Kellyanne Conway, Newt Gingrich Make Appearances in Trump Tower Lobby

ABC News' Charli James is in the lobby of Trump Tower, where Kellyanne Conway and Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich appear.
12:16 | 11/21/16

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Transcript for Kellyanne Conway, Newt Gingrich Make Appearances in Trump Tower Lobby
Kelly Jennings ABC news digital we are now inside the trump tower here in New York avenue and student. Kellyanne Conway who was Donald Trump's campaign manager now part of that transition team. Which is going on. There's meetings and everything going on here at trump tower she just came down and is currently talking with another network management. Jumped in and grabbed her if we can but you can see the scene here. A little different then prior to the election Whitney's Secret Service and security here. Breasts. Look area crosses from the elevators for people are coming in an out meetings. With president elect to trump as wells a lot of people standing around taking pictures. Actually Kellyanne Connolly was taking southeast with people earlier today hailing we saw her come on. And we're gonna see we can grab her and get an update on how the transition and all these meetings. And contenders. Meetings with contenders for cabinet appointments aren't going so. We'll show you a little bit of the scene going on here. See a lot of we have not only the Secret Service and also trumps privacy. Security and Mikey Dee as well as fire marshal's that there are. Teams from all different parts of the New York City as well as Secret Service. Security teens. A lot. Official. People here as well as depressed as well as struck steam coming as well as all the tourists because it is still. A public space as well it definitely a lot of action going on camera in a few weekend. Grabbed telling on cannot come Lang. But so yes they have things are a little different people's bags are all being searched now when they come inside tourists still come in they can. Still the that the gift shop that you still that was our bags but you can still and go to the restaurant here but their bags are being searched. Ends. They are trying to keep people moving along the little that although. A lot of people are spending that amount of time just hanging out and watching the elevators. Waiting to see if anyone we'll come down. All right apparently came back here in trapped now are. We have been pushed into these stressful hearing could see the red velvet rope that is. Separating. The press here from the general public outside. We just Kellyanne Conway campaign manager now part of the trump. Transition team. Come up. We are awaiting potentially some other people he's been having meetings went a number of officials today including. Former Texas governor Rick Perry. Democrat. Albert as well so it's been a fit another busy day however no new. Big announcements yes or any. Potential nominees. But we can show you a little Bentley were thinking that former speaker of the house Newt Gingrich will be coming again. Sitting on security here pushing people down down down down out of the way your mom. Do you think you'd think photograph says. People. It's been an ongoing. Battled and keep them the press pool free of tour hits since. That we can Slinger on and show at the area. And on the apple. And they appeared to be clearing a spot now. Or. Speaker Gingrich to come through so hopefully. We will be able to catch him as well in the letter cameraman. Get a good spot here but also tourists still continue to come thirty year as they've said before this as a public. Stays there a number of businesses in trump tower or south. Despite also being the headquarters move the president elect and his condition. That there are still. Torres. Coming through here. All day long. And you know it's become a bit of a tourist attraction they also want to try to catch a glimpse of members of his team work. Government officials coming in for meetings. And if you can't make it to you work yourself to come and check out. Seen here trump tower. We have a lobby cam 24/7. Is dying. On So it anytime day or night you are able to log on and check out the scene here. It is. In the same breast area that we are now constantly watching these elevators as people come in and out of the building. So anything that you would see it yourself. Karen trump tower you'll also see on that lobby cam. And security and members of the media trying to corral the public act a little bit so that they can get a clear shot at people. And potentially. Speaker Gingrich coming through. Lobby here momentarily. The union areas along with his wife Callista. The exact. Okay. I. Yeah. Those figured Anchorage. With his wife Callista Byrd knocked me dancing shouted requests and not answering questions. Crass. And are acting a little bit with some of the onlookers here. Heading up. Do we assume meet rent. President elect Tom. So that's just a little bit of the scene that is happening daily here in trump tower went. Government officials. Supporters. Or former Agnes there is. Filling up to meet with president elect from coming through the lobby here sometimes they interactive press sometimes they Jones. But we the press and look camera Bobby cam is always here to catch. Them and try to. Shouts of questions out. And you could hear some. Members of the public them tourists here. Also. Think I'd neck. Right here tourists stared yes I am ready to come from California and like you wanna come down here to turn to our. Well we're actually going on tour right now we were just walking Bryant is still in there. Are you surprised they can hang out in the area I'm very surprised that they did screen us. And well I guess also maybe a surprise to see someone like commerce Peter Gingrich was blocking ads. Does. Pretty well. I slope. Who would be like here they obviously. Mr. trump would be a huge president elect trump would be a huge getting would you want to see amounts to you are waiting right now. His daughter and daughter have. I think she's. Pre Smart girl very popular navigator and a member of the -- land also you know was there advising him has been in meetings with. With some leaders as well. Those pictures that the Japanese prime minister. And now the scene becomes again when it has then or. Now two weeks. People later it looks like hope they are setting up new velvet ropes for the public you can see. I believe that's the Secret Service now are rallying. The tourists behind ropes as well. So if you want to you can walk through is easy but if you want to stand and and stand and stare stand and watch that have to be behind them grow. It's definitely a bit of a juggling act here or. He and Mikey T the fire marshals the Secret Service and the private talks security. All four of those groups here Manning different parts of this operation and and trying to keep everything in line. Okay. There are now moving all of the tourists are standing here over on the other side. And so that is the scene here and trump tower from the press area. Behind this other opening up Nauman of the tourists behind the velvet rope as well. I'm so and we expect this. To see this scene through the inauguration and it president elect trump has been here he's also been. Working out of his golf course in New Jersey and we expect him to be in Florida for the Thanksgiving holiday. But this is absent now the headquarters. And this is what it's going to look like or in the next couple of months until the inauguration. If you wanna check out anytime day or night we have the Tony for our camera. He didn't trump lobby cam on You can always check that out I'm Charlie James thanks for things little. Tour with us stick with ABC. For all of your trunk transition news season.

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{"duration":"12:16","description":"ABC News' Charli James is in the lobby of Trump Tower, where Kellyanne Conway and Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich appear.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"43701797","title":"Kellyanne Conway, Newt Gingrich Make Appearances in Trump Tower Lobby","url":"/Politics/video/kellyanne-conway-newt-gingrich-make-appearances-trump-tower-43701797"}