Latest from the White House, impeachment inquiry

Trump discusses pulling troops from Syria, tweets about call with Ukraine's president; new details on the whistleblower released; Joe Biden calls for impeachment; U.S., China trade officials to meet.
5:18 | 10/10/19

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Transcript for Latest from the White House, impeachment inquiry
And I want to bring in Karen Travers at the white house on to discuss these past two conversations. Karen I just want to backtrack to Syria for just a second because the president he had some interesting comments about this attacking yesterday. The president is defending his decision to pull back US troops in northeastern Syria difference is they think. Very significant. Blow back from even some close allies Republican senator Lindsey Graham senate majority leader Mitch McConnell have all said that this is. It big mistake in the wrong decision by the president. Yesterday though in a very long queue in a here at the White House the president. Signaled that you know we've done enough there that the United States has done their part and now it's time for other countries to step in. He said that the Kurds were not bear with the United States during World War II. Signaling you know perhaps the alliance is not been and deep as some people in Washington have been saying now. There of course are big concerns about the administration. Abandoning the Kurds there who are now being left to fight this Turkish military operation and still have. A lot of responsibility for the ice is prisoners that are right now being held in detention. The president though it yesterday insisting that if there is that massacre of there's horrible incident that happens in the Kurds there by Turkey. Residents says that he will wipe out Turkey's economy. Kimberly no specifics on what how do no specifics on what he's red line is at this point on what Turkey ten and cannot do. All right so obviously that's a major story with potentially severe consequences. And then we just heard Tom speaking about Ukraine have the president said anything about president as a Lansky. Com the president was tweeting about this saying that presidential and quid pro quo here at what we've heard from the president before but important thing here is. It's not what the president says about this call at this point it's not what presents a Lansky says about this call because of course there are a lot of political dynamics there. That could lead to things that the president of Ukraine would say. It's not how Democrats are interpreting this call and they say it's all right there it's the president trying to get foreign interference in an election trying to get as fifty ends. How investigating a political rival they aren't interested in what the president is spending this or what the president of Ukraine is spinning this as. So house Democrats say it's all right there on paper. I write and so let's get to the whistle blower because I'm as we said yesterday the whistle blower set to testify. This week and there's new information that the whistle blowers attorneys released about. Malcolm who he is or he or she is. This is a defense after some comments from the president yesterday during that long Q a day here at the White House now we know that the president has been trying to chip away at the whistle blowers credibility and talking about the second hand information. Calling that whistle blower complaint inaccurate despite not providing any specifics. Yesterday the president said that. The whistle blower is a strong Democrat somebody has ties to one or more the presidential candidates he did not provide any evidence. So last night lawyers for the whistle blower put out a statement saying that their client never worked for or advised a political candidate campaign or party. And that they only came into contact with presidential candidates in the roles as elected officials and they note it's candidates from both parties so. Part of the normal business here in Washington where people of course come into contact with elected officials. Who then might end up running for president. He and so we know that many people on the campaign trail the democratic candidates have said that. President trump should be impeached but yesterday was a first time that Joseph Biden actually uttered those words why does why does that matter. You know they get him a line with the other democratic contenders there's a debate next week this is of course going to be a big topic of questions and topic of the talking points for the democratic candidates so it was is striking to see the vice president say that yesterday. Out on the campaign trail at seemingly out of the blew it on you were anticipating that was coming but it does get him in line with the rest of his rivals at this point. Karen just before we go. Big negotiations on China trade at today and the president's weeded that an official is going to be visiting the white house on tomorrow. Yet the at top trade officials from China are sitting down today with top trade officials from the trump administration. This is bid next big round of talks ad that had been stalled for several months now. The residents weeded that he will meet with the vice premier tomorrow here at the White House. Certainly a bit of gamesmanship saying are they ready to make a deal will see how this goes a little bit of anticipation building. I mean I don't think they're as close as they work couple months ago from the Treasury Secretary that they weren't 90% of the wade Baird to a deal. And then things fell apart remember today is October 10. September 15 there are terror increases the United States bumping up 5% tariffs on Chinese products. And that was a tariff of president had delayed for a couple of weeks we'll see if anything comes out of these talks in the next few days. That might delay that even further. I write lots of things to keep straight bear but we appreciate it Karen Travers right there at the White House thank you so much.

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{"duration":"5:18","description":"Trump discusses pulling troops from Syria, tweets about call with Ukraine's president; new details on the whistleblower released; Joe Biden calls for impeachment; U.S., China trade officials to meet.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"66189539","title":"Latest from the White House, impeachment inquiry","url":"/Politics/video/latest-white-house-impeachment-inquiry-66189539"}