John Boehner: Obamacare Wreaks 'Havoc on American Families'

House speaker discusses the affordable health care act's impact on the American economy.
3:00 | 12/03/13

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Transcript for John Boehner: Obamacare Wreaks 'Havoc on American Families'
-- Republicans continue to stay focused on the economy. The active the American people want to -- of the -- to strengthen it would be more jobs currently available. This -- poultry -- Strengthen our economy. -- -- your book continues to recap of American families. A small businesses can count. It was not just awful good website this bill are definitely walked. Bosnian people -- moves doctor of their shorts. Caused them to lose their health plan in advance and I don't have a very much higher places -- things. -- House Republicans certainly it was a two hour concert was -- American people and try to focus on protecting them. Ultimately global. Good morning. Last week -- working middle class families across country in front -- Thanksgiving. -- by the Clinton administration tried to -- and other unilateral one year delay of obamacare. Just like things alive right after rival for the Independence Day holiday the administration tried to hide the one year delay and businessmen. President Obama and others have tried to hide what they knew about the web site problems well -- the runs. The administration for -- to continue. Problems on the back in the web site that deliver information. And as -- as sure as often as we now know incorrectly. The administration has trod the high security problems that exist. With a website that what officials called limitless -- -- -- well. The president and house Democrats. For years that few days Americans would lose coverage. That -- -- The president house Democrat Democrats try to -- for years. That many Americans will now lose access to doctors and pediatricians and perhaps even -- hospital's. That they choose. At this point one has to ask what else holiday and you know while they follow what -- -- -- health -- is now working. We know that obamacare is still plagued with problems and every American -- -- moment. Well this administration. -- finally come clean and explain. Why and how Americans. Are impacted by this law this is not something that it is helping Americans are -- Those people who need help -- line. Welcome back. Time with their families. -- leader about the different things that the president hit within pass this legislation -- remember that was -- night. We. There are Democrats nervous about voting for so the administration put together -- -- 2009 went to -- Ulcers are right they wrote a -- to -- Democrat. Stating when voters learn about the composition of the plan and support -- considered. Plan would pass the plan is now into. Process people are now learning more about it now that we've found from the doubtful that just came out. Yesterday it -- much difference. Those who -- familiar with the health care law are significantly. More likely -- and those who earn enough. -- open all about them. -- those that night. And it goes to answer the question from the leader why continue life. More America learned this morning their close to it as what Republicans continue to -- -- -- All across America working moms and dads are but -- -- -- get this Sunday for their children. That special for the holidays and many parents are trying to pick up -- and even third jobs. This holiday season and nation. -- If you look at who is working and it isn't this is the worst. Since the late night. American families struggling. Struggling because of certainty and Washington. Certain you know and health care law. Tax. -- yeah. And more broken process from this administration. Washington -- start working together and brings them economics. Here. Back to American families to increase take home pay. For -- hardworking families trying to make ends meet this holiday season. -- -- to be back in Washington. Having had a wonderful Thanksgiving Thanksgiving and being that they kicked -- the holiday season Thanksgiving holiday Christmas. New Year's. It's always had a picture that. Hollywood. Looked -- moments at the table trying to figure out what -- kids for Christmas except. This year they're sitting around a table thinking what do we do for Christmas. They just got there cancellation notice for their insurance. I just got the cost of insurance is gonna be here. You know the promise -- accessible affordable insurance. And affordable now we're seeing the numbers that only 10%. Will happen more affordable insurance costs. So the real decisions -- -- are real people and they're very very worried about it. Put on top of that the living -- these personal information that's going not protected. Your -- information -- security numbers. That is scary situation active situation anyone who's ever gone through I didn't think there knows it is a bad situation. The security costs and me. Security concerns cost increases that it hurts this -- it -- small -- Businesses that until they are determined but they're here. All of pollinate. Purchases. I never advocate for the federal government should be Santa Claus but didn't want to be -- either this is a very serious situation. What is. Patients and health care system that you talked about politically viable GOP. Alternative to obamacare. Fourteen -- -- -- Well what do auto market -- is -- government's. -- -- -- That's not what's in -- and people want. The American people want to be able to pick their own fat development there -- don't think their own doctor. -- general hospital. Our book agent center helped her system was -- -- promote and Ortiz bill but that. -- important after. Today. What is see the outline of an if the farm bill the budget bill. They don't come in the next spring is here past the thirteen what's the I want the form of coverage to be complete. Chairman. Lucas' has made a number of good faith we can't Democrats -- -- yes. But it is a problem when it comes to the market journal -- that ever -- Outlining. Very serious offers movie -- and Democrats to say yet. It it is time for the other chamber together. Serious -- -- -- Here is history at least productive -- congressional. History what can view and other leaders do to change that next year. Was -- the houses continues to listen to the American people want to focus on their concerns. Whether it's the economy whether jobs whether protecting the American people Mubarak here we've done our. Voted look at the number of bills passed by the house in the paltry number of bills. You can -- -- problem. And still. Businesses -- spending bills that passed the. Auction house immigration weight saving your critics the Susan Powell's that was -- more than happy to -- The -- not enough. I've got house is done its work on the national defense authorization bill which didn't June get a sound has failed to act. We've waited this system of government works both the house and senate captain their -- continues to do stuff aside from the senator gets serious about doing there.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"House speaker discusses the affordable health care act's impact on the American economy.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"21085758","title":"John Boehner: Obamacare Wreaks 'Havoc on American Families'","url":"/Politics/video/john-boehner-obamacare-wreaks-havoc-american-families-21085758"}