Key moments from Joe Biden's town hall with ABC News

Joe Biden answered questions from voters on vaccines, masks, court packing and more during a town hall hosted by ABC News in Philadelphia.
5:47 | 10/16/20

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Transcript for Key moments from Joe Biden's town hall with ABC News
You got to heal this nation. There's we have the greatest opportunity to any country in the world. Only 21 century and you can't do it divine George you and I know and I think you do too as well the words of the president matter. No matter whether good bad or indifferent they matter. I want a president doesn't work Oscar makes fun of folks like me when I was wearing a mask for a long time. Then the case you know people say well it must be that important. Took a long way to go but we can make progress in the meantime and save lives if you listen to the head. The CDC from. He should stood up and he said you know while awaiting for vaccine may help amassed. You Wear this mask he'll save more lies between now and the interview that if we had a vaccine. Do we have a facts. So my question for you is if a vaccine work approved by a between now the end of the year would you take it. And if you were to become president we June mandate that everyone has to take it. Statistics the number one. President trump. Talks about things just aren't accurate about everything from vaccines are gonna have one right away is gonna happen is thought. The point is that if the scientists if the body of scientists say. That this is what is ready to be done and there are as she spent test that they've gone through a three phases yes I would take and I encourage people take. Here's what he said exactly one year ago tonight at a democratic debate. He said I would not get into court packing I would not pack the court that's not what you're saying now is the nomination of judge Perry. Reason enough to rethink your position. What is the nomination of what I wanted to do George you know your fire and answered your question directly from them all the focus should be on. What's by noon to do if he wins. Instead of on visit appropriate what is going on my. And should stay this isn't thing that the president loves to do always take drive off the ball what's at stake. Thinks Peta suggested the prisoner's number constitutional scholars have suggested as well. After at least 45 options that are available to determine whether or not you can change the way in which the court lifetime appointment takes place. Consistent arguably with the constitution. I have not been a fan pat common stock court tracking because I think it just generates for what happened every whoever wins is just keeps moving. In a way that is inconsistent with. What is going to be manageable so there's still not a fan Bob not a fan that they'd say I depends on how this turns out. Not how we wins but how it's handled. How it's handled I was told me how it's handled how will that deter well for sports form part that's where there's actually. Real wide debate on the floor if people are really going to be able have a time to go through this. In a 2012 report of the university of disparate. Institute of politics. Fracking was discussed anything is possible implications. For the waterways for the commonwealth. To took off. What industries that are not harmful to human health. And the environment are you planning for southwest Pennsylvania. And the nation. Well first of all. I make it clear eyed and not. Proposed banning fracking. I think you have to make sure that tracking is the fact not admitting methane or polluting the well or. Daly who is what can be. A small earthquakes when and how they're drilling and has to be managed very very well. Number two hole we have to do is to future risks and renewable energy. I think I'm fracking for his shirt and he said you don't you don't want to ban fracking is you know. It's an important issue here Pennsylvanian at everyone buys your denial. A member of the boiler makers local 154 Sean Stephanie was quoted a New York Times today saying. You can't have it both ways he says you can't meet your gold and fossil fuels without any tracking. What do you say to people like show hundred dagger denial because they think you're do you want to keep that promise broken world. America's overwhelming endorsement carries before lawmakers use endorsement because I said found them under great deeds show leadership exactly what I find him number one. Number two what I would do as ours stop making I would stop the Jimmy. Tax breaks and subsidizing. Oil used for or against you say you're not fourth that in your website is as you call it crucial framework. The driving while it might deal as a crucial framework for nothing new green deal the new green deal calls for elimination. Of. All. All non renewable energy by 23 he can't get there you're gonna need to be able to transition my dad you send an expression for real. He sees everyone's entitled me to human dignity and everybody and Israel. Everybody is and so whether run and defeated candidate for president back teaching. Or I am elected president he is a major. Element of everything I'm about because it reflects who we are as a nation. And it's what makes us this is every single solitary generation. Dial has moved closer and closer and more mortal inclusion. We are country that as a country slaves. Who came here 400 years ago indigenous people and everyone else is in the murder. And we're diverse country unless we are able to treat people equally important resistant than ever gonna meet our potential. But I think the American people want to see that happen I think they're ready to see it happen. And I tell you one thing if I'm elected president Omar hear me race being united we divide evenly trying to unify. Unify winds bring people together. I said I'm trying to be someone unify a country people similar of the old days. And we better be able do it again.

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{"duration":"5:47","description":"Joe Biden answered questions from voters on vaccines, masks, court packing and more during a town hall hosted by ABC News in Philadelphia.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"73649432","title":"Key moments from Joe Biden's town hall with ABC News","url":"/Politics/video/key-moments-joe-bidens-town-hall-abc-news-73649432"}