Judge Barrett adopts ‘Ginsburg Rule’ to offer ‘no forecasts, no hints’

ABC News’ Devin Dwyer speaks with Linsey Davis about Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s evasive answers at her Senate confirmation hearing and what they could mean.
5:30 | 10/14/20

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Transcript for Judge Barrett adopts ‘Ginsburg Rule’ to offer ‘no forecasts, no hints’
Let's bring in ABC's senior Washington reporter. Devin Dwyer thanks so much for joining us DeVon still and very just answered in response to a question from senator hairs. I can't feel elicit a response from me that would be wrong we've heard the variations. On that answers throughout the day. From the judge do you think is senator Harris has been so far able to move the needle and all. Well she shot and to stardom Lindsay when she was grilling injustice Brecht cap and I have to say watching. I just a little bit of that there it's a lot tougher for senators to hold a nominee speak to the fire when your. Over zoom. But it would its interest in because so much of what we've seen the past 24 hours has been about the 22 point campaign and mrs. A big star moment for Connell a Harris and I suspect we will see some of those exchanges appear in digital it's very soon. And while judge very not to would not say her position Democrats say repeatedly highlighted republicans' own words their platform in the president's tweaks to showcase that they must know her positions on. Several controversial issues take a listen. Want to present trumps. Campaign promises. In trainee fifteen. Was that his judicial appointments. Will do the right thing. Earned. Obamacare. You can see it right here. And in fact judged just one day after you were nominated this is lake few weeks to come. He sat also on Twitter that it would be a big win. If this Supreme Court strikes down. The health law. So. Judge my first pressing do you think we should take the president at his word. When he says his nominee will do the right thing in overturn the Affordable Care Act. Senator Kirby sacked. I can't really speak to let the president has set on Twitter. He hasn't sent any of that to me. DeVon do you get the sense that judge Barrett to be a rubber stamp for Republicans and president trump. I haven T it's safe to say many Republicans certainly the president will love it rubber stamp to justice here but if there's one thing we learned. In the Supreme Court this past term adds that a lot of times these justices are not. Rubber stance of the presidents who point and just take a look at just as new corsets of course put on the court by president trump. He's got voted against the president authored that opinion upholding anti discrimination protections for LG BTQ. Americans and then you had the unanimous opinion of the Supreme Court including. Justice Brent Cavanaugh upholding the subpoenas for president Trump's tax records. In the stated that at New York so it can happen that they can go against this for these presence there is no question though they judge Berry isn't a tough spot here. Today she seemed to make clear that she knew that the president. Has earned the top spot her credibility is on the line she doesn't want to be perceived. As a rubber stamp and that's why we heard her say she would not be upon for president trump she's keeping an open mind on the Affordable Care Act and on same sex marriage as well Lindsey. Of course watching these hearings to be deeply frustrating Devin when them the nominee won't answer questions even generally about such important issues like health care abortion rights we certainly saw that again today. How to judge very compare to other recent nominees on that count. It can be so maddening to watch these things and not hear directly answer judge buried today. Invoked the words of justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg who back in 1993 really set the standard. For how these hearings would go get Ginsburg said at the time that a judge should offer no hints no previews no forecasts of how she might rule and today judge Barrett. Use those words as a shield against some pretty tough questions to glisan. I judge it sworn to decide impartially. I can offer no forecasts. No hits. For that would show. Not only days for god for the specifics of the particular case. It would display disdain. For the entire. Judicial process and. Justice Ginsburg with hair characteristic happiness used in this way this to describe. How a nominee should comport herself at a hearing. No hints no previews no forecasts. That had been the practice of nominees before there. But everybody called that the Ginsburg brought bullet as she stated it so concisely unit and the practice of every nominee since. And the nominees on both sides of the Al certainly have invoked the Ginsburg rule but we should say that today. Judge Baird Dicks took a break from precedent set by die justice Ginsburg on a couple of counts. One involving the issue of abortion justice. Ginsburg was quite on ambiguous about her position on abortion back in 1993 she was open with the committee she said she supported abortion rights today as we saw judge Barrett. Danced around that issue she deflected despite her pretty clear paper trail of where she stands opposing abortion she was also asked about president trumps. Push to potentially. Change the date of the torn each morning election something that is set in stone very clearly in the constitution says congress. Sets the date of the election judge Barrett wouldn't even go there and back that up Lindsay so. Certainly another maddening day daily average you're trying to look for some direct answers in these here it's and the dodge ball game continues Devin Dwyer thank you so much. Thanks for Vick.

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{"duration":"5:30","description":"ABC News’ Devin Dwyer speaks with Linsey Davis about Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s evasive answers at her Senate confirmation hearing and what they could mean.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"73598197","title":"Judge Barrett adopts ‘Ginsburg Rule’ to offer ‘no forecasts, no hints’","url":"/Politics/video/judge-barrett-adopts-ginsburg-rule-offer-forecasts-hints-73598197"}