Kaine, Pence Debate the Presidential Candidates' Plans to Defeat ISIS

Sen. Tim Kaine and Gov. Mike Pence differ on how best to tackle homegrown and foreign terrorism.
11:56 | 10/05/16

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Transcript for Kaine, Pence Debate the Presidential Candidates' Plans to Defeat ISIS
Do you think the world today is a safer or more dangerous place than it was eight years ago. Has been terrorist threat increased or decreased. Senator Kay. The terrorist threat has decreased in some ways because I'm rod in this Staten the terrorist threat has decreased in some ways because on Iran in nuclear weapons program has been stopped. The terrorist threat to United States troops has been decreased in some ways because there's not a 175000. In a dangerous part of the world there's only 151000. But there are other parts of the world that are challenging. One and scientists to beat terrorism there's only one candidate who can do it and it's Hillary Clinton. Remember Hillary Clinton was the senator from New York. I'm 9/11 she was there at the World Trade Center when they were still searching for victims and survivors that seared onto her. The need to be terrorists. And she's got a plan to do it. She was part of a national security team that wiped out bin Laden. Here's her plan to defeat at arsenal first we gotta keep taking up their leaders on the battlefield she was part of the team that. Gotten a lot and she'll lead the team that we'll get album art problem I dotting the had a crisis sac we got to disrupt the financing networks third disrupt their ability to recruit on that. On the Internet and they're safe havens but. But fourth we also have to work with allies to share and surge intelligence that's the Hillary Clinton plan she's got the experience to do it. Donald Trump. Donald Trump can't start a Twitter war with miss universe without shooting himself in the foot. Donald Trump does have a plan he said. I have a secret plan and then he said. Com I don't more than all the generals about myself and many sad I'm gonna call the generals tell me figure out a planned and finally he said. I'm gonna fire all the generals you don't have a plan but he does have dangerous ideas here sport. He trash talks the military the military is a disaster John McCain's no hero the generals need ought to be fired and I know more than them. He wants to terra alliances NATO is obsolete and will only work together with Israel a state hate big league. Certainly loves dictators. He's got kind of a personal mount Rushmore I'm here couldn't Jim Johnny moon Moammar Gadhafi a couple Sodom Hussein can't last and most dangerously. Donald Trump bullies. Donald Trump believes. But the world will be safer if more nations have nuclear weapons he said Saudi Arabia should get on Japan should get on Korea should get a and he when he was confronted with best and told wait a minute terrorists could get bounced proliferation could lead to nuclear war here's what Donald trapped sad and I quote. Go ahead folks enjoying yourselves I want to hear governor pants tell me what so enjoyable are comical about nuclear war. Governor passed. Did you work on that one a long time does that have a lot of really creative lines and a far if you can look at it any other. Network card to defend I think I can I can make very clear to the American people. After traveling millions of miles our secretary of state after being an architect of the foreign policy of this administration. America is less safe today than it was. The did a Barack Obama became president of the United States it's absolutely an arguable. Now we've weakened America's place in the world it's been a combination of factors but mostly it's been a lack of leadership. We aren't I will give the and I aren't our I was in Washington DC on on nine elevenths. I saw the clouds of smoke rise from the pennant I was in Virginia for the Pentagon's I know you were written we all live through that day as a nation it's heartbreaking. And I I want to give this president credit for bringing up. Osama bin Laden. To justice. But the truth is Osama bin Laden would al-Qaeda. A primary threat today is nice it's. And because Hillary Clinton failed to renegotiate a status of forces agreement. That would have allowed. Some American combat troops to remain in Iraq and secure the hard fought gains the American soldier have one. By 20109. Ice this was able to be literally conjured up out of the desert his overrun vast areas that that the American soldier hadn't won in Operation Iraqi Freedom my heart breaks. For the likes of Lance corporal Scott some basking. He fell in collusion 2005. She fought hard. Through some of the most difficult days in Operation Iraqi Freedom. And paying the ultimate sacrifice. To defend our freedom and secure that nation and that nation was secured in 2009. But because Hillary Clinton. And Barack Obama. Failed to provide a status of forces agreement and leave sufficient troops in there we are back at war the president has just ordered more troops on the ground. We are bracket war in Iraq and danced and Scotts a basket whose mom would always come a Memorial Day. Events in New Castle Indiana deceive me and I always give her arm and teller we're never gonna forget her son and we never will. The Scots who bask in the sacrifices the American soldier made were squandered in Iraq. Because this administration create a vacuum in which crisis was able to grow and a reference to uranium deal uranium deal that Hillary Clinton initiated. A 150 billion dollars. Stopping another round of wet ball scramble in our hiring a shot you didn't stop the nuclear west wing program. You use even the Israeli military says here on TV that Iran will someday become a nuclear power because there's no limitations. Once the period of time of the treaty comes off. Governor of pence mr. trump has proposed extreme vetting of immigrants from parts of the world that export terrorism. But that does not address many of the recent terrorist attacks in the United States. Such as the Orlando nightclub massacre and the recent bombings in new York and New Jersey. Those were homegrown. Can be aided by US citizens and legal residents what specific tools would you use to prevent those kinds of attacks. Why I think it's if I think it's a great question aligned. But it really does begin with thus reforming our immigration system and putting the interest particularly his safety and security the American people first. Mean Donald Trump is as called for extreme