal but in the past when president trump. Has mince words with congressman Omar your up dead reads in part those who look to the Hebrew Bible for inspiration guidance and meaning in their life. Macy surprised to learn the most repeated command in the Tora is to welcome the stranger that is clearly what is not happened here. Correct correct. And I thought sacred Olympic Jill we go way back to New Orleans residents here are some. Sure there. You eat out. I would say only if this year. Members of congress are unique they should always be given the opportunity to experienced. The vibrant democracy daddy's Israel and even if the itinerary was spending its it's Palestinian territories. They don't make the waste through Israel to get there interfacing and Chris plus seasons with the Israelis and that's an important that don't. And let's take a listen to what congressman Omar said we have her statement as well she wrote in part it's an affront to the Israeli prime minister Netanyahu under pressure. From president trump would deny entry to her present it is of the US government. Trump's Muslim band is what Israel is implementing this time against chewed duly elected members of congress let's bring Jordan Phelps into the conversation. At the White House obviously Jordan you and I both know a very close relationship between president trump and prime minister Netanyahu do we know. What at any conversations the White House was having pleased with the Israeli government on this. We'll done the White House insists that president trump wasn't influencing prime minister hanging out he'll on this decision. But of course even if that's true that the president wiping exerting any influence behind the scenes he certainly was making his opinion clear on Twitter. Just this morning he was saying that it would show great weakness. For Israel to allow then in. High and as you know John these two men are. The closest of close this is one of the president's closest friends on the global stage prime minister Netanyahu he'll. And so that two of them both are bounced together politically wing out. Netanyahu has an auction of a sound coming up not too long from now. I and the two play off of that relationship CU finished at one another hat and the president obviously offered to Benjamin Netanyahu Gil that. Clearest endorsement before his recent election and and Sally you know that you are staying close together in just another example. And and deal let me go back to you on that it is Jordan mentions right here obviously the prime minister on had a. Very tough reelection just recently. This support and the relationship between him and president trump. How does that play over in Israel at the moment. It that is the issue from its nose or did you in this election. Let me his heart party headquarters. Has A a massive twenty story poster of a picture Netanyahu trump together with the headline and then Netanyahu in another league. And so when the president United States' rights and social media that Netanyahu will be reach. If he would. Permit these two congresswomen to comment he he really have no choice Netanyahu campaign slow the last election. Was a strong salary he can't afford to be weak with an election. Love the way. He had definitely had sound that they're completely it in line the other question I had for you Gil this are going that's what you settle earlier you mentioned. The trip by seventy members of congress just couple weeks go Republicans and Democrats. That they had met with officials. But that's not something that has to happen on these trips that doesn't mean remember congress has to go to a country and has to have. Official meetings with members of the government necessarily. But to go to country and it only meters of people who want to harm the country. That is something that congresswoman don't do that is unprecedented. So you can say it would Israel was doing here is unprecedented and it's say. What these congressmen and we're doing it was unprecedented as well I don't think that a lot of countries in the world would like what they try to. While we're definitely be watching that rabbi let me go to you before we have to move on in OT EU you've come on this program many many times I know you have. And spoken about the congresswoman your close relationship. With her. I'm curious though did she know that she was going to be making this trap. I didn't know not we actually era of limited. RC should. Last week. We are authors and with the congress and talking about the trip Julius gauging suggestions. What should be on the arch entering with each be able to eat. Where to make the connection. I don't know we haven't seen the final itinerary. We were hopeful from the dialogue and discussion. I'm what I would also and I just couldn't. If you got Gill's comments up you know TV. We kind of anti C east's BES movement. That's very troubling disturbing and something we should speak out against support for once the solution instead of two states. Yes it pat not towards peace that's outdoors really acting calamity. But both of those issues this site we're still talking to members of congress that's been welcomed the country. And this is this is a different conversations private citizens either elected or even if we disagree with their decisions they still implicitly represented. Plenty of friends Israel and. And one that we're certainly watching play our right now from all that when he when he candidates as I mentioned rabbi thank you so much for coming on we appreciate any Gil Hoffman with Rodgers long post. Thank you both as well Jordan stay with me because we are going to switch gears. On and talk about what's coming up tonight president trump back on the campaign trail for a keep America great rally that is a new slogan he is employed for his 20/20 campaign also on the phone with this right now are trump campaign 20/20 embed review reporter will speaking who's got outside the arena where the president. Is gonna take the stage at 7 o'clock tonight will I hear there's a crowd out there but not as big as the crowds as you seen in some of the redder states in the country. Yeah charge are not saying I got here about 9 AM the survey part of what the last item to cross the