Will Joe Biden win South Carolina after debate?

Symone Sanders, Joe Biden surrogate, joins ABC News and shares how South Carolina will help launch Joe Biden toward the presidency.
2:45 | 02/26/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Will Joe Biden win South Carolina after debate?
Even pilgrim I want to to send it back out to you for final ponson given Biden's target within. We do that about and certainly this Sanaa and Sanders thing he's mentioning how do you think I did today he needed to do well south Carolina's his firewall. I think well as understatement I think Vice President Biden won the debate and we have been saying the south Carolina's accidental launching pads South Carolina is a place and launched Bill Clinton. That to the presidency the monster Obama's presidency can legally on Saturday it will launch Joseph Biden on the path to the presence. These days image candidly here what does that mean it really double digits. That means we are going to win handily and I think the reality is enticing them by responses on the bases tonight. Com that's the reason we are going to win south Carolina's because he has worked hard to earn the votes of people here in the state. This is the first nominating contests but the majority of African American voters and elected at 66% of the people. Have voted or will vote on Saturday. Will be people will be black people. The base of the Democratic Party and you know all the south Carolinians and Alan tell you that the roads. Batman and the White House plus a South Carolina investor and so. You cannot be the democratic nominee no one has been since 1992 don't put out. The express support the majority support about the American people in this party doesn't look like and so we called the launching pad. Because going after South Carolina and wanted to participate you know California has been and it's that I mean this is SEC pregnant so. We believe that we will come garner enough delegates in this process suit. Of all the way to the nominees. As a South Carolina I appreciate the attention. He's thinking is yes to win here what is handedly held that did him in this Super Tuesday Netflix also Collins concert and let me just. We plan to do extremely well and we intend to win South Carolina that the data and it. He promised on the debate stage at the Carolina we speak that some like the Oakland amazing tonight we would tell me triplets. A number of that of exchanges. Wind down on the debate stage but. Something very important is that all week leading into this week's you know people have been trying to play up their relationships President Obama mean scene in and after an act and interview after interview but tonight on the debates cities. Senator stand as asserted that President Obama have the same position at San Juan Castro. And you songs Vice President Biden get visibly I would say. A no aid to and he jumped in to correct the record and look what we are going to be corrected the record all week. We want people to speak truth to power because south Carolinians and the voters deserved another chip hang as worried about dire taking away. Yeah I think. I think it was just I should be concerned. About his investment in private prisons. James it was known of the atrocities and issues thanks guys who think his time as we aging Lindsey we'll have to wait to see on Saturday who actually wins South Carolina. I want those percentages are.

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{"duration":"2:45","description":"Symone Sanders, Joe Biden surrogate, joins ABC News and shares how South Carolina will help launch Joe Biden toward the presidency.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"69222258","title":"Will Joe Biden win South Carolina after debate?","url":"/Politics/video/joe-biden-win-south-carolina-debate-69222258"}