Jennifer Granholm: Hillary Has 'Actual, Detailed Plans' for the Economy

The Former Michigan Governor talks about the Democratic plan for economic progress and prosperity at the 2016 DNC.
6:46 | 07/29/16

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Transcript for Jennifer Granholm: Hillary Has 'Actual, Detailed Plans' for the Economy
I want his big tonight. For those American nuns who feel you've been left behind them. We Americans who believe you've been cheated and who believe that those are the top. Don't care about you know I know little something about this beacon that as governor of Michigan. The epicenter. Of America manufacturing. Dry ice. And it's painful fall. And hits resurgence. May see again it builds the automobile. And the automobile builds America. But when the manufacturing. Industry fell on hard times. So did Michigan so did many of your stakes and leave. We weren't angry about it about jobs going the low wage countries. About unfair trade a but we were all so determined. Yet determined. To build the industries of the future. We said we wanted to advanced manufacturing. We want to do lose jobs. So we started this hour process of moving in that direction. And then. In 2008. We elected a democratic president to work with us and you know what we head. Me today the American auto industry. Well. That renewed auto industry. Hate America bash pitiful. And that is what we can do together. Now. I like many of you and love fierce Democrats. But I know. I know there are Democrats and Republicans all across this country who want to create jobs in America. Liberals and conservatives. Public sector and private industry because we are not in this alone and we're all in this together. While the candidate gets fat. And one candidate. As Joseph Biden said last night doesn't have a clue. Some people are worried that some people are angry I get that. But the answer. Is not to stare our country down a its didn't build our country. Not to build walls that keep out the rest of the world. But to keep building the industries and universities. That the rest of the world wishes they didn't get into. Hillary Clinton get six and that's why. She has do you. Lands did create good paying jobs in America. And that. And that actual plans. I must've missed that night at the Republican Convention. Did tell plans people. Really. Hands with numbers. That. You want to see. You can actually see them just text jobs. Divorced 7 June 4 six. Now. Last week. We heard about Trump's hopeless vision of our country. And many dead and I it alone couldn't fix it. So. I didn't. Donald Trump's version of the constitution. I am the person. In order to form a more perfect here again. All right centuries later. Eyes she oh. Alone. Aren't. Knox. Ask not what I can do for my country. That's what my country can do for me. They have no. Don't know. You're so vain there. You probably think this speech is about you. Don't you know. What I know. Made up. This lab Donald Trump. Our great country this man as our hot and but we're all connected to each other no matter where we live but. So went on my third in Virginia. Has the dignity of a new job in the advanced steel Linden street. We all have dignity. When the engineering student. In the sunshine state. Builds the solar panels and other did sure they all 68. The I don't work there and did drugs and low fat. I. And I'm good yeah. And they. Winds wins water poisons its children. It hurts all of us. These are our children and me. All Linux right Philadelphia. Our next president knows that and they shouldn't isn't village that we are. The family. And is a family if no one that gets left behind that. Not the steel worker in Pennsylvania. Not. And I am. Not that we worry. The factory worker and I know. And that next Brandon. We have strong and Dick yeah it's the it gave up invigorate. Big yeah. I wouldn't. Our hearts that till eleven Hillary Clinton rather than it did. I'd rather than just aren't. Okay. A.

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{"duration":"6:46","description":"The Former Michigan Governor talks about the Democratic plan for economic progress and prosperity at the 2016 DNC.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"40977436","title":"Jennifer Granholm: Hillary Has 'Actual, Detailed Plans' for the Economy","url":"/Politics/video/jennifer-granholm-hillary-actual-detailed-plans-economy-40977436"}