plate and I'm. You know there's probably about couples. Thirty years so people online have been disarmed our allies where you know overnight hundreds of people but you are dealing with eight you know blues stay. And so I would imagine the trump campaign would argue that they're kind of coming into a video of an enemy territory here. For sure and Jordan Phelps over at the White House we know one of the topics the president is most likely going to touch it some way shape or form tonight. Is the economy after that disastrous day. On Wall Street yesterday. Any sense of what we're getting from the White House as to how he's going to try to spin this like a that you and I have said multiple times the economy is the issue that he and his team. Are campaigning on going and Israel act. Well done we certainly now what direction the president intends to Gao because he's been tweeting about it over the last few days. I've the president of course not taking any direct responsibility in fact he's leaving that's bad for not keeping interest rates lower and he's also now. Taking aim at the media and other one of his favorite targets. Saying that the media is doing everything they can't have crashed the economy he says. Because they think that we'll be back for me and my real action in south the president obviously doesn't want to take any personal responsibility for this John but. As we saw the president blinked for the first time earlier this week when he that he would be delaying. That extra threatened 300 billion in tariffs on Chinese sank most of the goods that would be subject to those tariffs will be delayed until December 15. The president's first real acknowledgment that this trade war is having a real impact. On US consumers he had delaying those 10% tariffs that's right Jordan and another topic that we know coming back into the fall at this White House is gonna have to deal at Avery said they're dealing with it is gun control will want to bring you back in for that because you told me earlier that you've been talking to some of the voters that have been online waiting for the president's rally tonight what -- you getting up from New Hampshire supporters of the president. How did the feel about what the president could or could not do as it comes to gun control. Right John well you know while they're dumping a lot of energy here a lot of support you know when I I would burned up a bottle or Doug do in. Supporters here in line in New Hampshire. I want that would bring up possible gun control matters that the president isn't the only floating. Been a lot of trepidation a lot of worried at one supporters how many quote it don't you. If you were to push for gun control. Other saying you know I think gun control would be a bad thing if you were to push for and it's been deported Arctic. And so I think that the end is great people here in New Hampshire obviously had something that the president and how the white. In the campaign about what he added that the baby didn't want to push. I'm move important as we're recording don't. You're going to be watching that and Jordan felt the other thing we can be watching for tonight potentially a new candidate for the senate entering the race there are rumors amount. That Corey little and ask he president trumps first campaign manager. Is exploring a potential run for the US senate seat from New Hampshire what do we know right now. Floods on how we do know is that willing doused he is going to be needing. President comes along with his family at that airport when he arrives in New Hampshire this evening he'll be taking a ride with him over and that motorcade to the rally site I still if there were ever an opportunity for a surprise announcement this isn't a bad thing he had done. Not at all and Jordan you and I both know from our coverage of the 201516. Campaign. -- announced he in New Hampshire was president's man and the president's man after the president lost the Iowa Caucuses. He is the one that the president credited in part with three New Hampshire home for the commander in chief. Yeah absolutely in these two men go way back John as you know the president hasn't offered a direct endorsement Becky sat a blue and asking just today. Hi to a New Hampshire radio station that if he works from Brian he thinks he'd be great for the job so we'll see if anything more formal comes of that. Jordan Phelps of the White House symbol speaking up in New Hampshire thank you both very much we will have full coverage of president from its rally. Tonight right here on ABC news live beginning at 7 PM. Approximately than ever start on time we're gonna switch gears though. A horrible story that we do need to talk about here we are seeing a rise in suicides among the nation's. Most important a group of individuals and that is our law enforcement we learned. Overnight another. Officer died by suicide in New York that is now nine officers. For the start of this year brings the number across the country. Rain Agassi the numbers up and your screen two over a 120. Deaths so far just in this year. Is he crazy crazy story we're and died injury now we're joined right now by Luke far he's a member of our justice team. Up right here and on the phone at the moment we're joined I sheriff Tim with come from upstate New York that is headed deal with this himself and travels the country. Lecturing about this important topic great to have both of you with us right now Luke let me start with you because we were going through the numbers earlier. They are to stack. Get done they are staggering it's a real problem I talked law enforcement cross country that have sent it's a it's a problem it's only gonna get worse. Right now stay as of all this one it took 24%. Since last year and in just last week in Virginia three law enforcement officers took their life so it's a real problem it's an epidemic. And it's happening all over the country and let's bring the sheriff in come on this conversation and sheriff I've learned a little bit. About your story you it dealt with this I mean I'm sure Pryor's but the ten years ago your best friend. Took his own life. Yes certainly ten years ago this month August 18 2009903. AM received text masses. One of my best friends