Labor Secretary Tom Perez Talks Clinton, Trump and the 2016 Election

ABC News contributor LZ Granderson interviews Labor Secretary Tom Perez on the floor of the Democratic National Convention.
10:48 | 07/26/16

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Transcript for Labor Secretary Tom Perez Talks Clinton, Trump and the 2016 Election
It's. Sparkles Burnett. And perhaps an incident won't call the recruitment have to have remarked not too long ago with beat right now just aren't around for a security gains service on various around is that these. The possibilities. You talk a little bit about what their profits like. I was honored to be considered. Not at the same time it's not about me it's about the history were making there right now and as a proud progressive. That this order. She's agreement to do urge to get things done he I look at what she did before anyone knew who she was. You know organizing and voters. Latino voters in south Texas and Alabama that addressed the scourge of racial segregation. Go down to South Carolina. Do address at kids or in concert with adults that that speaks to her progressive corps and that's why. It's been an honor to be leathers. I'm excited because this isn't simply an election about. The the economic progress that we've made and then need to continue this is really an election about our values as a nation. And we are as a nation alien nation divided are we a nation united in the clintons are about we. And she's all about bringing people together understanding that we're stronger together. And that our diversity of this story stars. Strength that's what people are but none of them needs and has Dolly's. And that's why I'm so excited to be here tonight because. When you look in this audience who sees America. And heavyweights. Out today between now and the election every free moment I have and let's do this because. Yeah this is one. What I call where Laurie a moment you know when I'm seventy years old and maybe hopefully have grandchildren. And their study in the history books they're gonna say Tampa. You know where were you. In the elections when he sixteen when it was that only. About what the minimum wage should be but it was really about. Our values as a nation as an inflection point and I ought to make sure I can tell my grandchildren. I was on the right side of history and Hillary Clinton. And her visit. America itself that's why I'm spending so much time because I believed to explore. That this is indeed the most important election. A pilot and I want to get out there and do whatever I can't Lerner and for my good friend Tim Kaine who. It is a fellow civil rights lawyer. And I'm so proud and happy for him. It has its members to change how much have been made it effectively speak Spanish or run allowed when he was introduced a donation. Some at some activists noted that Latinos speak Spanish as well that it would have been nice to see on. On the cricket what would you say in terms of people were a little disappointed with her shorts were beaten. Well I I look at their values that I look at what they've done in their lives and Tim Kaine is someone who had his color. Is remarkably inclusive progressive who's been in public service or other it raise. People do fair housing work. Now you're taken on established. And gain took. The big banks in a fair lending case Tim Kaine understands. What it is like to live. In poverty because that is in his life where it's to help people lift out of poverty and Hillary Clinton the same way and and you know. I say to my friends in the Latino community. This is about people who understand our values and we'll put those values and taxes and that's. That's what it's all about and Hillary Clinton Campaign. Home run its I'm concerned because I know that next year under their leadership. We will pass comprehensive immigration reform once and for all and we will. Break down barriers and not build walls that. That's why I'm so there's a. Yes. I spent hundreds you don't harboring the RNC last weekend a lot of talk about immigration a lot of dismissive attitudes about food in the won't. What I obvious is not when a from a policy that you support. It does mean. It's sort of America that deals but that's the right thing to do as part of the immigration bill that won't. How do you convince assuming the election days where you want to the other half of the nation's probably your policy. Looms what he didn't want. What was the first. We're not taking anything for granted. And you know we're gonna continue to work we have. Number one thing we have to do is marshaled the facts. You know what what folks and. The other side today in and is they'd misstate the facts at least the next to the fact that he's an instance the crime rate the that the vision we heard last week. Is that crime has gone through the roof and America crime has doubted historical levels lower than it was when Ronald Reagan was president. The flow of undocumented immigrants in the United States has been cut down from the as a result of actions that this administration the Obama administration has taken. That I mean there there are so many misstatements. From the other side and and they have to lie because. That's the only way they can paint a picture of fear that will hopefully and their minds divide the country. It's yeah we're here that is reflective moment New York has cast its votes. Gonna get rejected Bruce youth and account. Okay. Okay. Okay. There we have at the count now wears. 1000 the president when he spokesman Clinton 1001. Three for Bernie Sanders speaking of Bernie Sanders leaping nearly eight. A lot of shoes on both sides yesterday was very very different a lot of boos every time we Clinton's name is Vincent. Are you surprised. That you haven't heard much. Approval on either side want to be processed today. I think you're seeing unity in action today and yeah when I realized yesterday you know quite frankly it reminded me. The Thanksgiving dinner at my house would my extended gambling. Because. Lee had passionate debate when I was growing up about political list is. And then became together we held handedly gave thanks for our crop value. These items for the itself. Republican persona diet they don't go financed. Because that's the best of democratic fired at least 92. With a Jerry Brown delegates so that today. Within Hillary Clinton delegates and we came together those fears and Bernie Sanders that it out of the park last night as well and that is why. We're gonna win because you contrast liberty standards that I would lead actors at last week. And and I today you get past weekend who spoke that day is now. Joseph Arpaio the sheriff of Maricopa County blue. As it is what he pedals and is there. In addition he's been held in contempt by a federal judge appointed by George W. Bush and you Arpaio because it. At my old job and and you know what he gives a bad name to law enforcement. But that's. The others died. Trumpets and that Republican Convention and who believe that your we have more Latino speaking in one hour last night. That they had speaking all of last week. That's because we recognize that our diversity is our time and Hillary Clinton. Is all about expanding opportunity and every zip out whether it's Maricopa County Arizona. Or whether it's rural West Virginia or Kentucky she takes no vote flipping it and she wants to leave those that code. And help person behind and that's that's what we are that's why I'm so excited about it mind. Last question I'm sure you're aware that after the peninsula. What are credit due Tynes donuts homes surged ahead of the accident the national polls. What does she need to do going forward to seeing that parents are. Buying it depends on what Paul you look at it and I think. Hillary Clinton's gonna win this election and I think when the American people watch what they see which is that. Hillary Clinton Tim Kaine and steady hand they're where courses. They're not show horses they're people who believe in making. Positive movement. You know Donald trumps all about motion she's all about movement. She's a dreamer to do it and I think when people see that contest. And America. Within optimistic vision America dollar's been great. We're gonna get even greater under their leadership itself. I think where. Well positioned but again we're taking nothing for granted that's lab work my tail between now election dates of that and joining ears and my grandchild. That I hope to have Sunday. Past January I can say yeah we're Mattel to make sure that we summoned. The collective power of we could summons our better angels because Pope always trumps fear that and I believe. This residue look my grandchild as well good luck and arrested. Sponsor the campaign season quick to criticize certain. Ohio now isn't in the middle. Pets and their boats. Player as you know leaves today. Very important. Stated no exit no Republican president has gotten too White House without Ohio. An Ohio has every single president from.

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{"duration":"10:48","description":"ABC News contributor LZ Granderson interviews Labor Secretary Tom Perez on the floor of the Democratic National Convention. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"40902378","title":"Labor Secretary Tom Perez Talks Clinton, Trump and the 2016 Election","url":"/Politics/video/labor-secretary-tom-perez-talks-clinton-trump-2016-40902378"}