John Bolton's involvement brought up in impeachment hearing

Barbara Comstock, a former congresswoman from Virginia, says Fiona Hill shows the public a clearer picture of John Bolton and Rudy Giuliani's involvement with Ukraine.
3:43 | 11/21/19

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Transcript for John Bolton's involvement brought up in impeachment hearing
So. Former representative Barbara Comstock. Republican of Virginia also my neighbor in Virginia and joining us now she's an ABC contributor. And now I understand Barbara you also would like to weigh and on these details surrounding John bowl this reaction and also. What we heard from Fiona hill today what are your thoughts. We know John Bolton is a rate Ronald Reagan conservative. He understands that Russia is the evil empire that's certainly a view that I share. And for those of us who care about that. We that's why you had somebody like Fiona hill working there I would point out to Republicans that Michael Flynn brought her in with KT McFarland. So this is somebody. Who you know traditional Republican. Supported the kind of policies he's advocating but I think she really says it's a lot of what John Bolton saying at the time and why he would be such an important witness. I can't imagine why the Democrats don't want to have. John Bolton and Rudy Giuliani. End there discussing these united. The reality. That John Bolten understands in the alternative reality that Rudy Giuliani was peddling that Fiona hill. Very nicely dispensed red and I think that's a really important issue that she did this morning because this Ukrainian. Conspiracy theory that's being peddled it's something that Russia. Is peddling the people peddling it a really useful idiots for the evil empire for Russia. So we really need to hear from both of these key characters and for the life of me. I mean Rudy and John Bolton. I can't understand why the Democrats are rushing. And not having these key. Political witnesses and then also. Nick Maldini who obviously was running traffic between the both of them because they were John Bolton and Rudy Giuliani were clearly at odds. And there were a lot of interesting discussions I'm sore that went on. I'm John Bolton trying to stop this drug deal. And Mick motivating you know made some calls that certainly look like he waited with Rudy so there's a lot more that needs to be. Fleshed out here and the Democrats owe it to the American people I mean I understand Republicans are doing. What the Clinton. Democrats did during impeachment there operating as defense counsel and they have a right to do that. But the Democrats have to bring more information forward that this is a proper. Process but what about John ice in Bergen his role and reacting as as Melissa just just brought up as a republic and Kate can you answer that question we both are wondering well what exactly. Did John Eisenberg do when certain individuals came to him and said. Whoa there was something that was not right on this phone call and I am concerned. I'm sure he brought it to his boss the White House counsel who would bring it to Mick mob rainy so again. Nick nobody can tell us what did you hear from the council when they because there are numerous people bringing in these complaints to John Eisenberg it didn't just sit there. John reported to his superiors and presumably to make my baby they all knew about this announcement so important about Gordon's someone's. Testimony yesterday as everybody was in the loop. And everybody except Rudy Giuliani. And make Lavinia it appears we're trying to stop this drug DO. And that's why we need to get more testimony and I think if the Democrats just cut it off now it is gonna look like. The partisan process that Republicans say it is. And they're not gonna have the information they need not gonna have the State Department documents they are going to have the White House documents and they owe it to the American people. To make this to do this process. In a more nonpartisan basis.

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{"duration":"3:43","description":"Barbara Comstock, a former congresswoman from Virginia, says Fiona Hill shows the public a clearer picture of John Bolton and Rudy Giuliani's involvement with Ukraine.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"67201134","title":"John Bolton's involvement brought up in impeachment hearing","url":"/Politics/video/john-boltons-involvement-brought-impeachment-hearing-67201134"}