who was our share at that time Dennis John advising me of what he was going to do and where he was. Added that day he died I made sheriff and part of my crusade for the last decade. Has been to trying to prevent this from happening and anybody else's watch. It is my belief that what we need to do is have a culture change but specifically addressing post traumatic stress disorder. And its incidence rate in law enforcement. It's been a long time aren't are so culture has facilitated that if you have an injury to its emotional or psychological. That you put duct tape on it you'll talk about it. And that's that's a mistake he. Because it's. Post traumatic stress disorder is the only disorder in the diagnostic statistical manual. Of mental disorders a DSM five out of 297 it's the only one that's caused by exposure. It's the only one that's 100% manageable the reason its 100% manageable is because it's an injury. Ironically one of our officers breached their leg we know exactly how to take care of them to get them back to full duty but if that injuries emotional or psychological all the sudden we get Kiki. In the officers are stereotyped and they don't reach out for help because their fear of consequences or persecution. Within the agency or inability to promote and we need to make those stereotypes. Go away. And we'll PE you've inserting the numbers from around the country. What art we seen from different. I'm law enforcement organizations. In different jurisdictions right now what are they trained you for their officers or some some departments are different kind of some departments are really progressive and attract provide mental health training. Counseling at some art in in this real stigma with this and the law enforcement community. As as he does he sit in in in it it's really growing. And and it's only get worse. So law enforcement. Officers and and agencies around the country are trying to prevent it. But but as one justice from official told me. There's a stigma if you step snatch that sigma. You'll stabilized and sheriff back to you though on this because one of the things that you've done since you your friends passing. You've been traveling the country is a part of the talk to me post Tor talk to me about that what what what are you doing when you are going and speaking to some of your colleagues in law enforcement. Well smuggle the first off that there's an administrative culture change that needs to happen. The very minute that you put breasts on your collar or stripes on your sleeve and our culture. Part of your mission now becomes to protect and serve those that have chosen to Texans are and there are actually two great programs that are. Are emerging out of your state right now one is New York leaked. Which is sponsored by Tommy shot went in Jimmy banish any other one is talked to meet post tour which I'm a board member of feel free to investigate yourself TT and dot com talked to meet post tour dot com in it is. The advantage of talked him depot store it is it is the only. Anonymous program that exist to help law enforcement it is completely anonymous and it is done through social media online any virtual tunnel. That camouflage is the user's IP address so I were to answer it in speed. He too. In other specifically trained here officer which is what officers need because cops will talk to other cops they understand each other. The reason my lectures or X overs successful is because I spent twelve years on our tactical team I spent seven years working major crime I spent three years working midnight. I have street credibility with the officers that I speak and I don't have fear to letters after my name PH steadier and for officers to enter the system and talk to them it's not mental health they're being right. Debriefing. But if need therapy. They have the resources to send those officers in these officers can reach out and get there inching checked. Without any fear every precaution or persecution would interagency because or agency have no idea that they reached out. Sheriff thank you so very much I truly appreciate as you said that just the related building on irritable tablet the officer there. It is really important I'll. I don't just like that yet. They're very very quickly oh just like to add an interview that do go and investigate talk to people who were her. Our dot com. Oh please. Please investigate the entire web site there are currently aggressively pursuing grant money. And there also was doing some private fund raising and great people like Raoul Felder who care about first responders. Well thank you sir and we have up online right now the national suicide hotline for anyone that you know needs help. That number is a great resource and we do hope that you will use it sheriff thank you very much Luke Barr thank you very much we're gonna switch gears here in the briefing room. To another story we have been following all on the trains running campaign trail in part. And that is what's going on in Newark, New Jersey right now there is a growing water crisis right now. Bottled water having to be brought in and this does really in part to what went on with the newer water commission. During the term of former new work mayor now US senator from New Jersey Cory Booker our team. Has been looking into that I'm joined right now by my colleague. Luke brew the men who had been working on this story for the last several weeks so look obviously. Cory Booker is not the mayor of new work now but nevertheless it is still because he's on the campaign trail. Raised questions about what he did with this commission during his time as the mayor of Newark. That's exactly right John this was a major scandal under court but this time as mayor of the city how many dates back to use his time again 2006 to 2013. Back then the city's water treatment was run through this commission called the watershed near watershed corporation. It was independent of the city but the mayor had tremendous oversight responsibilities. And when he fourteen and huge new Jersey state comptroller came out this scathing report. Describing. Mass public fraud and corruption with the board members of this agency and that Cory Booker had oversight up. And it was just a