Ken Cuccinelli Concedes Defeat in Virginia Governor's Race

Candidate on the importance of the position: "Serving as governor of Virginia is a special honor."
3:00 | 11/05/13

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Transcript for Ken Cuccinelli Concedes Defeat in Virginia Governor's Race
Thank you all very much. Though I'm obviously disappointed by tonight's outcome and I know you are too. Am immensely proud of the campaign we ran. We were. We were very heavily outspent. But I'm proud that we ran on first principals. And serious ideas based on those principles. We fought for the principles. That -- first articulated for the whole world by Virginians. And this is no ordinary governorship. This is the -- first occupied by Patrick Henry. And Thomas Jefferson -- thought that every time I considered -- -- found very humbling. Serving as governor of Virginia is a special honor and -- Terry McAuliffe the successful in the role. Virginia needs that to happen. I'm honored by the support we had for many people across the commonwealth. And though we didn't come out on top you have made a difference. And tonight you have sends a message. You have sent a message tonight. I've spent my life. Fighting for Virginians. And I'm grateful to all of you who fought for me. And there are literally thousands of -- all over Virginia. We sat. We said this race. Was a referendum -- on obamacare and although I lost. Tonight you send a message to the president of the United States. At Virginia understands that Obama care is a failure. And that you want to be in charge of your health care and not the government. Okay. At last count I was aware that despite being outspent by an unprecedented. Fifteen million dollars. This race came down to the wire because of obamacare. Let me say that again. Despite being outspent by an unprecedented. Fifteen million dollars. This race came down to the wire. Because of Obama care. That message will go out across America the night. This administration. Told us that Virginians could keep their health insurance. And their doctors and their their costs wouldn't rise under obamacare. But that was not true. And a new it wasn't true we were lied to by our own government. In -- in its effort. To restrict our liberty. I'm grateful. -- I am grateful to god. For getting me through this race. And you can tell by my voice that not all of me got all the way through the race. But I'd like to recognize also the members of multifamily and many here friends here tonight. This is then. A long journey for my family. And I don't mean this race. I mean the whole battle. The battle it. Ozone. I'm grateful to my family. And our friends our many friends many new friends that you -- can find. Some in the most unlikely of places. All across Virginia. That support. Has gotten us through that support has gotten us -- I hope you all know. How much I appreciate each and every one of you. I see a lot of people hear from the attorney general's office and of course I have a special place in my heart for those folks that I have. Worked with on behalf of Virginia for four years they have sacrificed much to work on your behalf. And only half of all Virginians. But I want to thank hero. For sharing. One more example that -- -- -- But without her love and support I could have made it through this campaign or any of the four previous ones. As I've told many of you many times she works a lot harder than I do. You know I know it when I say we home school. I'm the dean of students. But she carries her load -- half -- mind and has for a dozen years. So that we could fight for the first principles that we share. On behalf of all of you. I've always said that the worst thing that happens to me. In any election. Is that I lose and get the more spend more time at home. I like going. And I'm looking forward to spending more time -- hero in these wonderful children here. My parents are here is well they deployed to Virginia about a month ago. And my father has blazed a single handed campaign trail across the commonwealth and many -- you met him. And my mother has helped us. When we thought the battle is already to the -- do a little bit more. And and we appreciate it very much. That's been absolutely critical. And you. You've I'll spare you the stories and all the jokes we'll share them 500 times and our own family. Being half Irish it'll be funny every time. And both my Brothers are here my doctor brother came in. This race here late and he was an interesting addition to the campaign got to bracket the president upon his arrival. Which was very appropriate when the focus of this race was obamacare toward the end. And he was a great help in that respect and has been a great supporter and many others and then the one family member who could vote for me dress. Was here and working and doing every little thing for so long and through many races and I remember the first one. Where he slept in our living room while we -- that race on. And I have aunts and uncles here I have my cousins here. We have so much family that did more than they've ever done before. And some of them have been so many of them have all been engaged in helping us one way or another. It -- been a great. A testament. Just a -- itself. How so. I want to thank. My great campaign team. Who worked heart. And sacrificed. An awful lot. To get our message. Throughout Virginia. As best we possibly could in the face of some rather serious obstacles. And from victory offices. To headquarters. To out in every community in Virginia. I want to thank all of you for burning the candle at both ends as -- -- did. And to -- thousands of volunteers. Who even made this race possible. You all were the backbone of this race and I will take you back five years to conversations hero and I had. Before we finally decided to get in the attorney general's race. In march of 2008. We took the view and remember what march of 2008 looked like for Republicans. -- it was a grand time to get in a race that. But we decided. That first of all we knew what kind of race we would run. The same first principles I'm talking about tonight an animated every campaign -- never run they. The foundation. Starts. As it always should. With proper campaigns in America. With first principles. And we we understood. And we set it out -- out. If there are enough people in Virginia. Who share our commitment to those first principles. We can't lose. And -- their art. Especially in that kind of an environment that. We can't win. And we got more votes for attorney general. Than ever before. Virginians. Still. Cherish. The first principles that Virginians. Brought forward to the whole world. They do. Traditional conservative yeah. And free market ideas are alive in Virginia and the more Virginians see their liberty eroded. Through a bigger government. And an out of control health care law which is the leading example of it right now -- more brightly. Not the less brightly. The more brightly that flame of liberty is going to -- in Virginia and that's why this battle is not over with this race. It goes on and it will continue to go on our campaign was focused. On the guiding principle that our commonwealth and our country. Are at their best when we remove government barriers. To innovation. Ingenuity. And individual. Freedom. Those principles. That I worked for every day of my life in public office. And for which -- will continue to work whether or not I'm in public office. It all starts. With remembering our founding ideals the same ideals that Patrick Henry in James Madison. And Thomas Jefferson stood for and that George Washington. Fought for. These principles -- why standard public office. Public service. There why -- entered this race for governor. To fight and preserve our freedoms for all Virginians. Now and into the future. They were delivered to us as a blessing. And they are a burden to us to deliver to the next generation. And the one after that. I want to thank you all. For -- loving support I'm grateful to god for the opportunity. To represent all of you. All eight point two million Virginians. First now as a Republican nominee for governor but also as your attorney general and before that in the state senate. And for all the great Virginians -- meant traveling throughout the commonwealth. I still believe. That the greatest resource we have in Virginia. Is Virginians. And no election can change that. Thank you all -- -- god bless god --

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{"id":20798736,"title":"Ken Cuccinelli Concedes Defeat in Virginia Governor's Race","duration":"3:00","description":"Candidate on the importance of the position: \"Serving as governor of Virginia is a special honor.\"","url":"/Politics/video/ken-cuccinelli-concedes-defeat-virginia-governors-race-20798736","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}