Latest From Gen. Mattis Confirmation Hearing

ABC News' Chief Global Affairs Correspondent updates on hearing for Trump's pick for Defense Secretary.
7:03 | 01/12/17

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Transcript for Latest From Gen. Mattis Confirmation Hearing
Uncle live right now to our DC bureau where our teeth global affairs correspondent Martha Raddatz joins us Martha thanks so much for making the time. Impact on a going to be here. So you've been keeping an eye on the hearing this was not expected to be a Roth hearing for mr. attic cinematic he's expected to have a smooth confirmation. We think that anything could happen what stats he's so far about his answers. It. First Russians have known general Mattis for a very long time because I've covered the Pentagon. A very long time I know his nature I know he says what he believes I know he says what he thinks he's very very. Oh man he is very well read. And he will always say what he believes that he did that today despite. Perhaps what president elect trump has said in the past it. About Russia about Iran about about a variety of things general Mattis said today that he he does believe that that Russia. Music is a threat is a problem in that we have to approach it in a way that deters. Russia. He said the Iran do you know which president elect trunk. Does not like. Should stand because America keeps her word and that is important he said is an imperfect deal I don't think he ever really liked that deal. But now that it is in place he said we have to basically monitor Iran and see what they're doing and if there any. Sorts of violations so he also said the intelligence community you've seen present electrons talk about the intelligence community. In in recent days and tweaked. About his. I'm skepticism about what the intelligence community does and he's been really critical. General Mattis says he has worked with the intelligence. Community for decades and he has high confidence. Martha's you pointing out he's not afraid to break with what president hello trump has said that even with wet. Mr. Tillotson was saying in his confirmation hearing as the potential secretary. Of state we've heard this story now. About how I'm mr. trump said that Mattis actually changed his mind when he came to waterboarding in use of torture is something he campaigned on so that he wanted to bring back an anything after a conversation with general Mattis. He city changed my mind so is it that the role. That the general would play a retired general I should say in the administration is to be sort of attack. On on some of mr. Trump's. Feelings are winds as he moves along. Well he said look I wouldn't have taken this nomination. In less I felt that president electron will take my input I don't think general Mattis. Believes that that. Prison like trump and when he becomes president will take all his advice the president gets advice from a lot of people. But general Mattis is gonna give him advice he thinks is best yes on waterboarding. They apparently had a pretty casual conversation about that and and general Mattis didn't go in there and say that's you shouldn't do that you shouldn't do that he talked to him about it and is someone with. Experience in the military experience and all these all these fields. He said look you know I I don't think it really works I think maybe a beer and a cigarette will work better than that. Some honest knows how to give input in a way that is not. Threatening or demanding or stomping your feet I know he has this this. Moniker of mad dog mad as I can right now he hates that he doesn't like that he doesn't like being called out I think it embarrasses him. It in its really very different from what he is like I think that comes from sort of his nature when he. You know this huge scholar in 6000 books like Yankee hats he's been reading books that. Nobody's ever heard after talk theft but he's also when when you get hit with his Marines are when you get him. With service members. A little differently if it's not because he's in as a two personalities it's because he is over me isn't raking in. In his heart he was born a marine I think. And he's gonna talk to those guys a little bit he's gonna have some pretty rough talk and some pretty blunt talk it's gotten a little trouble over the years. About what he wants to do to be enemy and I'm gonna kill him but but but he he is really at at at his heart as scholar another. Another. Nickname they gave him is chaos. And I'll tell you what that stands for it was many years ago when he was a colonel it means colonel has another outstanding solution. That's or payoffs came for. On my back to see you lure a battle generation went mad dog it's it's irresistible some I. Don't yet. Yeah I I I had to be one of the reasons he liked him too tight and a guy named dog as his right listen before we let you go one last thing I want to get your take on big picture. We're looking at a potential cabinet now for president electrons there are two former Marine Corps generals opt for confirmation hearing general Kelley of the Department of Homeland Security general Mattis today for secretary of defense is a third general with or even tapped as his national security advisor. I just pick your take big picture if it unusual to have that many members of the military former members of the military in the cabinet. It it it certainly is than usual and that many Marines and of course the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Joan comfort. Is also a marine remember them records of very small force compared to the others might Flynn is army. It it is unusual I do think you know you've heard present like trump say how much he likes. Generals even there. Some disparaging words during the campaign but they said I write general signal to these schools means they are. Natural leaders I think one of the things that people want to watch out for here is that you bring a certain. They do go to all the same schools they they learned the same things they'd see a problem. In a certain way because they're trained in the military but that one thing I think everybody has to remember and I and I think a lot of people don't realize this. Also the last people on earth wanna take us to war they know the cost of war especially John Calley Gerald Kelly passed us on in combat. They have seen the cost of war but they are also not just generals there not just the military I have seen over the years. Young soldiers and young Marines old Marines old soldiers. They didn't just have to solve problems from a military. Standpoint particularly in the early days of rock when things started going so badly. The use service members. Became a sort of diplomats as well so I think their experience is vast it is not just you know hammer on and mail and if you listen to general us today. You know how deep his knowledge it is of the war. Martha thank you so much for your time we really appreciate it that if you rat Raddatz live from our DC here Al. General Mattis is continuing to take questions if you want to watch that hearing hop over to live to.

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{"duration":"7:03","description":"ABC News' Chief Global Affairs Correspondent updates on hearing for Trump's pick for Defense Secretary.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"44734752","title":"Latest From Gen. Mattis Confirmation Hearing","url":"/Politics/video/latest-gen-mattis-confirmation-hearing-44734752"}