Key moments from Trump and Macron's press conference

ABC News' Amna Nawaz, Cecilia Vega, Rick Klein and Pierre Thomas discuss the key moments from President Trump and French president Macron's press conference.
11:02 | 07/13/17

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Transcript for Key moments from Trump and Macron's press conference
Continuing coverage and our president trumps. Trip to France and that press conference she just watched with the French president Emmanuel not wrong case you missed it we'll bring you the highlights right here and picked up to speed. On the latest headlines with me here in New York ABC's political director. Rick Klein a few wreck of great on the so let's talk about this little bed this. Couple this odd couple he's summer gar I think can be more different a lot of ways that in press conference right there we saw a little bit of common ground between trump. And medical. This is trump playing nice keep in mind that he he supported backgrounds. I mean opponent in the French elections and an easy to individuals that that are so different in temperament and of course president trump. We pulled out of the Paris remains as I wanna be president people Pittsburgh. Now the people Paris but he dialed back the criticism of Paris and and and of France. It's suggesting that if not a safe place. And heat the lot of praise on the wrong and I think this meeting. Shows a different kind of trump on the world stage then won it we've seen sometimes behind closed source of I was on American soil. And I think he realizes that the potential power of of a friendship here. And the Kron has played this very interestingly as well we remember the body language the last meeting that handshake that seem to go on forever. It seemed to me the president trump was the one initiating a little of the contact today touching his arm at one point trying to protect some friendship of. Body language expertise there for Rick Klein to hey let's bring in our colleague Matt out ABC's chief political analyst joins us now. Matt I got to ask you that I've been dying to ask you that since the first offense came out from the White House in response to those meetings that Don junior talk. We at the Russian lawyer we heard the president defending there in that press conference appointed meet again and again it look anybody. Would it take in those meetings. I would consider you you know after an experience in how these campaigns and run is that a fair defense for them to be making. Now. It's it's theory telling that they're making that defense. Because it says how you look at politics but I've done. Over a hundred campaigns all around country. And I have never. After an approach that's out this would never think it's. Interesting thing. He is. I've also talked to people that hate the democratic and Republican campaigns. For 1990 to 1996200200420082000. Well. No one. In any of those campaigns and high level said it would have never taken a beating like this are every approach to taking this. This is highly. Fuel. Op EU opposition researched usually somebody somewhere countries something about this. Its shares. That. Somebody representing supposedly. For government. Any. Adversary is highly highly usual ever happen and he and never happened and how to use. Where. And data wanna talking about this little bit more before we loser let's go live now at a Paris felt our product affiliate they ABC's chief White House correspondent is there and ask the president a question. About those meetings is that he didn't quite get an answer to the apple what you make of the president's response. Well as you said he didn't costly actually answer the questions so. You know I am and surprised by his measured tone in this today. And I am surprised. That he is it is still administering this adamant defense. Of his son Don junior in taking this meeting. That the defense from president trump here and this White House essentially seems to be this was short meeting. They talked about adoptions. No big deal nothing really happened here a lot of people in politics would have also taken this meeting meeting so nothing to see moving on. That is DV that is the line at this point until I would assume something else comes of this until something perhaps stronger comes of these allegations. We also asked president Cuomo if the previews. What though the White House is. Interactions with Russia and the president's stand on rush whether it is hard enough that he didn't also. Answer that question. And in as but he did though take a firm stand. On Russia's interference with the French elections is they've been accused of doing a president on today's thing that he's not here hearing in US arrive Russia relations on the right leaning ally in Harris on. Traveling there with the precedents. Let's head out of Washington DC colleague Karl joins us live from there John I got to ask you this is the first time now we're seeing the president take questions from the press on it although he did give. Mentioned earlier a couple of interviews and the last 24 hours but a number of days in which we didn't hear from after the news first broke. What we know about what the White House was doing behind closed doors in those days. Bull if you look at how this unfolded the story of the meeting first broke on Saturday that was the day that the president re. Turned from his last trip to to Europe to Germany the jeetz when he. He got there are on we saw him get off the helicopter on the South Lawn on Saturday that we did not see the president at all no public events. Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday. Very unusual to see a president. In Washington in the White House and not appearing at all offer the public to see what he's up to. I'd been told by a by it but several aides to the president was angry once had limited. About the about the story about the fact that the Russia story won't go away. He lashed out at his legal team. Deeply frustrated but not showing any of those frustrations he wasn't on Twitter not showing any of it publicly. And then it was late yesterday we finally. Heard from him at all on this didn't see him but heard from him when he did that interview with Reuters. And basically said that any other politician would have. Except at such a meeting in a heartbeat. So why I thought that it was quite huge thing in Cecilia referenced this. It although the president continued to push back insist that Don junior did nothing wrong. That his tone was so incredibly measured he didn't see any flashes of the anger. He was kind of brushing it off as something it would have happened. Happens all the time in politics has been blown out of proportion. Fired by the media but let me tell you the White House has been consumed by this story for days. And the president's strongest allies on Capitol Hill have been deeply concerned about what they song. Those emails and be sure to hear more about in the days ahead I'm sure thanks to you John crawl down in Washington DC let's head over now. To Pierre Thomas ABC's Chief Justice correspondent care when asked you about that question to silly vacant got past the president. She asked him about what he's own FBI nominee. Sat in its hearing yesterday that look at many went approached about a meeting like this from a foreign entity or foreign government. The FBI would want to know about it fat could be problematic for the president in this offense moving forward. Well is it likely will be the FBI nominee Chris Rea yesterday made it clear that. That kind of request that kind of over to or from. Outside born national should be reported via via. And the white outline that they're giving it some that this is business as usual. I would say I think it's fair to say that you're not really hearing across much to Washington. Most people including some Republicans on incident in history committee. Yes they were suggesting that. That kind of meaning is not the know. He just heard Matt doubt was someone we all respect say that this is unusual. And I think the bottom line all of this is that special counsel. Who has offices doesn't talk about what is investigating in. Palace and that's it. But everyone I know who knows law enforcement and who knows counterintelligence. Investigations. Are telling me that they expect very soon. That's special counsel's office will want to get those related emails. And begin to figure out who had access to those emails. And request additional documents to try to assess what exactly took place and make some determinations about. Here you mentioned Bob Muller's name there his name came up for debate in the hearing yesterday to we haven't heard directly from him no. The natural likely not to for a while but do we know anything. About how the investigation or is going her way air it's going right. But what we know is that he is stepping up and what we have determined is that he's pretty large. Squad of investigators and prosecutors we're told he's hired. At least sixteen. Attorneys would more in the pipeline and that they're quote dozens. Of FBI agents involved in investigating Russell Crowe so. This will be something that will be investigated that think it's fair to say that. The people associated with the campaign. I've never faced scrutiny that there get very soon and these are expert in financial crimes expert. Investigating. Conspiracies. Investigating the mafia so again formidable team being put together with incredible investigative. Powers in. Reach. Out I think secure Thomas found in Washington DC Alex good to talk to care pleasure. Mapped out over in Austin, Texas I'd love to get your take on that can pull some of his things together for us what do you make of the White House's response of their approach. To all the information that comes out that he can be coming out in drips on a daily basis now if this sustainable. Now I mean I am. Anybody looking at this objectively have to admit rate answers spots all of this has been here at the best response any time here in east crisis. Is to get all the information out deal with at one time. Over comedy and it's to hope there's nothing really. In the middle of it but you know one time they seen Capel that even when it approached it sounds like the report when this first broke. They had an opportunity. It didn't answer once this question statement it keep putting out more and more and more. And so I think this is it. It's also that there's eight the other excuse it's used beginning as well there newbies that it is their rookies it's a rookie mistake they don't know they have it and about politics. This is not something you know not about politics to know that you don't do. And that's our property. It's funny is now counts on everything he kept Colin Dunn junior young. He was some like this little child or something is young man here. This must remember Donald Trump junior is altered the president a plane it's right so. This is not somebody it's not act acquainted with how life works. And at that connecting the dots or at all with if you talk to you Matt excrement in the time. Did you talk you know things.

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{"duration":"11:02","description":"ABC News' Amna Nawaz, Cecilia Vega, Rick Klein and Pierre Thomas discuss the key moments from President Trump and French president Macron's press conference.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"48622097","title":"Key moments from Trump and Macron's press conference","url":"/Politics/video/key-moments-trump-macrons-press-conference-48622097"}