The First Lady's New 'Do

Vanity Fair's Juli Weiner discusses Michelle Obama's hair and other Inauguration Day fashions.
4:26 | 01/23/13

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Transcript for The First Lady's New 'Do
It is now Juli Weiner as a Vanity Fair bloggers -- and done it that night and Harriet -- -- you get some pretty strong feelings about. The first ladies here yes Obama got to bring it here at an earlier this -- an English and feelings about it actually Erica I have here. Of the daily news I think the -- line in the -- -- right excited about the things. And as someone who managed things for a decade. They are -- And good luck to -- so that you say is companies that they found positive feelings definitely eastern positive feelings I think that he has such a lovely shiny healthy -- At its prominent placement on her forehead as a really -- And that -- as you've watched the coverage days meaning me you'd have to. Everything -- happy -- at it was really fun acting in and there are a lot of surprising things. I loved Michelle's close island and -- in Kansas felonious acts. I liked that first close the first -- the close of course daughters Hayley that the end is very adventurous -- the color different types. I'm and I also like watching Sox I think very yon has already been. Memorialized. And ten million quietly and I -- the young when the young and his -- -- -- happened during her father's heat. The pattern and a he had not mentioned her in awhile like gas and -- -- -- of them who you think you're. The guy. Read somewhere that and their mom had told them at some point during the last campaign how to behave during a speech is pretend you're listening apparently she didn't. Follow her mom's advice what else anything else make these -- -- -- Joseph Biden Schumer. We're pretending to live listen is never bad advice -- any context is that. I'm them. Chuck Schumer was amazing he seemed to be having more fun and everyone else -- why he did he just seemed like. Baghdad and the environment -- boy and -- -- He was cavorting around he was cracking wise he was poking fun until Friday he was having -- -- him. He was I love that -- and that is -- that really is. So. We live in an area which was what to say how we feel we're seeing -- that are on Twitter worth it to tell FaceBook announced that it would. Why why the Internet so down and another form of self expression -- -- Great and people did not like Richard -- -- -- column which I thought was nary an offensive this cars moments ago. Hang out Eric Cantor experts -- to the states -- -- and discussed listening to the problem and that picture. Was -- tact and passed around I don't know that Twitter is intrinsically the most receptive audience along for an attorney. Where I want to learn anything and we're not happy -- So I think it is more. -- structural issue and the aesthetics and -- specific talent would be my literary criticism. Is there anything you're looking forward to tonight specifically. Yeah and the -- wearing absolutely. It's -- closely guarded secret mailing us and love Terry Jason blue gown at her first night you know while. And then and -- fantasy achieving any intuition. Nine. Perhaps not white because she -- it. Last time around it there're couple criticisms that looked like a wedding dress. They each about the color especially since her outfits aim is sort of some did it was dark blue and praying -- about pop of color it's color. Anything -- Joseph Biden that even doing today. I'm during the lunch after the ceremony he referred to check -- pound which had just been waiting for him to -- -- PayPal. He did it and he seemed so yes his hair was not looking its best. But he seemed imminent in a really good news -- -- tear gas and Obama thanked him at the luncheon thank Dr. Phil bite and then one favorite things about Joseph Biden is so. How proudly and obviously he is so in love with Jill Biden I think that that's really palpable anything that scares -- And we have two. People to what end in this administration and that the administration who are proudly. And openly in love for their lives and Barack Obama. Is it is the same way as chemical six it is a change from the administration's past without naming. Julie Leonard thank you very much appreciate -- -- -- guests come back -- thank him.

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{"id":18296123,"title":"The First Lady's New 'Do","duration":"4:26","description":"Vanity Fair's Juli Weiner discusses Michelle Obama's hair and other Inauguration Day fashions.","url":"/Politics/video/ladys--18296123","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}