Lawmakers react as House moves to draft articles of impeachment

The House Judiciary Committee will hold a hearing on Monday after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s announcement to begin the process to draft articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump.
3:41 | 12/06/19

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Transcript for Lawmakers react as House moves to draft articles of impeachment
And guys were staying in Washington a major announcement from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi yesterday after months of resisting she officially began the process to draft articles of impeachment for president trumps I want to bring in Mona costar Abbie at the White House. In we have Catherine folders on our Washington bureau and captain I'll start with you because. There are hearings on Mondays I just wanted to tell us what to expect in who we're going to be I'm hearing from. OK so they sure on Monday is going to be this presentation. Of evidence is what they're calling it now the Judiciary Committee announces hearing. But we're going to hear presentations from the lawyers on the House Intelligence Committee the main committee that conducted all of the public hearings in the depositions behind closed doors. And from lawyers on the House Judiciary Committee and what that says to me the importance of that that the judiciary lawyers are participating. In this briefing you see Jerry Nadler right there but what it says is that they are considering an article of impeachment. About obstruction but as it relates to the mall a report you remember judiciary was the committee that conducted the mall our investigation Sobel likely. Hear more about that it's not too many details yet how long these presentations are going to laugh but we'll see a lot of the same lawyers. Who we saw presenting. Their evidence and then shortly thereafter. They'll begin drafting aren't. Yes that's certainly moving forward in Mona the White House still has until 5 PM today. To let the committee know if it will participate. In this process correct. That's right but if you remember the White House RD opted out. Of participating in the judiciary committee's first public hearing that happened this week so it's likely that they will opt out of participating in future proceedings. As well also with impeachment all but certain right now scenes of the president is looking past the house. And hasn't sights set on the Republican controlled senate S House Speaker Nancy Pelosi yesterday announced that. She instructed house Democrats to go ahead and draft up articles of impeachment the president took to Twitter to declare quote. And you're going to impeach me do it now do it fast and it's something that will likely happen. Before the end of the year if not before Christmas. And it's something that. House Republicans actually criticized Democrats for doing they accuse Democrats of trying to speed rolled to his impeachment process we heard from House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy yesterday who said that. The Democrats are trying to move fast because they're afraid that they will not be able to beat Donald Trump come November 20 to when he. And the general election but the White House has said that the president's team is. Looking for to quote a fair trial in the senate where the president can't fully make his case and honestly it's in both parties' interest to have a speedy senate trial you have given that 20/20 such an important year you hop state of the union you have. The primaries and that you have to remember also that three of the senate Democrats during the presidential candidates. And the democratic side are. Senate Democrats as well Kimberly. He and Kaplan in the meantime Rudy Giuliani is back in Ukraine. And I guess the question is doing what. He asked so Giuliani back in Ukraine at he's meeting with Ukrainian officials some of them up come up in this impeachment probe. And he's doing this is part of a documentary series that is essentially to discredit. The impeachment probe he's working on it went that far right station one American news. So he's over there today we think leaving this afternoon but the other thing this raises a lot of questions because the House Intelligence Committee has already subpoenaed a Rudy Giuliani for documents as it relates to his work in Ukraine so likely hearing a lot more questions raised by Democrats esta. Why he's. All right Catherine folders on our DC bureau in Mona costar Abbie at the White House thank you guys for the update.

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{"duration":"3:41","description":"The House Judiciary Committee will hold a hearing on Monday after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s announcement to begin the process to draft articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"67547312","title":"Lawmakers react as House moves to draft articles of impeachment","url":"/Politics/video/lawmakers-react-house-moves-draft-articles-impeachment-67547312"}