Lawmakers at impasse over border security as deadline looms

Four days remain until another possible government shutdown, causing increased anxiety as bipartisan talks over the weekend failed to produce a compromise on border security.
3:46 | 02/11/19

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Transcript for Lawmakers at impasse over border security as deadline looms
I to the nation's capital now here and they count down to yet another possible government shut down funding. Runs out just four days from now and over the weekend bipartisan talks seemed to take a turn for the worse. Our Karen Travers is at the White House she's been tracking the discussions on border security that we're supposed to bring this all new and Hank Aaron it's. Seemed like we are closing in on a deal over border barriers and now this morning we're talking about detention beds what's going on. Dad new wrinkle to these negotiations DeVon and optimism at the end of last week that. The bipartisan negotiators were close to an agreement that they thought the president the White House can sign on to that would put aside money for border security without question of course is what you Karl in a Waller fencing or physical barrier but they were really optimistic that they were getting close. Now the talks seemed to be stalled because there's this new Alan and that's a part of the conversation. Democrats are pushing for a limit on the number of detention beds. Essentially trying to focus the administration are forced them to focus on Cooley is that is being arrested and did the documented immigrants who is being detained. Trying at the focus to be on criminals. And limit the number of options that the government would have and that officials would have so this is perhaps a big hurdle we're gonna wait and see how this plays out over the course of today and tomorrow but. I think it'd notable we were expecting. Potential announcement today of a compromise and that doesn't look like it's going to happen and Kong it's taking the deadline of the end of the day Friday and of course another shutdown is. Very possible he and the president meanwhile escaped turning of the campaign mode he's headed to the southern border again tonight Karen El Paso, Texas. Interest in things there El Paso is not exactly the past case example for why we would need to borrow all right and right. And based on the fact check that we've been doing last week in the state of the union president highlighted El Paso, Texas as a city. That he said had very high rates of violent crime and the president said. That crime dropped after a wall physical barrier was built there well this of course is very right for a fact checking me drill down on the government numbers. And this is driven by the local newspaper down the up paso times found that actually. The really started to drop before the wall was built so you can't say it's because of the wall that. El Paso is now a safer city the president did say that last week in the C the union I think we will certainly see him. And deciding that again tonight at this rally in El Paso. And a former congressman from that city El Paso Bechtel or Rourke is also going to be in they have minds we know he's holding some rally so we'll certainly be fascinating to watch that Karen. Finally just got a kick with this it's it's tax season I don't know about you I have not yet started my taxes when he many people are. The IRS out over the weekend said that they had started to to analyze the early returns come in and many people finding their refunds this year. Are a lot lower than expected with that bat presidential tax cut. Yet this is big legislation and the president signed at the end of 27 teens he has certainly talked about the significance of this and how isn't going to help. Average Americans than now finding that at a gas tax refund that first week of filing are down 8%. Compared to the average from last year they're also millions of American DeVon you're finding out that they owe the government money. This is being chalked up to a change in how the deductions work under this new tax bill. But this is certainly something that I think you'll see Democrats jump on because the president likes to point to this. As a sign that he is doing very good things for the average American especially when it comes to the economy. Busy tax season ahead Karen Travers a busy week I had at the White House great to see Karen thanks so much.

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{"duration":"3:46","description":"Four days remain until another possible government shutdown, causing increased anxiety as bipartisan talks over the weekend failed to produce a compromise on border security.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"60995833","title":"Lawmakers at impasse over border security as deadline looms","url":"/Politics/video/lawmakers-impasse-border-security-deadline-looms-60995833"}