Kim Jong Un's reactions during rocky summit

The North Korean leader's facial expressions may have reflected his feelings during his meetings with President Trump.
4:04 | 02/28/19

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Transcript for Kim Jong Un's reactions during rocky summit
Oh let's talk a little bit more now about that stalemate. In in Korea no roadmap forward and today we're large U he'd show she's the Asian correspondent for ABC news is in Hanoi now joins us live Jew he. Hit North Korea in fact just minutes ago coming out forcefully disputing the president's characterization of what went down in that room. What can you tell us about their response. While that call for a press conference at midnight was a surprise here today ways. In a series of surprises first Q Magellan answering questions to. You know answering questions from reporters. And then also he was talking a little bit about how he does not have much time during the photo op before you went into the bilateral meeting. Now the foreign minister India although and their vice foreign minister Chesnutt knew they came out at midnight invited couple. Reporters and that North Korea had proposed a maximum they could give up he said. Permanently. Completely dismantling all nuclear material production facilities in the Atlanta area and exit that includes. Plutonium and uranium and in the presence of US experts but during the meeting he said they US insisted. One more step to be taken now this coincides with what president trump had explained about the new facility that. He thought surprise to north Koreans and then he returned to earth here said they asked for a parts of the UN sanctions resolutions to be removed. Only the ones that impede the livelihood of there people now this contradicts exactly what trump set her hair. He said basically north -- a one at this sanctions lifted in their entirety so yes there's contradiction and there's a lot to work out. And certainly. An incredible admission on the north Koreans part as you said you he that perhaps they've lost the will to continue in these negotiations there are no future talks settled. Which sort of surprise me you were there watching the body language in listening closely overnight to all the things both of these men said. Things were proceeding quite nicely they were dining on steak chocolate lava cake they were. Is said to have a grand lunch talked about their great friendship together. But their rhetoric aside you were. Perhaps clued in to some of the body language that there could have signaled some of this wasn't going so well. The first sign that I saw today ways when president trot was talking at the photo opportunity. He was you know praising Kim Jung and and congratulating it for a knife which firing missiles are testing missiles. Kingdom and knotted constantly as if he understood web president trouble with saying even before the translator translated that into English. So obviously we learned that and you don't does understand English to a certain extent. And then when president trump started talking about the war in no rush that no rush comment that he had repeatedly. Repeated in the past couple of days. King Dylan. Stop and he just frowns he's facial expression totally changed. And then he turned over to his chest later he said. But we have no time. The time is very important to us. But he kind of ended that sentence and the UN on to another topic so. We says that can Doan was age since and he want to get a deal done because first and he used to talk to think about his domestic people he left in north creek in glory based celebrated. They all thought that can done with Sunday's great journey for 66 hours. To bring a big present that calls meaning sanctions lifted that will make their lives easier. But obviously he's going back home empty handed in north Koreans are not happy. Yeah and it's a very good point and we shall see if that domestic pressure in any way brains Kim Jung man. Back to the table perhaps this is to be continued you hit show think so much for your reporting today and hope. Overnight you're on with us here at ABC news live with great reporting fronts from Hanoi think you Jew he.

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{"duration":"4:04","description":"The North Korean leader's facial expressions may have reflected his feelings during his meetings with President Trump.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"61390970","title":"Kim Jong Un's reactions during rocky summit","url":"/Politics/video/kim-jong-uns-reactions-rocky-summit-61390970"}