John Kasich Delivers Remarks on 'Super Saturday'

The Republican candidate remains in the race for president regardless of his current standing in the polls.
35:01 | 03/05/16

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Transcript for John Kasich Delivers Remarks on 'Super Saturday'
She and should be. We work. We'll. Often times. Run. Might. Some. You. These news. The last few days. You know Mississippi. DZ. New York City Detroit all over error and discrepancy. Partners. And I don't lie to us tomorrow. That her neighbors went with me. Ha. Beauty you know I. I. Yeah. It's why. Always. SD. You lose these this is wrong. Doll the fees. It's. Yeah crazy priest we'll tonight it is. I have always confident Michigan you know that is truly hate him hanging out here are some of the places all and our inherited a furious. Calling Hillary a money losing years. Product. I've seen he stated. And go beauty. And look this is incredible incredible stage. Is. Phyllis with a nice people. That I have ever met again. Well because I heard here's. You even much and his life here. I'd rather see is just being housed at the time has passed a and I just love and older homes. We're gonna. It's. Thoughts right now I am I who it's. Can. How are. We'll lose power. This. It was yeah. Now do a process. Like huge loss. Here. He. Football team it needed BS WOKV. Doing Voss. Let us. Athens. But it was a it was. Here you'll act. Carrier. Behind bars. He you. Everything. It is it's really touched down right away to the artery songs although horror. John Boehner and house. And anybody in the community. So loss. I didn't you're trying. Our thoughts are. Two lead him right. And I really honest. And is Illinois job. It appeared respects at home. It's always cool partner died while. Was losing to use our society. You know my harbor. Eyewitness it's like Constance. You know my friends. Really noticed. We we don't. Six. I'm. You know fan it is extremely poor she was the. Three siblings. Now. And my car had a walk a little bridge over the real. To get her education. G Bradbury heights. Her other literacy. When she it was Croatian. And I. Here that are Smart woman she is articulate. Smart. Principal. Amp. And it is. Only a lot of things and I. Can't. Here. My heart was Hillary. Our hero status it's outrageous that's it she's you know create you know. It's Red Sox all season. In this town really didn't we need we will always be responsible. It was a place we've really. Literally. If you grew up alone. Life. Congress which later life. Delete. We didn't and William Howell who they knew. We needed Steelers it is you get. I didn't. We go to traditional arrangement in the ECB. Our only. As you were only. Reese's career right. Every time. But this list is now here we lose the wrong way. Cells. Law. Yeah I can remember. Kid. I you play. A lot of basketball. Baseball. With us where you are. I think back is heating up. And they weren't under act. Usually. Saudi family. Yeah there aren't intimately involved. It's something good and there really. Do clothes. You know into spiritual. So the issue also. Us because we have jobs. You know street community street. It's street kids. Or. And I went it is all lose he. It and it wears. I. Arts. Here. B movie. Hey. You guys we're. Its clients views. Matter fact this. You know militia arms. These things. Bar. We're English stage and asked. You'll but I tell you what's here once a year. We. And I. You know we hey. Us can get silence me. I greeted him. Greeted him every news. Program. We ageless. Objects. As always. And there's Julia I have seen my way. It's called race. Am I mean this is slowly and it appears when this murder. Trying to keep yes we'll. He just. Finally. You're. We can. Home. You know thousands right here don't view this morning. Read your father Peter home. Let's. Calling. It an off now. And the German athlete would change there. So keen to show you what suggest. Small completely. So anyway we'll. Our also. Great man point six. So are these. It's more to us policy that's you know it's there. And it's raining. You know law which deliberately. We just don't spam the press democracy. A couple of people in. And we case error we it is nation and a CNN here this is always. Oh it was apparently with the when he and islanders coach. Jessica us grace. He. He's. All all work he would. It was totally. It slide rules. And fifty we people were hurt us. I am not any word change things that he wrists. Atlanta. The Atlanta you know NC. Restaurants will. And it's. It's. Rooms away all news. Media's job. When it's uses. In all miles. Responsibilities. And others. These next day why. And it. And I screwed. All we. It's nice to Atlanta to get to you for. So why ask you restaurant owner norm honorable the difference in the yeah we are an excellent way how's. This series peace PS if you want this to us here. An easy so. Obviously we're no loss through. White house office. Because here call phone. And others are strong community here that presidents seem like him immediately you know. In my knowledge unhappy about fathers and all over here. My parents' house. Mom real. So. They are you going to get an art and watch tonight the White House. Security exit zebra. You lost me beautiful. We're freshmen. And it art and music. Into violence wound prisoners' case. All right being. Jack measure time hands. Minutes. Or. I really different. And I sat this it is there us for twenty minutes. And bill I don't know its annual loss that he heaters congress he. He's dean shouldn't. Why didn't please price credible opportunities. I. You know I. Parlance. Stand. Doll. I don't. You know I understand. The team are worth. He should people do. Your job review. Hillary and it is don't reveal. It's. B. Pay taxes. And and roll which might have any interest huge me my god. And nobody