Kerry Kennedy: I Have 'No Memory' of the Accident

Defense calls clinical pharmacologist David Benjamin to testify in the drugged-driving trial.
3:00 | 02/27/14

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Transcript for Kerry Kennedy: I Have 'No Memory' of the Accident
This is a special room. Hello everyone I'm Devin Dwyer a New York with the CBC news digital special report day four of the Kerry Kennedy drugged driving trial. Is now under way the daughter of Robert F Kennedy and ex wife of New York governor Andrew Cuomo on trial. For taking a sleeping pill crashing into a tractor trailer and frightening away. Closing arguments are expected this afternoon jury deliberations could begin shortly thereafter. -- AB CTV's Lisa call across he is in White Plains, New York on this morning's proceedings and witnesses. And that final defense witness was an expert who talked about the effects of the sleeping pill Ambien Kerry Kennedy. Once the jury to believe her version of events that led to an accent I 64 in July 2012 she says she took -- adapt a generic version of -- by mistake causing her to become drowsy to -- driving erratically. Doctor David Benjamin -- clinical pharmacologist testified. That sold the damned metabolize is faster in women than men he ousted people taking it'll the then may not be aware that they are impaired. -- says -- has no memory of the accident says if she had felt drowsy she would have pulled over now on cross examination. Prosecutors read back testimony and other Ambien trials were doctor Benjamin testified. He described the effects of Ambien as being more gradual like a dimmer switch once in closing arguments begin after lunch the jury could begin deliberations later today. -- was -- BC TV's Lisa Cullen Rossini White Plains, New York outside the court courthouse we think Lisa for that more. -- what's next in the trial I want to bring -- ABC's Josh Haskell who's also. They -- outside the courthouse in Westchester -- expert for joining us have been following this very closely where things stand right now we understand the jury is on -- lunch break. Yes -- -- things move pretty fast this morning the defense called their final witness the pharmacologist David Benjamin. Who talked a lot about what Ambien does to a person he doesn't specialize in testing drugs on. Animals who specializes in testing drugs on people so he helped get the drug approved. By the FDA -- very familiar with its effects. And he was grilled by the defense saying what if someone -- only -- parents just like Kerry Kennedy had that they how long would take he said fifteen to twenty minutes. Pretty much. Proving further what the defense wants the jury to think that this was an accident. And then the prosecution took about fifteen minutes with him they decide to take an early lunch break and we'll have closing arguments this afternoon as -- said. -- -- isn't a central quesada but the central question here the jury could be looking at him really as you were saying there Lisa told us about. It's whether or not Kerry Kennedy recognized that she was starting to fall asleep right I mean. The prosecution has been saying that she took this drug for ten years she should've known -- side -- flax. How -- that plated. Well. You know it was interesting because the prosecution brought up prior testimony that the -- -- -- David Benjamin that he'd given in 2009. And that focused on how long it takes for person have to feel the symptoms of the drug. And the prosecution was pressing mr. Benjamin to say it takes longer than fifteen minutes and he. Said you know what it doesn't it. It hits you pretty quickly obviously what you have inside your body will affect how long it takes but fifteen to twenty minutes was that answer that he continually gave. Which helped. -- the accident because she took it and then she left her house and it proved at least on the defense's side that she probably would have felt symptoms by the time she got inside that vehicle. And as Kerry Kennedy sat on the stand yesterday. She doesn't really remember what happened after she left her how's that hence the symptoms that's right -- Kennedy yesterday taking the stand for over three hours talking. About her amnesia about that day in and really when the prosecution. Starting questioning her she said she didn't even really remember her breakfast. Yes she said she barely remembered her breakfast she had terrorists. And then she made a cappuccino when they circled back on that a few times and she had to continually say. You know -- -- after that point. I'm really not sure what happened I don't remember the accident I don't remember getting pulled over. And then she said she -- -- call an officer it one point knocking on her window but the whole day was sort of Fuzzy -- her. Mom and she said most of all she was scared. Now that actually is something that David Benjamin talked about today is those symptoms of being -- being dazed of how this drug knocks you out there one point interest thing. Enough he compared it to someone taking a date rape drug. What Ambien can do to a person. So lots for the jury to consider possibly this afternoon as you reported earlier. What sentences the prosecution pushing for here Josh me what is -- Kennedy space. Will the prosecution believes that. Ms. Kennedy should have realized. That she was on this drug and pulled over but she kept going even -- After the accident so that's really what they're pushing -- so why didn't she stop if she was really got impaired she was really feeling the symptoms. Why didn't you just pull over she could have caused bodily harm to herself to someone else. And because she kept going not where this misdemeanor drug -- drugged driving charge comes in and naturally what they're trying to prove even though it might have been an accidental. Pill that she took that morning in July 2012. Why did she keep going on that highway. And as you said only a misdemeanor case I think at stake for her potentially the loss of her license. -- or possibly some jail time here although some legal experts say that's not likely but. Give us a sense step back for saying you've been covering this trial now all week why it has this really even. Why is this case even been tried essentially why. It is -- is the Kennedy family here in the spotlight yet again. Well there's a lot of factors in play. First of all obviously her last name she's the ex husband of Andrew Cuomo the New York governor. Two of their daughters have been here present at the courthouse at different times in addition to their daughters her mother Ethel Kennedy. And she's been here along with her Brothers and sisters showing support in the court every single day 85 -- old Ethel Kennedy. Coming in a wheelchair day in and day out to watch her daughter and they occupy one side of the courtroom and and I really feel like. They. -- here at least. Select -- note that she's you know not alone she was up there for three hours on the stand getting -- pretty harshly yesterday by the prosecution. And during break she would come and hug her mother and they would talk bomb and so you have that factor she also -- to very high powered lawyers that. There are very well respected and and knowing in new York and in addition to that were in the biggest courtroom in Westchester County. So yesterday I actually met some spectators that have come from Manhasset Long Island this is their third day I saw them just this morning. It's their third day here to watch I said why are you guys here they said. This is history she's -- Kennedy the legacy the family and it's been -- fascinating to watch so clearly this is drawn people from all over. And you your team -- doing a great job covering it ABC's Josh Haskell in New York of White Plains, New York thanks so much for being here Josh of course. You can get a complete recap -- here the Kerry Kennedy trial -- the history deliberations expected later today at For now on Devin Dwyer -- New York this is an ABC news digital special report.

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{"id":22704745,"title":"Kerry Kennedy: I Have 'No Memory' of the Accident","duration":"3:00","description":"Defense calls clinical pharmacologist David Benjamin to testify in the drugged-driving trial.","url":"/Politics/video/kerry-kennedy-drugged-driving-trial-memory-accident-22704745","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}