Joe Kennedy explains to Jimmy Kimmel why he differs from many Dems on marijuana

The Massachusetts lawmaker said he's standing firm on his position against legalizing pot.
3:12 | 04/05/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Joe Kennedy explains to Jimmy Kimmel why he differs from many Dems on marijuana
Areas it wakes you. Divert from your party number one. You who are against. Legalization of Canada's. For recreational use you oppose that and why I think what we're proud of exactly so and I realized my views on this are not exactly in line with you'll never went California you don't go to. That's true the past so look I think the part of the impact of when he talked about the law is to make sure that you get the border cases right and I do have concerns about what. An increased availability of legal marijuana means for adolescents what it means for folks are. Struggle with addiction have mental health and it also against alcohol because it seems like those very same things apply app so I don't drink. But obviously took it and everybody else and acted. To me it's. It's something that if we're gonna move towards legalization I think we gotta be. We ought to be thoughtful about what that we moved a ready yes in move we have. So in part of this is that the federal process on what on this the federal law on the structure from the federal law are complete incompetence right and what. Jeff Sessions with ministers are doing are making it worse so I just think if you're gonna move this by which clearly. California there my home state of Massachusetts I write I acknowledge that fact if the path they don't not good I don't plan as I just think it's something that. We want to be careful and deliberate about as if I don't always sold time up pop because it really doesn't matter but I do an end about health care. Bernie Sanders it would believes in Medicare for all you also you're against that. No no no so one. Health care is. A right that's been debate every single femme across the sky period full stop. And I have worked very very heart of the purse my time congress to make sure that everybody does get access to quality for what that's health care. What we've seen also of course the past and happens that the details matter it's and there's a couple bills out there congress I think Aaron. Those details aren't exactly quite dot up yet and I've got concerns about what that means we actually try to and there are ways that we can go about doing this we have universal percent to close universal coverage of health care in Massachusetts that 90% of people come. Now we need to make sure looked the basis on this. Quote John this even though I've never met before right needs to be in this idea that. Every single person in this country. Nobody should worry about whether they can afford just the child's life right here the most powerful country in the world should be able to do that. Health care itself. In this country I think it boils on to fundamentalist it's how are we gonna treat people at their time of deepest. It's something that people don't think about very much until you need it but when you need it it's the only. And we have the ability to make sure that nobody is denied because of priests and that we can in fact make it accessible what. We want to make sure I want to make sure that we do that in a way that is responsible that is accurate and that covers and I think we can do that but without it off that's on all right we'll go to a cause we need you to do it okay it's okay.

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{"duration":"3:12","description":"The Massachusetts lawmaker said he's standing firm on his position against legalizing pot.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"54254035","title":"Joe Kennedy explains to Jimmy Kimmel why he differs from many Dems on marijuana","url":"/Politics/video/joe-kennedy-explains-jimmy-kimmel-differs-dems-marijuana-54254035"}