Israel elections deadlocked between 2 major political parties

Gil Hoffman, chief political correspondent of the Jerusalem Post, explains how Israel's government will be impacted if Benjamin Netanyahu loses to Benny Gantz.
3:57 | 09/19/19

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Transcript for Israel elections deadlocked between 2 major political parties
It is a tough race right now between prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the challenger Benny Ganske is the head of the center left. Blue and white party the results are still tight the latest we've seen is against is leading the goes up polling results which obviously would not be good news for Benjamin Netanyahu I wonder bringing Gil Hoffman he is the chief political reporter with the Jerusalem Post has been a guest on this program before Gil great to have you with us I know it's pretty late there in Israel so I do appreciate it. What is the latest right now on the election results. In his job as a result is still made that we hadn't Tuesday night when the election results. Started coming in and we still don't know who the prime minister's going to be a it's a little bit more complicated in America or you only two messed up political parties. This year we have nine which is a record low. The hand and then to get their act together and find them majority out of a 120 seats in the parliament. Someone has to Duperreault have to go through this again go to third election under a year which should be held for everybody in the country except the political correspondent would find very. About that but I'm gonna say gill if you need help I'll come over and join you actually it sounds like a little bit of fun but talk to me about the latest developments so we're reading your reporting and others it sounds like prime minister Netanyahu has reached out against to try to sort this out seeping come to a compromise government. But dancer buff that effort. To. You know that he humans doing that innocent little kind of way you don't have the loser reach out to the winner. Which is really what Netanyahu is trying to do. Ands or against it and forget it I'm forming the government that I I don't know what is gonna come to you. But it doesn't really work that way it is the president. They hear parties go and meet with the president which is normally symbolic ceremonial role. But now theater powerful rather the president is vulnerable Rivlin this consultations are gonna begin on Sunday. By Wednesday next week he's going to appoint someone to form a government. Me. Easier points guess first project think it's more likely there's no guarantee that gas could form a government. He didn't begin in our chest and arm of government he'd probably fail to. You might end up having another election enough for the whole country only insider Likud Party to elect the successes and as in the out. Now than there you go any let me ask you this kill because one of the things that arm of the last time you run with me we were talking about. Is is the impact of president trump in this election obviously to present it outweighs tweeting on about Benjamin Netanyahu's behalf. You were describing to me last time out full page ads and posters. That Bibi was taking out new pictures of him. With president trumped what were you hearing. Up from voters about that was their impact on that relationship. That mean then more likely to support the prime minister or to vote against him. John has surprisingly Eric is a little counter intuitive. To keep in mind that Israel is one of the countries in the world and has the highest approval rating for Donald Trump. And they actually believe he did not do enough. Foreigners in the out. All the talk about everybody coming to of the UN meeting with trump on the sidelines there. It is something and maybe show the relationship between Netanyahu and drug isn't as close it used to be maybe Netanyahu nuts and indispensable because of that. Last election. Chunk delivered to Israel recognizing control over the Golan Heights. This time it really give anything new answer people are starting to doubt that's again. Very interest saying I'm not your right you do throw me a curve ball they're Gilliam kinda surprised Gil Hoffman. Chief political correspondent for the Jerusalem Post you can read all his great reporting on line and he Gil honestly if you want help I'll I'll come take a visit to a third election no problem. Anything is are easier than what you don't come and operator America. Truer words never Spokane thank you very much skill you've a great day.

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{"duration":"3:57","description":"Gil Hoffman, chief political correspondent of the Jerusalem Post, explains how Israel's government will be impacted if Benjamin Netanyahu loses to Benny Gantz.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"65731333","title":"Israel elections deadlocked between 2 major political parties","url":"/Politics/video/israel-elections-deadlocked-major-political-parties-65731333"}