vetting for people coming in. But to this country so that we do we don't bring people into the United States who were who were hostile. To our bill of rights freedoms for action the American way of life but also. Donald Trump and are committed to suspending. The Syrian refugee program and end programs and immigration from areas of the world that have been compromised by terrorism Hillary Clinton intend came want to increase the Syrian refugee program by 500 I'll I watched. I don't ground tests so but but first you know let's let's let's make sure we're putting the safety and security the American people first and sort of Hillary Clinton expanding the short. Lauren senate for a trial lighting the constitution but. By blocking people based on their national origin rather than whether they're dangerous and it's not that's absolutely fall that's what the seventh circuit decided just here's a different sort and certainly we have different views on them on refugee issues. Stand on immigration. Hillary and I want to do enforcement based on our people dangerous. These guys say all Mexicans are bad and whatever scraps and wood with respect to refugees. We want to keep people out if they're dangerous. Donald Trump said keep them out if their months long. Mike Pence for a program in place to keep them out of there from Syria. And yesterday an appellate court with three Republican judges struck down pence plan right and said it was discriminatory those gestures photos W I. Danger those not a Sonos. Croatian government to your point those judges said its was because there wasn't any evidence yet. That. That. That ices had infiltrated the United States will Germany just arrested three Syrian refugees. Aren't aren't necessary price as a technology there's a right way in Iraq the way to have a look at the state if you're going to be critical of me on that that's that's fair game I will tell you. After two Syrian refugees were involved. In the attack in Paris that is called paris' nine elevenths. As governor of the state of Indiana I have no higher priority than safety and security the people my state. I got a uniter I suspended their program governor pat I stand by that decision and if I'm vice president of the United States or Donald Trump is president we're going to put the Canadian security leisure and he can't just be clear if Hillary and I will do immigration enforcement. And will that refugees based on whether they're dangerous or not we won't do it based on discriminating against you from the country you come from or the religion but the problem with that is completely anti SATA home overlooks the Jefferson are your values of life on the director of the FBI or Homeland Security said we can't know for certain who these people are coming from Syria and Syria we don't let them know we don't let him and so is that did the normally don't they are we don't Letterman did the FBI and Homeland Security said we can't know for certain you've got to err on the side of the safety and security the American people senator I underside trashing -- safe area where Art Torres. All of us fans. During cardiac program secretary Hurd and his eyes not your American been intelligence surged yes what exactly would an intelligence surge look like and how would that help identifying terrorists with no operational connection you'll find chairs. Organization intelligence searches to signs point it's two things its first dramatically expanding our intelligence capacities. Are hiring great professionals but also. We've got some of the best Intel and cyber. Employees in the world right here in the United States working for many of our private sector companies so it involves increase turn around workforce but striking great partnerships with some of our cyber and Intel experts in the private sector. So that we can consistent with constitutional principles gather more intelligence. But the second piece of this is really really important. It also means creating stronger alliances. Because you gather intelligence and then you share your intelligence back and forth with allies and that's how you find out who may be trying to recruit. Who may be trying to come from one country has in the next alliances are critical that's why Donald Trump's claim that he wants need that NATO is obsolete. And we need Dick get rid NATO is so dangerous because planting well he said NATO it's obsolete. And luck if you put aside push a shot your alliances we gonna share intelligence with. Hillary Clinton as a secretary of state. Who knows how to build alliances she dumped the sanctions regime around the world that stopped Iranian nuclear weapons program and that's what ends Howard Stern's means. Better skill and capacity but also better align. I don't like it turned out to the tragedy in Syria. 200 nationally about the silent cyber security surgical you can you can have thirty seconds governor quickly irons aren't. Our solar. First a Donald Trump just spoke about this issue this week we've we have got to bring together the best resources this country to understand that. The cyber warfare is she's a new warfare. That a symmetrical enemies that we face in this country and and I look forward if I'm provision be in this role of working with you in the senate to make sure that we resource that effort. We already have got to whatever Rawls Manhattan we have an intelligence serve but I art what I will also tell you that. It's important in this moment to remember that Hillary Clinton. Had a private server in her home that had classified information iconic artist about drone strikes. Emails from the president of the United States of America were on their pursche private server was subject. Prominent hacker vice I like her are you about Syria put up we could put cyber out your daughters no we just makes children ex secretary say they know how investigation concluded. That not one reasonable prosecutor would take any additional staff you don't get to decide. That rights and wrongs as best we have a justice this is not does that. And I Republican FBI director did an investigation concluded are we are moving on last few hundred viewers saw a compromise on handlebars I don't fraction of rental element that you aren't rushing. That is absolutely false and you know absolutely you know governor got its careless and went ahead Jeremy FBI did that did an investigation amen. And they concluded that there was an hour we're reasonable prosecutor would take difference.

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