First lady launches 'BE BEST' awareness campaign

Melania Trump is launching her long-awaited first lady initiative to focus on issues that children confront and she's calling it "BE BEST."
2:13 | 05/07/18

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Transcript for First lady launches 'BE BEST' awareness campaign
A some there and as First Lady it concerns me. The need today's fast paced and ever connected to her. Shields and can be asked to pay to express. I managed emotions. An often times there and reforms. Of distracted. Are addictive behaviors such as bullying that the geeks and even suicide. I feel strongly that as adults will be can and should be best. A educating our children about the importance of a half. And balanced life. So today. I'm very excited to announce the best. And let me ask them paid dedicated to their most sided boat and got among us. I would choose. ST she and importance of all aspects of the allowed being. Beach includes SO shows and motion. And easy house. There's too many peaked because issues facing children today. So that she Maine Pete others would be best which includes about being. So sudden media use and opiate abuse. To that there I've been you please just dive to provide key to be the tools. They need to cultivate their social animals in her house. All know social media can be both positive dvd and magazine V a fat and out tunes and but too often it's used in that race. Think she learned causing deep online behaviors. On. Sosa media can be used in conducting base and can affect us the teens in my time as first lady of the United States. I wouldn't makes. And the effort to be best but championing. And many successful being programs in existence today. And deeds did to us and Steelers but emotional. Soes. And that seeking of rugby. And also to shine a spotlight on the people organizations. And programs across the country and how it into different overcome them and he's use if they seem as they grow up.

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{"duration":"2:13","description":"Melania Trump is launching her long-awaited first lady initiative to focus on issues that children confront and she's calling it \"BE BEST.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"54993503","title":"First lady launches 'BE BEST' awareness campaign","url":"/Politics/video/lady-launches-best-awareness-campaign-54993503"}