Jeb Bush Slips in Latest Poll

Jeb Bush, who many have called the frontrunner of the GOP field for 2016, fell over 10 points.
5:19 | 06/02/15

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Transcript for Jeb Bush Slips in Latest Poll
It was his to lose and now he's losing it Jeb Bush to. Many called the front runner of the GOP field for 26 teens slipping badly. And it just released ABC news Washington Post survey bush now polling neck and neck with the likes of Rand Paul Scott Walker and Marco Rubio. I'm talent Costello. In New York joining me now for a breakdown is Mike news politics writer is each on Eileen thank you so much for being with us. Jeb Bush slipping pretty badly here he was ahead in the polls 21% now he slipped to 1011%. Necking knack. With two or three other candidates what happened. You know one where it is competition. You know earlier on in the polls there were not that many candidates this playing time they're actually nine people. Who are going to be running for the Republican primary and there's probably more to come at this point in time if you're conservative and you live in America you may very well just be running for president. It's a very crowded field and the more the people that enter the fray. The base becomes divided. Certain candidates hats or nation issues that various parts of the bass lake and so. You know every woman kind of the fuses the attention of the base. And so that's probably in its third eat away at Bush's popularity minute strategy for him not officially entering the race yet but could. This slip in the polls push into. Announce officially his candidacy sooner rather than later. You know it's a possibility that it continues decision but there's a huge advantage he reaps from to land which is mainly the issue of money. Bush has a massive fundraising apparatus he has a super pac. Right now that has done very well. And as long as he doesn't declare he has more latitude. To Courtney with the super pac. And so are generally speaking be more effective at channeling funds is actually set to break. Records this year for the most amount of funds raised within a short period of time as soon as he officially declares that becomes a little more difficult. What about Rand Paul he's gaining ground on the other hand here. Is his message doing well in what is it about what he's out there are saying. That's that's getting him you know more attention and what's portables. Due rentals and interesting candidate. He really does have a few issues that he really champions that a lot of other people in his party aren't willing to so. On issues like criminal justice reform drug legalization. Surveillance these are things that were considered classically conservative. Issues from the perspective of civil libertarian but. They're contemporary Republican Party typically gets on these kinds of issues. And he won the for a few. Sort of loud voices has been willing to really embrace them. And for that reason yet this kind of activist base hits gets very excited about him. Ominous serves him well among these sorts. Among these constituents. The real question is whether or not he's who needs to be able to expand beyond this you know. He has issues on foreign policy. That generally speaking are considered unpopular in his anti immigrant interventionist so we'll see what happens in the coming months and oh cool and the GOP party do you think maybe the biggest threat. Against bush. You know I would probably put my money and Marco Rubio. You know he is young fresh is charismatic he's an effective or Ater. And he's well liked by the Republican establishment. Yet without being quite of the Republican establishments we still have kind of an outside survive. He isn't considered through dynastic in the way that bush is. And he also has made overtures in the past toward bipartisan reform on things like immigration student debt that recently headed away from those issues on immigration. But generally speaking that sort of history of trying to be reformer trying to reach across the aisle as a kind of things that could sway independents. Or you know moderate Democrats in the future. And what about Hillary Clinton lastly she is also sort of slipping in popularity as her Sheen of invincibility. Disappearing. You know Hillary Clinton is still very dominant in the polls she's still ways you know foreign head. Any other candidates at this point in time. But there are some issues regarding transparency. There's some issues regarding her sort of protocol they've come up. For instance you know her email she circumvented go up federal government rules. And generally speaking took on. Emails on it lists honest or servers that she shouldn't have and she also took in donations. From the foreign governments the Clinton foundation. That really considered media serious ethical breach of Condit people think she's trying to sort of neither curry favor with the administration issues state secretary of state and you think that that has affected her. Her are her ratings her favorability ratings. Yeah I mean these sorts of things kinda remind people the things they don't like about people who have been in Washington for too long it feels like they think that there. Soar above the rules then that they don't have to kind of abide by through standard protocol public office. Okay my news politics writers each on Eileen thank you so much for joining us we appreciate you being here. And you can keep up with the story in real time my talent ABC news app and storing this story for exclusive updates. On the go I'm Caroline Costello in New York.

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{"duration":"5:19","description":"Jeb Bush, who many have called the frontrunner of the GOP field for 2016, fell over 10 points.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"31481717","title":"Jeb Bush Slips in Latest Poll","url":"/Politics/video/jeb-bush-slips-latest-poll-31481717"}