Kamala Harris drops out of 2020 race

The California senator suspended her bid for president in the crowded Democratic race.
9:56 | 12/03/19

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Transcript for Kamala Harris drops out of 2020 race
Senator Kabul Harris of California. Who had skyrocketed to the top of the democratic presidential field but struggled to maintain momentum. Is calling it quits she cited a lack of finances. As the primary reason for her decision. And a short time ago she tweeted this videotapes or her supporters explaining her decision to bow out. My campaign for president simply does not have that financial resources to continue and the financial resources we need to contain. I'm not a billionaire I can't fund my campaign and as the campaign has gone on it is become harder and harder to raise the money we need to compete. In good faith I cannot tell you my supporters and volunteers. That I have the path forward if I don't believe I do. All right let's bring in our political and then reporters who have been covering. The Harris campaign from the start or mono Garcia and missourian shot join us now live. Israel is sure with you how much of the surprise. Was this announcement from senator Harris coming today. You know what it why and it wasn't still in the last few weeks she is laid off a lot of staff. She is closed down offices in New Hampshire there's been reports of severe turmoil when in her top up or staff. But remember it this was a candidate who has the biggest launch 20000. People back in January in Oakland. She came out so strong in that first debate she would sky rocketed in those polls are so much hope around her. So there was that. Bless surprised a lot of just disbelief as well this morning and in some of her top. Others were surprised she was dropping out on her super pac just bought a lot of ads in the last day. Is still a combination of both really that in. And she hid and really thanked her campaign on Iowa she had moved there she has spent a lot of time there is she told us. Your on ABC news live a couple weeks ago are Mundo it is a remarkable slide when you look back at the poll numbers. For her from the beginning of the campaign and then there was this damning report and the New York Times over the weekend which. Laid out how her campaign basically unraveled from within. That's right DeVon and as much as that in fighting was reported out this was the big surprise I'm hearing from. Some sources that some of the fuel organizers out there on the streets campaigning for her. Were actually actively scouting out places for her to campaign in January and also planning a big list of fund raisers back. I DeVon over the past few weeks you know on the campaign trail. Cynical hairs have try to paint herself as a person that can go toe to toe with president trump issued hone in on her skilled prosecutor. First of the DA in San Francisco and then later as attorney general in California. You know in her own words she was the person that was best. Poised to prosecute the case against Donald Trump. Often saying that he was a walking indictment in a red tide. Same issue is working with a long rap sheet but at DeVon she just could not regain that momentum that she got after their first debate performance. Where should choose where she challenged. Former vice president Joseph Biden on his former stances on busing policies. It was a re can attest to this but over the past few weeks we've seen mingling numbers are campaigns that would actually have to rearrange some of the scene. I heard Benson and it would look like it was. Bigger crowds if you are say seeing it safe through a photo or. A video but I did want to highlight just this touching moment from the campaign Joseph just a few days ago. I she was up Corinthian gardens and this is a senior housing facility that back in 2007 and 2008. She said she had a link to conversation with an elderly African American woman there she was campaigning for then senator Barack Obama and she said that the woman just. Could not believe. That in African American president. Could indeed become president and live in the White House now after that lengthy conversations he said that. Yes with caucusing for the future. President. That woman right there so you know this is one of the thing that drove her campaign she wanted to make the impossible possible she wanted to be the first female president of the United States. Ramona Garcia thinks her reporting incentives are running down they must go ahead drilling you're still there. Before that and if you're still there so one thinks BC news just learned in the last hour is how Connolly Harris told her staff. That she was not going to be campaigning for the she was dropping out of the race. The call came in around 1245. Was a big conference call with staff dialing in from all around the country. And this is something that. So far Sweeney only ABC news has. But she basically said she's dropped and she says she can suspend her campaign today she says she thought about over Thanksgiving weekend with her family's you know her family was with her all weekend. She said this was the most difficult decision up her life but she does Jason Brown a money to be viable. She says that throughout the next couple weeks he'll be talking about how to support the staff. She knows a lot and studies need to be paid but she wanted to know just directly. She went and hear directly from hurried just