Joe Biden picks Sen. Kamala Harris to be his running mate

Experts break down Joe Biden's historic decision and the support for Kamala Harris among Democrats
11:06 | 08/12/20

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Transcript for Joe Biden picks Sen. Kamala Harris to be his running mate
And here to help us break this all down ABC news political director Rick Klein ABC news correspondent is a range shot recovered Harris on the campaign trail. An Audi brown associate professor of political science an African American studies at Purdue University thank you for being here we appreciate it. Of course great to be here aren't written we're starting with you me and my pleasure guys Rick. 1 of all why Pamela Harris had his team Biden think that she will help him win in November. If she may seem like the obvious choice but she wasn't the inevitable choice in fact Joseph Biden. Went quite a bit around two a number of different contenders and I think what's telling here to a lot of Democrats who've been watching this campaign and eager to see Joseph Biden win. Is that it appears that he did what he had to do as opposed to this is early what he wanted to do. Could cobble Harris feels a lot of holes for a generational Lee. Demographically. Not so much geographically although obviously they often they represent are opposite coasts of the United States. It in maybe not so much ideologically she has more on the centrist slain. But still the fact that she is a black woman the fact that she's Asian American. That speaks very very loudly to a large base of the Democratic Party who have felt under represented and the message from Joseph Biden picking Kabul Harris is that he gets it. Not. This is he really speaking synthesis that we're seeing an entry. Wow this is racial reckoning Graham racial justice and wound sustained increase isn't in the movement which is winning list and care. Issues around Barak and my. So I can't be really trying to some how the show that they understand that close yes this is again a big big deal because it has moved around these issues. Particularly since may when he went your point was murdered not in public mood is certainly an American power. And we are. His every new Paris on the campaign trail last year when she was running for president. What just there's some of her strengths and weaknesses when it comes to relating to voters and pulling them and. You Diane she says X-Factor in this charisma she would walk into rooms and just turn heads. A lot just relieved to her I mean she is the daughter of immigrants for data from Jamaica her mom from India. She talks about her mom staying up late to paying the bills. Candy stories about her immigrant herrings that. You know and not many candidates would it would have on the trail people just that resonated with them. I remember going out to her her Oakland is presidential lunch when she announced his running for president. We're 20000. People there I I went there two hours early their lines around blocks. People just want to see her and wasn't struck me the very end and that of her announcement her whole family got on stage. And this one is she called that by the modern family I mean she had his. She has stepped his onstage she has part of our family is Asia and another park is South Asian she has her black and we heard Jewish family. They all got out there are out with her and people see themselves in her and in her family. One girl blame that on the trail her name is Charlie she's a ten year old she's been falling come here since every move and he told me that yesterday when I interviewed her she said. I see myself and in her she represents me he Ellison. A lady I was over any aches. And we're getting gains and I and I see I'm. Its Jesse. She presents me and that means so much she. Is on so many levels and yeah. She's and positions so high. It's monumental. As its current and one current positions are high. One thing that Charlie toll when it mattered last year that she wants be president one day and just being able to see someone like commoners who run for that top spot. That allows her to be able to do south Diane. All right so Rick clearly a lot of people are happy about this choice but she's not to be loved by all what are some of the criticism Harris is expected to get from the right. And how the campaign address those. It to be on a. Sad that the right is a bit tongue tied on this one because Dave liked it too for train her as they are far left extremists and there's certainly positions that they can feast on the air. But a lot of progressives don't really like Kabul Harris either. So I think this is a difficult difficult argument you see people like Lindsey Graham a talking about the liberal agenda I think they're going to try to. Casts her as and Biden as a as a vessel for far left interest the can you'll hear a lot about California values and far left progressives and you talk about her her support in the past for for universal health care it is no more difficult to design a playbook for the Republicans against Colin arsenal's anyone else. On the list up very hard to portray her as a cookie cutter socialist. Hard said to attack her record on foreign policy like Susan rice's would come under scrutiny. I do think that it's going to be a difficult argument to make of course they'll make it. It you've got