Joe Biden Swears in John Kerry

John Kerry takes the ceremonial oath to become the next secretary of state.
5:54 | 02/06/13

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Transcript for Joe Biden Swears in John Kerry
-- John Kerry's time again. And this moment -- -- -- says in the history of our country music management of our foreign policy. I can honestly think -- no man -- woman whose hands I'd rather that responsible being responsible to reinvent. And John Kerry and John. I know we're doing this a second time to make sure it's really official. What I'd like to do if you come forward. And I guess restorations -- -- -- Situation to hold the Bible. I like to us their movies where you live -- here. -- -- found -- standing. Beside. Including your grandson. When should you -- average -- here and repeat after me why did you. John F Kerry. Do solemnly swear. Solemnly swear that I will support and defend the constitution of the United States support and defend the constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic against all enemies foreign and domestic that I bear true faith -- -- of the -- That I bear true faith and allegiance to the same that I take this obligation freely take this obligation freely. Without any mental reservation or purpose of invasion. Without any mental reservation or purpose of the vision. -- that I will well and faithfully discharge. And well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office which -- upon which I'm about to enter. The duties of the office which. So help me god so help me god thank you. Applaud you for being here to celebrate this moment together. I thank you for your faith in your friendship I am proud to take on this job because I want to work for peace. And because of that news. The values and and and the ideals. Of our nation. Are really. What represents the desks of the possibilities of life here on earth. But I make clear today. To those listening. While my preference is for a peaceful resolution to conflict. My journey has also taught me that when remedies are exhausted. We must be prepared to defend our cause. And do what is necessary to stand up to extremism terrorism chaos and evil and we will continue to do so. But the beauty. Of this place and I do mean beauty. Of this place. Is that before we have to make that choice. We have a lot of other choices in front of us. We can help people help themselves we can protect children as we did in Africa. Where -- -- save millions of lives we can keep students learning even after an earthquake destroys their schools as we did in Pakistan. We can help young girls pursue their dreams of education. As we did in Afghanistan and other places in the world. That is what the Department of State can do. Today. Today we we tread on very new terrain vice president referred to his comments. We're in a world of unparalleled technology. Unprecedented growth in the number of young people. Of unleashed sectarian strife and religious extremism. And I believe and I know the president vice president share this deeply. Unless we stay vigilant these forces threatened to unravel whole nation states. And create greater pockets of instability than we have seen in recent times this is our challenge. I believe the United States has joined with other nations. To pool our resources. Our talents are thinking. To create order where there is none. And to fix or try to fix what is broken. All of us need to do better -- inviting people to embrace the values. That have always inspired us. Some would rather say that America ought to turn inward because of budget choices that we have to say no to the world. I think we recognize our responsibility in our role. We know that America is exceptional not because we say we are not because it's a birthright that won't happen automatically. But because America does exceptional things and we must continue to do those things the world depends. My friends today as I take this. Symbolic oath of office to publicly reinforce. The private one I took last Friday. I say. -- the vice president. To my family to my friends my colleagues -- do. We are still marching forward. We still believe in peace. Even as the ground beneath -- ships we know how to find our way. And we will do so with firm footing and in the end. Our imprint on the world is one that we alone can still sealed for ourselves. Let's get to work thanks.

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{"id":18423487,"title":"Joe Biden Swears in John Kerry","duration":"5:54","description":"John Kerry takes the ceremonial oath to become the next secretary of state.","url":"/Politics/video/joe-biden-swears-john-kerry-18423487","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}