cocktail of public corruption out we're talking kickbacks for no show contracts misuse of public funds. The whole gamut. And this report won't didn't directly point the finger Cory Booker. Certainly alluded to mismanagement on his part in some negligence. As. Hello and Luke what do we know right now what are we hearing from senator Booker on the campaign grosses I mention. The water crisis that's currently going on is not getting any better. No it's it's devastating for that community as we know from Flint, Michigan and other places throughout the country can have detrimental effects. For developing brains so the people of Newark are justifiably frustrated with this. And as he said senator Booker on the campaign trail has addressed this he's calling for the federal government stepped in and advocating for. Clean water protections for the people of that community. Lou per gunmen on the street to reed looks great reporting up online right now at Luke thank you. Coming back into the briefing room so remember when I said earlier to bureaus will by as people are really excited down here it's kind of weird stuff because it's me. Because of our next guest we're joined right now. By healing house this is an organization. That works we therapy animals and service animals their base during the DMV carrier we have with us right now Kathy manner and Nancy Chesley thank you both for coming in. This afternoon he you know we said did that when everything going on. Right now and we've we've had to mass shootings we we we've had so many we've had a tough summer. Finance the simplest way to say it organizations like yours go into areas around the country where. People need help so toppled about what you do and and that type of situations. That you folks. I do unify is series where you believe you can help. So we. Are 501 C three nonprofit and we train both. Air service and therapy dogs we go into all kinds of different environments are going to schools in the therapeutic centers and hospitals. And also into places where are the things that that's been happening and that have been pretty tough on people so we bring the therapy dogs and a helps out a lot. Did you cheat just have paid more she can I just kind of want to hold ten foot lake who witnessed mention his whose service dogs and it's therapy dogs there's a very big difference between ten yes. There are still so he is actually one of art therapy dog we have about 25 therapy dog teams. In organization. And she has been specifically trained to go visit all I swear I'm listening I'm hurting and I can where you fit. That she did it all kind of people so young old all different shapes sizes. And she's figured there to bring comfort and support to Lieberman need it. And and is farms once these animals are trained to do. First how long's attorneys. Now that's something that's important right so these two have actually been in training they were eight weeks old because they were both targeted to do this for further her career yet why is that. So Jake it's actually and and training to get service stock so yes a custody you celebrity at all pet he's just over year old. Such he will either go to a child with autism I'm or somebody that has. Have hit hi guys. Don't tell my life for kind and learn heard psychiatric service dot. So what we've been doing with him so far is just doing basic obedience and a lot of socialization. He's been treated you know it be okay in environments like bats and be friendly to whoever else Cunningham needs someone like me now what about and so he says no he actually Ella Nancy talk she has had a history of being. A handler for therapy dog Oakland death has over. Pomp and handler with dogs and they see as a therapy dog did I miss my dog and the dog stays with made to using your home yes the and then eichel on assignment where healing house assigned to meet clients. That we visit OK also then. Follow the protocol of the facility that we're visiting and also what they want us achieve some of its purely comfort young and some of it is Zoe let's pay attention except. Gimmick yes. And sometimes it is what we wanna do is therapeutic interactive means so an example would be with young children and that's autistic children. Zoe has been learning to play the piano. And you're Spanish. It's a place called the economic playing parlor chizik she is and and they kids sang along. OK now we roll the die soon and the kids dude jumping jacks and snowy rolls three they just jumping jacks well and so human house has a great program that allows us to have the children to be interactive. But it's more motivational wagons with the dog. Then opposed to somebody just like myself for cap OK now we'll have a minute left FY in the two you get involved in the organization does what what what would loses. Personally given to view Fredette. So my background is as I was a dog trainer first comment just was training basic pet dogs. I'm just saw what an amazing opportunity when it was to be able to train specific tasks that help people and I absolutely love it would never ever want to do anything else. Sending the same story for you well. I had a wonderful professional career for over thirty years and worked with a great company and had the opportunity to retire and I but I've been doing nests on the weekends there are many years and so now this allows me to do it. Full time as they any multi. Such creek a coming you can want to learn more about healing house they mentioned their right here. In the DMV area a great organization that they do it for us in the briefing room Della BBC news app. For any news any time I'm John San Suu Kyi you're watching ABC news.

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{"duration":"28:11","description":"Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu supports interior minister's decision to deny entry to Reps. Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar, NYPD faces tragedy as a cop takes his own life, and comfort dogs bring joy.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"65001470","title":"Israel denies entry to Muslim congresswomen, NYPD cop suicide, comfort dogs","url":"/Politics/video/israel-denies-entry-muslim-congresswomen-nypd-cop-suicide-65001470"}