Jorge Ramos Confronts John Boehner

Jorge Ramos travels to DC to confront Speaker John Boehner about why he is blocking immigration reform.
4:22 | 12/18/14

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Transcript for Jorge Ramos Confronts John Boehner
So we came all the way to Washington to try to talk to a speaker Boehner know I've been trying for months now. Try to get an interim regime and he doesn't want to talk to us she studies saying that he's BC or that. He has other priorities and I on the scent but that lived at the scene is that. She's the one block junior Christian reform right now. It was a short ride across town and I knew exactly what I had to do. So we're going to recover when she's right there to try to talk to a speaker Boehner the thousands and thousands of families are being separated. So long. Simonsen. It's nothing he. Okay Maria coming from it's my juices and annoying side yeah yeah yeah. That's great. Moments like to talk to speaker Maynard who you talk to me tell you yeah. Yeah. I don't know enough about what went on sale I had an overweight doesn't want to talk to me anyway yeah wish me luck thank god thinks a much like. She was simple up front row seat I'm that's because we can press conference room. Mr. speaker. We came here to last two why are you blocking immigration reform. It's been almost a year and the senate yes yes you're blocked on that you could bring it to a vote and you haven't he's been it's been almost a year. That's about national immigration reform is an issue that I've talked about. 418 months. A bit of president the president has responsibility here as well emanate continues to ignore. Obama care his own law. 38 unilateral delays. A to implement an immigration law the way we would pass. So the president have to rebuild distrust over ambivalent of those what Obama perhaps to do with with a congressional report. It's the senate passed it on a figure level and you have a more than that I do an interview and are questioning my DOJ and duration and I just gave you an answer is nobody more interest. In fixing this problem alliance and you can deliver the president. With. You president of mister speaker you can do it and you really haven't done. I appreciate your Japan effective. Many are over I'm in a few what's over and we can't get much out. A debate an excellent we hit it reveals. Plus what do the Democrats in this. I just spoke with the speaker Boehner he's not gonna move language he says that he Duff and trough but from Barack Obama. But weren't white you keeping hope alive he can time just to say. Nothing's gonna happen. No immigration reform and I didn't you and you neither one of you to state fluff for tomorrow along with the felt different picture he got deported more than two million people. Hockey have to shorten. Thousands of families why not put the pressure known to what. First of all. We understand but this is done to. Families. And why for start talking about this situation a long time ago. Who wordsworth family unification. Hand. The way to do that once and for all has to pass comprehensive immigration reform. Has we've said here today each one of its. They don't trust the president passed the law. Pass out and make it effective. And beginning in the next presence that's reasonable we have eleven million people are waiting and have been waiting. Quit if Washington march of the way we came with few lobsters. Many quit camp political infighting and me into paying people brought. Before we left the white hopes and borrowings. There is no excuse for a floating when today sergeant abused by. The minute we showed the American people about what you've done. You'll work together to vote coordination tunnel. We do every day that passes it becomes very clear that the time. Now from.

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{"duration":"4:22","description":"Jorge Ramos travels to DC to confront Speaker John Boehner about why he is blocking immigration reform.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"27698236","title":"Jorge Ramos Confronts John Boehner","url":"/Politics/video/jorge-ramos-confronts-john-boehner-27698236"}