Kamala Harris talks abuse of power post-Democratic debate

Presidential candidate Kamala Harris addresses the skepticism Democratic voters feel about the impeachment of President Donald Trump.
5:09 | 11/21/19

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Transcript for Kamala Harris talks abuse of power post-Democratic debate
Senator compact Harrison California senator it's great to come eight since high budget deal out there tonight. And what you had prime and the most. Electric moments fireworks really between EU and Ana California congresswoman please let remorse from seeing it seemed like you're. Ready for that moment yet you're talking points right. California congresswoman polite on middle the hour. Listen night I am a lifelong Democrat and there have been some the attacks that have been leveled against the Democratic Party that I felt the need to. To defend it the legitimacy and the importance of the party and and the state and the issues that we stand for and that's what it it's cheating party loyalty is a prerequisite. Well know what it is is loyalty to the issues that are most important to the people who wouldn't it be deserving need to have a voice. And so when I'm talking about issues like economic justice I'm talking about justice for immigrants when I'm talking about the need. To fight for equality. And equal pay for women these are fundamental issues that that I stand foreign I believe that. Packed party stance who spent the past few days are talking to voters in the Atlantic community Hun Ebenezer Baptist. At traits on and an aunt and great city and a lot of people who support removing president trump. Also helps with some skepticism. Of this impeachment process worried that it ended the game. What's it really gonna change. Why spend all this money if in their view. The senate can't actually remove president from what he seemed skeptical Democrats who say why not move on to education and move on to. Funding roads and bridges deal with the real business of the people. Rather than spent all of this time impeaching someone that we could vote out in. Under a year we need to do. All of those things and we need to be evident walk and chew gum at the same time. There is no question that we need to deal with the fact that almost half of American families can't afford a 400 dollar unexpected expense that's why I am running for president. To address that by putting in place will be the most significant middle class tax that we've had in generations. There's no question that teachers around the country are working to and three Johns and we need to close the teacher pay gap I'm running for president to put in place what will be the first federal investment. In closing the teacher pay cap which is thirteen 1500 dollars a year. There's no question that we need to address. The issue of of gun violence in America which is terrorizing our kids are kids who could care less who their parents voted on the last election. I'm running for president to say we need to have reasonable gun safety laws including interest background checks and renal of the assault weapons ban. These are fundamental important issues it is also important that we fight for the integrity of our democracy. And the framers in their brilliance the founders of our nation. Says that there should be checks and balances built in so when anyone branch of government abuses their power. Another branch of government will will hold it accountable and make sure that there's a check and balance Simon. That's what's happening during the in which cannot say have you seen enough to call it high crimes and misdemeanors would you use that terminology bliss and I I think that there is no question based on everything that has occurred in plain sight there's been a confession there's been an attempt to cover it up. Today the the his testimony if ambassador silent who. Quoting him said that. That they were Manning in that in the loop. With points to the fact that there's a criminal enterprise. And that it involves the president the vice president the secretary of state and the chief of staff to the president. And their days to be accountability consequence as I said tonight on the debate stage. When somebody who works two jobs and doesn't pay their credit card bills. They get a penalty. When somebody who was working two jobs and doesn't pay their rent they get evicted. Everybody else in America has to pay a consequence. Well it shouldn't be that we have two systems in America which is the most powerful things they can get away. With misconduct. Meanwhile everybody else says the paper it's just wrong it's and it's fundamentally a system of justice sent out in a matter of justice and Democrat hasn't talked about having to go quickly in this process to get it done before the holidays. To keep. Yet he's about momentum but also the impact on it my campaign if it is so serious should Democrats be trying to move quickly to not impact the campaign. And I think that it should take whatever time it needs to do the work of justice. Even if that means it butts up against Seattle caucus well that might. Be what it means but I I absolutely would always fight for the integrity of the process as important as too much at stake last Christina spent a lot of time I have at camp that there what's the best part about living in. Well I'm racially wrote Diana haven't completely moved to annihilate you know I love the people. Hardworking folks do when they show up at a town they have the amount of many other things that could be doing and then there is it love our country. And they are in it checked out and ask questions and challenge its. I loved you know people who just like. Real talk you know and and get down to the nitty gritty I love that kind of conversation in air action's Pamela Harris of California so much for coming happy Thanksgiving. I happening and listening.

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{"duration":"5:09","description":"Presidential candidate Kamala Harris addresses the skepticism Democratic voters feel about the impeachment of President Donald Trump.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"67188974","title":"Kamala Harris talks abuse of power post-Democratic debate","url":"/Politics/video/kamala-harris-talks-abuse-power-post-democratic-debate-67188974"}