Legendary snowboarder, climate activist: 'I was seeing changes to that snow'

Big mountain snowboarder and Protect Our Winters founder Jeremy Jones discusses his climate activism, mobilizing outdoor sport enthusiasts to vote, and his advocacy on Capitol Hill.
5:42 | 09/15/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Legendary snowboarder, climate activist: 'I was seeing changes to that snow'
And with so much environmental news today bringing Jeremy Jones he's been named the greatest big mountain snow border on the planet he is also an entrepreneur who are filmmaker and founder of the environmental activist group protect our winters. Thank you so much for joining us Jeremy. Think you're. Start with your journey into activism in your day job you climb to mountain heights it even helicopters are unable to reach an and you throw yourself off of them. You said that you scene changes to these mountain ranges over the years what are you seeing up there in and how did it motivate you to take action. Yes so eager to Pakistan border an idea regarding these on controlled environment. Reading the snow it's critical I received changes and that's known. The coincided with the way science is we're telling. And specifically. We're seeing and rain at higher elevations were seeing glacier job reduction. Mom and at the gang coincides with. What the climate scientists have been telling us. In your advocacy word you say you want to mobilize what you call the outdoor stated views of the fifty million or so outdoor sports and Susie is used as a potential voting bloc and in your experience to they have common political leanings. We recognize fifty million Americans that are really passionate about two orders people and all. They're really try and Jews get them understand that this election. And voting in general we need to vote for of these places that are so special. Q I sit and they need to be protected and so. We're trying to activate this fifty million. Voting bloc that traditionally hasn't been the best voters some a lot of its younger people as well. Maybe I'm come and bring out the vote like the I'm older voters and I would say it's job. It's definitely diverse. Look order block and buy your there's ever. Day she it's really hard anyone that spends that much time out sorts not T changed. So there is. Ever an issue that could get people united that traditionally maybe art united. I we hope that it is the outdoors than these places that we go up. And it just wanna pause for a moment to say we've been looking and some video viewed going down the mountains and it's really phenomenal what what you are able to to do. Physically. For those who say. Look climate change doesn't exist. What's your response. Well I don't really it if you are not. If it the world's scientific community. And the teachings of every major. College in the world. Isn't enough for you or your salute to accept that climate change is happening. Or just looking out the window and seeing their climate change is happening if you live in California or anywhere on the West Coast trait now. I don't have that. That magic you know the words for that Ahmed sew up protect our winners. We really focused on study show that 70%. Of Americans. Do you. Except the science of climate change and so are we can't. Changed these starched and hires it's not a good return on our time. And so we really focus on the people that down. That she did it happening in China unite down and and show them the difference between climate champion Adam you know climate in ire and the fact that they on our outdoors. And you've also lobbied congress would kind of reception did you get in Washington and have you wrote any unlikely allies in this fighter any unexpected roadblocks. So the only starter protector winners over ten years ago I didn't realize the front lines to be Capitol Hill but it is really we learn that album now though personal choice is important we really need large scale policy change so. We meg all Americans just only for about eight years and down and traditionally. I'd say the majority of those meetings are we did the people that maybe and ordered we want them to vote we hope to get down. Maybe you know vote for a healthy planet and downs. I'd say behind closed doors it's a much more cordial conversation. Then maybe we read on the news and you see. Especially where this film purple mountains as I went to these rural areas that are really. Tradition you know pretty hard core conservative areas. That don't vote her. The outdoors. There is a much more. Unifying. Conversations going on the navy's that news we're we're you know leak. And lastly this week you start a new documentary called purple mountains which will stream online for free what's the message and what impact are you hoping for. So it's my journey to understand why we are so divided as the country on clean air clean water and a healthy planet and dom. And I have conversations with people then again the traditional ringing I'm groups that don't talk to each other I think we need to. Not be afraid conversations with many people that aren't in our tribes. End. My hope is that. People really come together around just back clean air clean water healthy planet and vote for leaders. That want a Jeremy Jones thank you so much for your time I really appreciate it. Thank you.

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{"duration":"5:42","description":"Big mountain snowboarder and Protect Our Winters founder Jeremy Jones discusses his climate activism, mobilizing outdoor sport enthusiasts to vote, and his advocacy on Capitol Hill.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"73012007","title":"Legendary snowboarder, climate activist: 'I was seeing changes to that snow'","url":"/Politics/video/legendary-snowboarder-climate-activist-snow-73012007"}