about three months of a campaign including that vice presidential debate with the with Mike Pence but she is going to be hard harder pigeonhole. That almost anyone else who was on the Biden shortlist continuing endanger their might be that she won't get Democrats all that excited Kenji galvanize the party. There definitely that's a concern I think one thing to Joseph Biden hasn't had is that enthusiasm but he did when the primaries anyway. I think you have some progressives or coming out saying look this is not someone who's gonna get me in my piece and my supporters out there and excited to vote. But Biden's calculation is campaign's calculation is that the history making. Aspect of this candidacy is important and an in the Arab Donald Trump. You don't really keen to motivate Democrats so much is this just it insure them that you were reflecting their values and their priorities. Serena Harris have some fiery exchanges with Biden and last year's primary debates in this is one of those paradoxes. In no way our system works is that now their partners but how does that transition happen how do you go from insulting someone on the debate stage to say you know why. Forget all that you're a great guy we're working together here how does that process work. I mean Joseph Biden has already said I don't hold grudges right thumb and it was soon after that that moments that at efficiency soon after but she endorsed him after she dropped out of the race back in. Back in April or that as of march actually destroy it she's raised millions of dollars for him he's been a huge supporter. His. And she's also said her husband gets along really well with the with Jill Biden. Says even if that is inserted in the past for them these rivals have now become running meets. And become obviously incredibly close Joseph Biden is that he wants the one he sent panic pill with. And clearly he sees that and. Online parent star at all water under the bridge. Not a what do you think this pairing means for the future of the Democratic Party we've seen some progress and newcomers winning down ballot federal elections. But these two moderates at the top of the ticket. A great question because it shows. Parties really. I. Which way I'm the teacher who got home and there are progressives are winning com armed men in her primary last many. Corey Busch I'm eating any almost you know we're a year economy. Our clay excuse twins energy I think progress and a vote door and then. And isn't where election and the protection law. Are still won't be uncertain and cheeky. So democratic recipes kids Modi or how they're great they're willing to prepare better candidate and it's yet to moderate. But again Allen McConnell is a east or curse that little old son. Works on July 8 minute but I do not are urged choice weren't primary inch and overall Democrats are. More interest is in Winnie the election are bound child my tenants but perhaps an internal and about the direction our problem. After the election. Harry and we couldn't let this dumbed passed without a round of our favorite game. Stump Rick Klein and Rick and not only in the pressure on to answer correctly but our other panelists can steal. And they wanted and so I love it get ready to its west OK first question. Problem Harris in the US senator from California who was the last to VP nominee. From the Golden State. The last of GP nominee from the gold assay the Democrats have never actually had a a running mate from California tax is the furthest the furthest west that. We ever had anyone on the ticket so on the go with Richard Nixon on the Republican side. The last California vice president Greg why you get her game and they didn't make that game and you never know what this guy knows. Rest and we think. Not stepping on my program I'm not I'm break carry on. She's so pretty could be seen on any Harris may have been inspired to run for office on one care and members who usually help elect a. One of her family members the rent for for office I'd I'd I don't think I've got this one to go to go and try to steal and Serena who it has the book on Kabul Harris shortly she's got this in her back pot. I can't I cannot think of the Ansa I'd. I have no idea. Oh yeah secret little scientists. Church in her internal ramp otter eagle aren't you hell is she asked him precariously here west but he. Very cool. Perry I was totally thinking the last Celia. I think that not eared and great I'm enjoying this little break but I guess I guess I'll jump back in bank and things don't Rick and still green way to go. One last question. We now know all the candidates. Do you know their middle names. Do you look I know I know it's a Little John was wrong. Joseph Robinette Biden junior. How. I don't I have not gonna get I don't think I know Kabul as middle name but I know the story get Allen didn't. Deadbeat. Yeah I know in the Tomlinson daddy. Terror error staph frequently refers to Wear and pull me she felt. I'm willing okay anyone wanna jump in on and on my propensity guest this. I don't think I've got I'm just so excited to say Robinette on TV. Is stopping all my. Rick Sheridan hands Richard Wyatt I should and at my eight today they're. I haven't really thought god we appreciate your instead and we appreciate you being in sports today thanks so much.

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