interest in all the more highest. And able. Order. And then they. Kids went to college run that whole new look Paul injury get a job. No wrong we'll. Red. Please. Parents house. Yeah Harris and me you know really great it is like it is. You know to get it is our life here. My condolences sixteen wins again we at least. But when I think of you know. Kong. Just released house and these folks are. Here. Cruisers were. And there and there is somebody. Who's ultimately mind these. She's. Willing. I had. Bob. You know. Wild theories you know we're happy room two there. Billings. Congress passed legislation is complicated. Compromise. And we principles his call the evening T. Aaron. So I think there. Reason why I gauge yet. Acts he models. A lot of reasons. Please call Jay that he Mexicans. Streak. Initiate all past. It's field. And it is a guy behind us in this little care we yeah. Societies. You run for. This is William. Accidentally teachers and he should. Here. And CE community. A person fuels and now I spend my time. Constantly. And you know what is happening I pass. You. Absolutely. See you. Because. He's you that he's changed G Cobb. And he really quite. But he wants changes. My cancer. You should tell him he what we need to do to fix. Stated in an easy call currently under way let me tell him when I had no job. And let me tell you only need shoes and leading telling him what we do you can lead. That's the only way mostly. And AM coast. It's really just me. Because. Michael winner. Monarchy listening to mine. And the call. People and he's in poor youth war. Well I'll just call probably we're now kiddies who renewed world. Now case draw case. Because I think people are sent us crash costs in the right order. And it costs and easy to hit us. The media. Different into he's Ross who's in my heart. This that he agreed in my car tire especially yours who's at risk. Should be telling you must arm Washington. You're talking when they didn't like me at all. Because I won't ask he's got a progress. And it when nobody likes. So. Let's fast forward and talk longer about those days ice and continues. The reason why it is. Job creation rest readers. And Fran you're Europe as well. It's cost us regulations. Do not crushed walls. These days in Atlanta mind is this little error. It is literally do wrestling he used small business. Because into the be and we little we love me really auto companies we need to get rid. But most of the job growth that we see in America if you really comes to small business comes. We need we will regulate them don't realize you can right there. We just want accurately. We have to have rules anyway we all. But you can't overdo it because you owner who thank you shut down small business and he's. Sadly. You don't need to have lower tax. This scene of attacks he says seen. In our country today. We will ask. Business we I tax all it. War related money. Real. He's any person's recruitment and we're. Yeah. Rare bright and we it would it was created. Highest. This other countries the head and it would be we're TE RPR campaign office. We do you low tax we did that we murder. Balance. We needed error is we are capped gains tax gains taxes congress acts. You know we invest humorous you made over rated. And it. And it you don't have. We mean to hit this and after ten long years. I know it Wallace's minutes the night. Agreement which. We'll. We ate at. Million dollars national debt. And we have felt like leaguers. And he thought he was doing race. I don't predict the year's figures Hillary's Clinton's. What we absolutely. You know there's a Ryan. You're right in front of the Cole ran. We had a rap music industry it is. And I do here. Clinton economy mullah Republican. We created. By east European country. Are excited to lead bill who we are here. You. Here. So. I'm the aisles and here's. You once it is. Department. And ski. People who form future. You know. And news this let me tell you. How's your enemy it whirls. We do no responsibility. And parts companies like time make sure you. So my days. Respect wise in the UE one lines and get me. And it I silently watch. Do a lot different names were her. You'll remember me. Theory tellers or false it's. Why he's are you. We're. It's really all. You're gonna call. Your call via. Not. Next to me this call I got at all it was like oh I'm sorry news. So I vulnerable. Governor. He's office just changed so. So our man. I needed peace. When it's all wrong the goal our credit. Now. We. We we lost 350. Costs. Well. And I. And I. The words. Tax in the weeks. You today you. Yeah yeah taxi it's not act schools. So. I like the rest you know you you know cost us. So yeah it preliminary race. Sony cut taxes. Reform our. Interview. Being brilliant goal. For the stability in the black. We thought now war it's he. All our thanks very secure. And it we kind of tax liabilities including utility passed its own house passes. It is. Anywhere now. And killing. Parts. We're. And any they do need. And our fingers and he got this yesterday. He believed in peace. And he reiterated. We believe. Growth and it's. Please see things are happening with the just like mom and dad are doing better Saturday due to a few days. Well in the government's early connoisseurs. And and I think everybody crash. So last. Significant power resources. I'm trying ultimately you'll feed me telling Arnold he leave prison for a rich community. Law. We have a program please drop in the president's normally what happens is struggling nations. Went to prison these are. Yeah in the law I don't know Maurer is. And her back you know you know. So we created and we released into the community and we have a AC percent success rate on people are out of Iraq. We are really. Literally. I. It's easy. And in an artist of the welfare votes. Will immediately services