Jon Karl on Ted Cruz and a Possible Trump Endorsement

ABC News' Jon Karl previews day three of the RNC from the convention floor.
6:49 | 07/20/16

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Transcript for Jon Karl on Ted Cruz and a Possible Trump Endorsement
Right now where I three to evaluate the program is CPU let's get another chipped out at the floor we find ABC news chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl. Is down their books the delicate state John has gone to night what's that I bought the floors me awaits. I can't well well I think energy's building I think we're seeing more than we've that we saw last night I think this is a bigger night you know we've got Mike Pence as you mentioned blood. Of the big drama that I'm waiting for DeVon is Ted Cruz because I'd just spoke to some of folks with the which crews team. And as of late this afternoon. The Donald Trump team had not even seen Ted cruises speech and I am told that cruise himself. Was still undecided about whether or not he would actually endorsed Donald natural have we ever see this situation like that major speaker. Prime time speaker of the convention and we're still unclear whether or not he's endorsed the party's nominee. That you're here right John Eddie is this the area of Reid that were reached and I protectors raised his hand it said he would support. Whoever was the Japanese right. Good point the very first fox debate in the first week in August there was the famous pledge. Ted Cruz later signed that pledge turn it over to the RNC so this is uninteresting now. Mike guidance on this beach is that first of all they will show it to the trump team before he gets on the stage I mean I guess. One hand it has to be voted into the teleprompters that somebody asked to see it but they will run by them they insist that the trump team will be happy with it. I think that what I do not think he's going to endorse tonight I think it will we will see from tech crews is we will see some. Gracious this towards trawl. It congratulations. Perhaps. On on this accomplishment of winning this nomination. And exciting so many people on the Republican side around the country. What Danny's gonna talk this you know DeVon this will be. The first speech of 20/20 first speech of the Ted Cruz for president Wahid's when he campaign. It's not edit content that you. Batters with. Ted Cruz formally. Sources don't stop our we have the media we the bubble picky or that the voters care about. Well you know one hand we've we've certainly seen a in this race date. Through the course of the primaries that endorsements haven't mattered much and we've seen some very famous high profile endorsements that fell flat. For example Nikki Haley in South Carolina endorsing Marco Rubio only to see a huge victory by Donald Trump bought. It does matter LC in the reason why it matters is not so much. The words of Ted Cruz it's whether or not this party is united because. It is seeks re it's going to be extremely hard for Donald Trump. To win the general election under any circumstances. But especially difficult to be is not able to unite his own side. Needs to unite his own side he needs to appeal to enough independents to win this race and he's not even getting the support. But Ted Cruz that's an indication he may not be getting the support of the followers detectors as they've got a lot of them. Hey John I'm curious right now it's are coming up at bats tend to savage. Your Cleveland what's happening where you are the seems to be a lot of activity he I don't know if you can grounder with the camera that he can points and things out just what is going on around you right now yet. Yes so. No first deployed its to get ready for this show to get under way also like just so happy to be in the Indiana delegation. So this delegations a little fired up because their governor. Is about to be formally nominated as the vice presidential. Nominees so so with the that's what you gotta you know little bit more energy a little bit more activity around here they are fired up. But you know it's. There's a much more anticipation we've got bigger speakers tonight we've got no Newt Gingrich is gonna take the stage in prime time. And Eric trump. Eric trump has received through this campaign brought this convention. The trump children have been the stars and and I am told that Eric trump. -- speech to be different than what we heard from his brother from from Donald Trump but it will be a speech. It is a little bit more emotional. And we'll get into as Eric told George Robin on Good Morning America. We'll get into the why why his father decided. To get into this race of course a lot of people thought he would never do it lot of people thought he was. Tooling around the to get publicity but here as he got then anyone. He guided anyone hey John real quick before we let you go take cruise isn't the only former trump rival we'll hear from. Tonight of course as you know we'll hear from Scott Walker. Governor was Scott's bossier from Marco Rubio the period a person. But Dick give us a preview what you expect we'll hear from both those guys. Well a big prepared for Scott Walker because we that would Scott Walker got out of this race he got out within a just hammering. Donald Trump often when a politician loses a race especially a primary. You get out gradually people that beat you in this case Scott Walker. He got out by warning of the dangers of Donald trawl. Any in game one of that. You know some of the harshest criticism of the campaign back from Scott Walker came as he was dropping out. So I expect we're good to see a more positive message from Scott Walker but if he follows the path of Rick Perry who spoke here was another one of those candidates who got out by warning about the dangers of cultural Rick Perry actually spoke up here. It didn't mention the name stuck the words don't throw. My terms. It. Mercy that at and Marco Rubio is is is it is a little bit strange to be honest and did the whole set up for this. Because at first we thought more rubio was not to address this can match and we were told. He has come into the future well in fact the isn't coming as you mentioned he's he's going to be speaking via satellite he could appear on that screen and what you can look up. But the really big screens up there yet kind of a little bit about of a Big Brother appeal when they do these satellite addresses the you know he'll appear up there and I'm told this is going to be a really short speech where vices in the less than two minutes long. So I don't know what rubio who they at such short thing. But it's very odd that it to have this you are not here person via satellite very short this is a convention like no water. Need. You guys knows I've. I was counting up I've been the convention's first woman's 1992. Just never seen stuff like that happen Democrat while. Content in light snow other in the exit must Jon Karl Jon thank you giving us little in that looked down there on the floor.

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{"duration":"6:49","description":"ABC News' Jon Karl previews day three of the RNC from the convention floor.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"40751537","title":"Jon Karl on Ted Cruz and a Possible Trump Endorsement","url":"/Politics/video/jon-karl-ted-cruz-trump-endorsement-40751537"}