Lawmakers praise special counsel appointed to oversee Russia investigation

Mueller's appointment came as a surprise to many at the FBI, a source says.
2:46 | 05/17/17

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Transcript for Lawmakers praise special counsel appointed to oversee Russia investigation
I think it's very positive step. A special counsel has been appointed and the special counsel of the caliber Bob Mueller sixty has superb reputation. As director of the FBI. His well thought about people on both sides of the aisle so I think it was of the very solid choice. I think it's a good thing. Conference this morning and you know I think it's a good thing because as takes the politics out of hopefully this is gotten too. Two political. People that any news comes out those on the left yell impeach some on the right say it's fate. So this is hopefully detox is some of the politics of it we're just getting information about this so. You don't want to see. You know who. Would be told the utility point so you know obviously we've got a number of investigations going on in house and senate the networks continue on producing a lot of oversight. A from congress and now move. Forward to so we'll see if these two can work hand in hand and ultimately what we've always wanted to give facts and we're gonna continue pursuing all the practical. Obviously that's definitely. Right direction he has a reputation. Pretty solid guide my experience we. In this its importance I think deals with the gravity of this. David his first he was appointed and secondly it was Bob Mueller. News a terrific guy an impeachable. Positions. Whatever. Bob mode from. FBI and a renowned. Lawyer. Because it shows there's an independent special commission as well we'll see you guys have got to get the memo all the now. Look I think it's important get that is the memo before memo that. As been in the news. Any other memos this are coming they've been together for example the memo he may have done the data we've learned Bill Clinton met with residents on the tarmac and memo that need to put together. When they decide if Cheryl Mills community so I want that's the Condit that when all that information we'll reveal. Anderson I don't believe is necessary I don't. So that. As these versions. The news. Very solid and significant. Step he heads expertise and experience. And the guts and backbone. Uncover the truth and hold accountable as anybody who's broken the law so I think now the question is what we have the independence. And resources as well it's PE. And mandate. To pursue wrongdoing and the evidence wherever it.

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{"id":47476165,"title":"Lawmakers praise special counsel appointed to oversee Russia investigation","duration":"2:46","description":"Mueller's appointment came as a surprise to many at the FBI, a source says.","url":"/Politics/video/lawmakers-praise-special-counsel-appointed-oversee-russia-investigation-47476165","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}