how much he cares about them in with the lengthy call several minutes where she spoke to her staff. IG says should be coming to Iowa new Nevada. California. I'd speaks we say good night L. Are entering shot thanks so much for that and to Armando Garcia as well we're joined on the phone now. By Hillary Clinton's former national political director also the president of emerged. America. A man director -- joins us now Amanda. Your someone who has been out there on the campaign trail you know come on Harris give us your reaction to the news and werder we're supporters go now. You know I think it it was. As it felt that before book but the private not a surprise campaigns are hard to. And this the moment everybody always talks about the fact that Thanksgiving for candidates for the campaign. It really a moment where people step back for the big. Journey ahead. And it would not too surprising that it in this forum that she spent time thinking about things with their family it's not surprising some of the conversation that were happening before handled it. That cut that they have had to endure. You know. This really is that make or break or are you going all in all the way to Iowa or not and Thanksgiving and every presidential year showed. Thanksgiving is a key moment in that period and that process. Weren't aware of her her folks go it'll really be interesting you know I think there is it's a kind of be split across the board. Because she came out so early and with the lead at the very very beginning you saw a lot of California endorsements come our way you've got a lot. Newer thirty new electorate leaders stepped into her very very early on. I think it is gonna put a lot of different people out there are now looking at the field at a new time seen many of these candidates move in different places. I do you think you know they'll be done in considering that there is one of few one woman fewer. Female odd and that rate I think senator Warren will make the real world we'll make it okay. Out there but we're gonna be held at the governorship up in the next couple of days really. It's an exciting experts I almost I think two months to the day at him before those caucuses begin Amanda rectory or appreciate your expertise and perspective. As always back here to the gang John. So where does this field go from here or should we expect more candidates to follow Connell harris' leave it seems like this. Feel secure it's going down a couple labs a couple. I think unless you're billionaires probably knock and had a couple more but yes I think you're gonna see. A lot of people realizing they either don't have the money they're not getting on the next debate stage where they're just not pulling high enough to have any impact their supporters will. Dwindle they'll have you know ten people. At a town hall in. At that point you have to really just decide is it worth it to go forward as a worth it to spend millions of dollars. Raise the millions of dollars and travel it is exhausting out there to do the good thing. I think you always found about senator Harris she was smiling and happy. Every step of the way we haven't seen her in the senate and through her at 3 AM on votes I've seen her early in the morning going into. Intelligence committee's hearings she is happy she is excited. Should she will be a player in the Democratic Party in this election and future class size or endorsement once NASA's that is actually a sort after endorsement right now. Yeah as well and Mary else. In this ever in this these sort of shake ups are sort of taking stock moments. Them for the new candidates in the race is what she thought she cited Mike Bloomberg. As one reason why she got out rank. Owners say that she just didn't have the money she's not a billionaire Jeff can't sell funds her campaign but of course her numbers have been slipping weeks before Mayor Bloomberg dot in the race. You know I think she struggled to paint. A national picture she struggled to explain exactly what hairs presidency would look like it sort of stood for everything in the Democratic Party and standing for everything means you kind of don't stand for anything at all if anything I think there's a moment where received voters really rewarding those candidates stand for something in particular. We've seen that was more NN and Bernie Sanders lasting power the two of them meeting were. Were not as likely at this point a year ago people are so. If you own party had these high expectations for someone like senator Harris and now your leader voters are saying they want someone who really knows exactly what they stand for and exactly what. And real quickly she was also sort of a moderate on the moderate side in this field does this tell us anything about the democratic voters appetite. For a moderate you think Jonathan how I think there's a lot of appetite mean if you consider mayor Pete. Vice President Biden. Mayor Bloomberg moderates he. Who pushed out of the numbers in the polling there are so there's a lot of appetite from moderates in the party I think there's a lot of appetite for because they a lot of democratic voters no thoughts of a person who's going to be Donald Trump. And that's the number one priority for almost every single Democrat out there and sure as the sprint to Iowa guys great tenor John great to have you and your debut here now sparks thanks as always for joining us.

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