The latest on the Iowa caucuses

ABC News’ Rachel Scott discusses the latest details on the outcome of the caucuses.
3:38 | 02/05/20

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Transcript for The latest on the Iowa caucuses
And as you heard in a run down the state of Iowa has now apologized for its major blunder on the national stage in reporting the caucus results last night Troy price. The Iowa Democratic Party chair he had. The daunting task go walking up on as stage in front of the entire country and trying to explain. Why nearly 24 hours later we are still trying into definitively determine who won in Iowa. So is a momentum of the campaign heads to New Hampshire and the clock runs out on Iowa's fifteen minutes of fame. Candidates reacted in real time. Bernie Sanders just addressing his supporters within the past ten minutes. Very proud to tell you that the last night in the higher walked. We received more votes on the first and second round. Than any other candidate. No that the three of us. We'll be dividing up most of the delegates coming out of Iowa I'm feeling good. Or don't know precisely how many dollars or have phenomenal yet but I feel really good about getting more than harsher share. Now it's time for New Hampshire Tuesday cash fast as loudly. I'm. Only in the yeah I didn't. Okay. Oh yeah. It validates scorer. Okay so where his community wondering. She belongs. Where she belongs to state law. In their own family. That he's you believe in yourself. Vendors. I feel that leads. At some of the candidates had to say is their campaigns now move toward balancing what ABC's Rachel Scott has to say she. Has moved on to New Hampshire Rachel the last night we talk to you in Iowa about how the more moderate candidates like. It seems like he's pretty much charting declaring victory. Yes Lindsay a victory lap in deed for mayor Pete collegiate tonight from these very early result of the very early let's from him and he's calling it a some of the best news that he has heard. In this campaign so far and you know what I was on his campaign bus in Iowa when he was crisscrossing the state he told me the best way to settle who can beat president Robin points when he is to do well in Iowa Caucuses and tonight regardless of not having the full pitcher regardless of still waiting for results. He will be taking a victory lap the momentum from his last event hearing to this event here today lines were stretched outside of this building footprint a moderates in this race this is really a battle over 31 counties those are the areas that voted for both President Obama. And president trump. And in the final days near Pete that a judge was willing homing in on his message they are making his. It says electable candidate went electability is so important to Iowa voters remember there not just looking to set the tone for the next contest but don't have the battle scars from the 2016 election they remembered that presidents from 193 out of 99 counties something that they're not looking to repeat. Near. Seven short or long days depending on how much profit had lending to find out the New Hampshire primary is a week away bear territory you know I think you're Rachel Scott.

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{"duration":"3:38","description":"ABC News’ Rachel Scott discusses the latest details on the outcome of the caucuses.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"68759202","title":"The latest on the Iowa caucuses ","url":"/Politics/video/latest-iowa-caucuses-68759202"}