Latino voters address their priorities ahead of Election Day

ABC's John Quinones talks to Latino voters across the country, of whom 80% say the economy is their top priority in the 2020 election, followed closely by health care.
6:59 | 10/28/20

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Transcript for Latino voters address their priorities ahead of Election Day
Latinos and Hispanics are the future of American voting by November 3 more Latinos will be eligible to vote on Election Day than ever before. You heard the number 32 million with the help of get out the vote rallies such as those in Florida and Arizona. More than 800000. Of us become eligible to vote every year by 225. That number will swell to one million. Each person with their own story their own opinion. Their own vote. And he had. Okay okay. Come on America. Mets in the center. Bottom mares problem I heard his mind is listening. And I'm proud of what my family and not. Enough though I mean it is is living his American dream in Texas are running the ranch his parents bought in 1940. The years he was born. And that they were able to buy this 4000 acre ranch and make it a success in and then get us educated. Ramirez has one of 32 million Latinos eligible to vote in the upcoming election the largest non why he electorate and most of us have the same common goal will we will we all want to educate our children we all want them to have a good economic alive. He's not alone 80% of Hispanic voters say the economy is their top priority in the 20/20 election followed closely. By health care. There's a lot of issues are affecting us right now we're living under a pandemic solve unemployment. Is one of on Medicaid the economy and worker rights is a very important issue. Health care immigration marches throughout Puerto board concurred with the health care is really important to me. Because right that actually was six when he was a document that I couldn't get any sort of help Garrett. The old neighborhood a lovely lovely about. Julio and Kosovo and the issues that matter to Hispanic community here in issues matter to all Americans right. Castro was the only Latino to run for president in 20/20. His campaign ran on progressive policies like Medicare for all and raising the minimum wage. The United States are making more and more profit. People they make a profit. His presidential bid failed but those policies proved popular with many Latino voters who. See you again. Today progressive Latino voters helped Bernie Sanders win Nevada Colorado and California. And with 40% support they kept him in the race intense. And I. By the next presidential election the number of Latinos in Texas is expected to surpass the white population. Do you think. Texas this is suing statement. Yeah I here we are a swing state. The last ten to twelve polls show the presidential race here. Basically tied. And if we can win here then it's game over for the Republicans and the long funeral Bo is gonna play a huge role. Nationwide. Biden is outpacing president trumped by more than thirty points among registered Latino voters. They were really hoping that the Latino vote. Would come out in both Arizona and Colorado. But in 2016. Less than half of registered Latino voters showed up at the polls 2016 has taught us. I'm very painful it. That eight elections matter. This year there's a focused effort to mobilize Latino voters. Celebrities making a push to get out the vote. Endorsing candidates. I'm here. Jeffrey then he women and moms. And and Latinos appearing at conventions. And hitting the campaign trail for both candidates semi Donald Trump our head coach. And when you win a Super Bowl you don't fire the coach. Turnout among Latino voters is expected to increase by 15%. In the up coming election. Won't you be involved in polls in November. It already voted I voted for mr. felt fists. Flying throughout the economy. But bottom line. Today it announced that I'm it is as well extends into the millions and for that reason he says the vote for trump isn't personal it's just Smart. Business. But you've done so well for yourself and you've been very successful. What do you tell other Americans other Latinos who don't have those investments. I just. I don't know what what the tellem million. I just don't know I'm your. Kid and it's. Developed commitment to develop a discipline. More car and then then you know and that basically how I get if you. What drop a set about immigrants Mexican immigrants they're bringing drugs they're bringing crime. Rate this some. I assuming good people this thing is he not a politician. Builders got a stupid remark they let you. Communists is among the nearly 30% of Latino voters who support president trot. Well a lot of the Latino supporters are not understanding the impact from that trump has on the Latino. Population. Semi have none this is a political activist and the mother of four she ran for senate against bad to Aurora in 2018. Before I start running for office I was coaching Little League based conference to innovate and adapt to. I don't see any men and battered and doing things that women are doing it especially women of color. She spent just 4000 dollars on her campaign but gained nearly 25%. Of the vote. I outperformed in places where most Democrats don't perform very well. She credits her success to appealing to Latinos. As Americans. That proved a winning strategy for president George W bullish in 2004. I'm proud to call the teen owes Americans. And I'm proud to be your president god bless welcome. He made Latino is feel like they had a seat at the table. This year it's Latino voters in Florida Arizona and Texas that experts say could decide the election. Latino most need to understand that our voices matter. That if we want respect that we want to be part of this country we must vote in news.

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{"duration":"6:59","description":"ABC's John Quinones talks to Latino voters across the country, of whom 80% say the economy is their top priority in the 2020 election, followed closely by health care.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"73868180","title":"Latino voters address their priorities ahead of Election Day","url":"/Politics/video/latino-voters-address-priorities-ahead-election-day-73868180"}