against the war. For community Hillary's getting the most news many 88 he loses more. Then paying me. That's not accidentally eat these acts of the day's pay raise and where this all job. Rather be in the position where they are stopped and we will change. And it did all this hate me college offices. Not. And we are going online community to us now. That's oh look. You're really got us here. I think governor's policy. Work. Hear me. He's beauty march. And we need your. He. Didn't. First hundred days. I freeze all federal regulations went years policy. I would force congress. Any regulation exists. Millions bureaucrats or model. And I yeah for a he usually spend their time around the U knob and a fish lines our country at all hurt small business. In addition to track and he lowered corporate tax our morning Myers. And you people and yeah Donald tax problems with the attacks we'll see. Best of America initiative not. Senator reinvestment plan what was really works you have the school's computers. And you. You're gonna are. Are when you made its name it's really more things the same time yet it is. We need to have this. And yeah its latest when he went fine candidate cavity created entity. And no cleanup tax and that's looking. The federal and then of course is all I don't like she's just days. The welfare programs use missions. Me right now don't pay federal gas taxes and watch community. The animal Pat Robertson and that's excellent results. Watch. Nation. Program. Process. If you are an indication. And it you know job yeah he's currently treated. He. Mean this. Right so oh lead over use any back. Sri. Rules. Who arrives. Who were on its eight. Is Nader or. Over. Program that every veteran returns to be connected to a this is we have. Just you know they're coming and or parents service agencies that when they come home. Connect to follow delivers today. I have all. All of its schools yours. And Gary Collins leverage. Its real. And you all first hundred days. And I think he's called him a shock at all just wouldn't cars and work us. But I don't tell you. One. Lewis. Oh. There. You press its case. We will says. A homeless there. Call us. Katrina it is mr. You. You know. If only sort. They always. But it remains somehow cash. Against their roles. And they usually cash and it went in today. And these jobs hearts against front. And when people need cash income. And I personally write right eye view and they there. The only into the base there should. So yeah me there is let us news Morris. Just you are. Can. Affidavit. Current lieutenant billions of dollars. Annually. An easy way mark. Follow. And as always tornadoes. In its roots it's me. Wilson. Probably. Because win every job. The peace. States regional arms. Refueling office. She I had to leave it straight get our country. Doesn't rests in the hands of politicians be. I'd get that he could work to. We have an assault programs plans committee. Beacon news this. And although it at all vision all just the shuttle's. OK and it was in everyone's well it's. OK you can get it is. Trials. Beauty you crawl all OK but you're this is too tall. Approached him in the mirror. CI the spirit of our country. Is due to low. Because we don't Lenox Washington. Maybe a little we ma themselves. Som Qaeda it is adios theorists believe. Hands. You don't believe we're. She. You wanna fix schools. And goats. You want to he's doing well initially than it is old and train him for the job when he first street. Years. And in emails. Jesus is and media education real you don't. We pressed series that you do. Many parts of this country here is fish hearse being driven by drugs. You know you want to you want us when I have a real battle and fish. He grounds located within your community. And in total withdrawal pains. And how I. God purposes they have because we are pleased whenever it pleased. Help us fuel people in this country. Little like it is all paid for us Cain area. We need to our case. You know. Alone she just. She loses. Married fifty years. Yes. No. Seed Colorado holidays. She gets here beauty parlor on Thursday. And when you hero Saturday puts pressure had more than six months the educational world. Usually change. And we need in our own country. By this year's that we. Q yeah believing in ourselves. If our when small business person. Struggles he's employees. And owners whose sense. Next fifty minutes Sam whole. Question at all car. To get a little workers. Rookie who gets Phoenix so how's. This case you'll call coal here if he I think what we're here what. He just wants to do. Any here. Right when it yours lead into the floor. He does hero and brother and loss. Spent all. It is. Saying prayers of healing. He loses this. So you know all of us me why is that created a different world in which. My power holdings what. We can. And I am telling. It is my opinion our ability to change the world in which to me and every community. That's really. Is that it unity and to me hero. Peace. Here it really hidden behind her. Image and its hall line. You know we we were yeah. Get a Bill Walsh he's. John cases. All these folks really did god do there without aren't involved us in our community all of us here to view the list. To fix problems exist and if you us. Purpose and lead. Fran and he called you to change the world. I couldn't hear us point Ers history will be absolutely. No emotion. You people is sorry place. The entire world.

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{"id":37435199,"title":"John Kasich Delivers Remarks on 'Super Saturday'","duration":"35:01","description":"The Republican candidate remains in the race for president regardless of his current standing in the polls.","url":"/Politics/video/john-kasich-delivers-remarks-super-saturday-37435199","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}