How will Kamala Harris VP selection impact Biden campaign?

ABC News' White House correspondent, Rachel Scott, and ABC News' political director, Rick Klein, discuss Joe Biden’s selection and what Kamala Harris will bring to the campaign.
6:22 | 08/12/20

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Transcript for How will Kamala Harris VP selection impact Biden campaign?
The daughter of immigrants or death from Jamaica her mother from India copilot Harris is a ground breaker and has been making history well before this moment. Com Harris was born in Oakland California in October of 1964. The daughter of immigrants or dad from Jamaica her mother from India. It was her mother who she credits for her determination. Other analysts spears in her police that you will be judged based on your actions not your words. Are also initiative qualified feet tall. Hamid but if you ever letter U at happy that she was seven to ten feet tall. Growing up with her younger sister Maya Harris was bused across Berkeley California for school in the 1960s. She graduated from Howard university and the University of California. And at 55 she's no stranger to making history. She was the first African American woman to be elected district attorney in San Francisco and the first woman to serve as California's attorney general take this off. Is she became a senator or in 2016. Known for her prosecutorial style it's senate hearings today she's also the first black woman the first Asian American woman. On a presidential ticket. And let's go now live to Rachel Scott who's outside of Harrison's home in Washington so set the scene for us Rachel what's at their like right now. When they less than a friend be any anticipation that is have been building for hours it had with the same. Put so many people turning outrage here at her apartment just take a look you can see that TV crews the still photographers who have some voters now that have come out in the hours following. Has announced a we've actually seen the Crowell growl hour after hour following. A Biden's announcement that senator Harris is going to be his running mate and you know I had an opportunity to talk with some of the people that are gathered. Out here and so many of them actually do to support senator here is in the democratic primary. They didn't even support by. I didn't either but they see this moment right seen as a representation. On the ticket having this ticket wracked with plaques and represented. The diversity of America especially right now in this national reckoning on race is just so. In point Lindsay so perhaps energizing the base just as a budding campaign is hoping for you also cover the trump campaign what are we hearing from the president and his campaign on Harris this election. Yeah I want a president I responded today himself calling senator Harrison mean nasty and disrespectful but you know what's interesting here is that president trump actually I don't think it's a senator Harris is. I campaign and still tonight canteen officials. Are saying that kind of and the racism argument there vice president Mike Pence all respondents in the news welcoming her into the race but saying that he's looking toward. To that big debate but you know and talking at some campaign officials. For weeks leading up to this announcement they weren't ready for this as well they had ads ready to go there are already out on senator here is. But regardless they told me their strategy was clear regardless of who Biden takes. They're going to painted VP nominee as a what parts of the last as someone radical version of the of the party even if Biden's policies and even senator here is his policies haven't moved in that direction Lindsay. Thanks so much for racial and more analysis we're joined now by ABC news political director Rick Klein. So rig at Harris is seen as a favorite for this election at what makes her such a formidable pet. Full Lindsay should be able club the obvious choice but she wasn't the inevitable choice and how she acquitted herself. During this process I think is instructive look Kabul Harris is tough. She is dedicated she came up through the though the ranks of book cutthroat politics in California. And of course now serving as a senator for that state and she ran for president already so a lot of the bidding happened and on the national stage she was tested she had those testy debate moments with. With with Joseph Biden himself and I think critically she understands what the media scrutiny looks like and she understands what Donald Trump is going to come to bring to our. And Rachel course discuss that attack gathered to trump campaign has already put out what are some of the weaknesses of their name try to exploit in how likely are there attacks. To stick. The other look at that the big moment they're gonna look at lots of moments like that they're also going to try to painter is a far left progressive someone that would be a vehicle. Bob for for them inviting Joseph Biden and into into the White House to bring a bunch of us crazy liberal ideas and their view but I'll tell you she is not the number one draft pick of the Republican side despite what president trump said of course as is Rachel mentioned that the fact that president trump himself was giving money. To Kabul Harris even into Barack Obama's second term is something that continues and and frankly a lot of the other when an analyst would have been easier to do to pigeonhole. They Kabul Harris she is a lot more moderate. In some of the other people that will be under consideration and I think she's a lot more formidable as a presence on the campaign trial. And senator Elizabeth Warren she's treated her reaction saying she can't wait to see Kabul Harris on the debate stage would vice president Mike Pence. Alias where vice presidential pick it can make their biggest mark so so what does Harris bring to the debate table. She brings a lifetime of experience and of course the spotlight of those dozen or so presidential debates issues going toe to toe. With Joseph Biden among others and we'd seen her in moments like the Brett Cavanaugh hearings where she is been a lightning rod for a lot of critiques from the right. And so when that brought the argument directly that prosecutors mind. Yeah I think she's very much looking forward to the ability to go toe to toe with Mike Pence she believes a lot very strongly what she has to say is she's lived so many of the issues that are now at the forefront of the American debate. And finally this has been a long selection process for the convention starting up just next week so whats to come. Out of this is as far as Biden's decision making process and and how his campaign and and the party or are running the so far. Yet so interesting Lindsay because this was a relatively bleak free operation almost almost without any drama. On behalf of the Biden team in the fact they receive able to keep this is disciplined. As button down as they did that the vice president was able to meet these deliberations outside of the public eye mostly a lot of Democrats. Feel like that says something very positive. About Joseph Biden I even if you landed where a lot of folks thought he'd get all along he got a lot out of the process as well because you have a whole army. All of a new generation of progressive leaders on many of them to verse four now national ways people like Karen bass and valve Manning's Tammy Duckworth through a lot better known on the national stage. Almost exclusively as a result of this beef states. Rick Klein thanks so much for your insight is always.

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{"duration":"6:22","description":"ABC News' White House correspondent, Rachel Scott, and ABC News' political director, Rick Klein, discuss Joe Biden’s selection and what Kamala Harris will bring to the campaign.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"72316087","title":"How will Kamala Harris VP selection impact Biden campaign?","url":"/Politics/video/kamala-harris-vp-selection-impact-biden-campaign-72316087"}