Khizr Khan Talks Divide Between Sessions and President-Elect Trump

The gold star father tells ABC News' Arlette Saenz that Senator Sessions needs to have a heart to heart with the President-Elect.
4:35 | 01/10/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Khizr Khan Talks Divide Between Sessions and President-Elect Trump
I mean he's senile at Heinz and we are outside the senate judiciary hearing room. Where this hearing has just taken a break for senators sent Jeff Sessions Donald Trump's kicked to the attorney general. And we actually joined here by Cesar kind of gold star father who spoke at the end he became a figure currently sixteen campaign. You're sitting in that in that hearing you are opposed to him as senator Jeff Sessions featuring general take what what do you think about what yet. What it appeared as descent men and sand is. Salient features give them details. It is for that reason that I came to us had written letters to the committee expressing concern. Today it is misstatement. Senators. Not banning them. Entering this news. What his goals. From can be useful this film it made that statement to lead times during the campaign. Bending spoons and can please. Which one is to lose. And who believe. They probably have not consulted to. Beautiful the statements that me. The games. Incidents movement. Lou good to beat and others statement. They. Part of the is making these statements. From his nomination. Their news in. Consultation. Business solutions. Old he is. To lead. It's good go to action. A prior to eviction moving direction. So I don't know. We have to wait and see what happens from there today and from all. Statements and US and then we'll assess and for the selection reasons such contradictions. The difference of the the union between. Jeff Sessions today the statements convinces us that this person. It's disputed regions and. So for those who were watching that the hearing religiously based leaks senator Jeff Sessions was asked whether he supports Donald Trump's. Called for potentially banning Muslims. I'm from entering the country senator Jeff Sessions said that Donald Trump has changed his mind on that and that senator sessions is not agree with that I think you look at Donald Trump web site there is still. Information there that's that is the talks about. If any Muslims do you think it's possible for him to have a different view than Donald Trump. At this stage it is really hard for citizens like so. Moose and son of openness. And many others maturity isn't what's. This country is divided this country needs to be continuation of this country needs them honored on who moved from future gen re. We need to take certain. Instance for the need to do this for me otherwise this is doing to beat the rules devoid the president of the administration have live in the news this country. Yet they have taken steps that they were civilians and eluded them for the statements. Forces. And statements of his nominees. Were tuned to news. So what do you need to hear from senator sessions in order to change her mind about it ability to serve as attorney general would look. Is making these distinct things to do his nomination. His record speaks. We'll use this record speeds. Load and is not suitable. To be nominated. To be couldn't Tunisian. Statements. He promises. But he hasn't convinced the person whose nominating him. His books. He's going to he's going to be determined soon. United States he needs who have heart to heart conversation. I mentioned. What is the statements and the community has been the dead is the role that is the constitution. Winston's of this year's. Police comments received.

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{"duration":"4:35","description":"The gold star father tells ABC News' Arlette Saenz that Senator Sessions needs to have a heart to heart with the President-Elect.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"44683559","title":"Khizr Khan Talks Divide Between Sessions and President-Elect Trump","url":"/Politics/video/khizr-khan-talks-divide-sessions-president-elect-trump-44683559"}