Letters of Condolence to Jackie

After JFK was assassinated, the country sent letters of condolence to the first lady.
3:13 | 11/22/13

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Transcript for Letters of Condolence to Jackie
I think that those pictures today. Who -- I mean once again the tears come to my eyes seeing those those adorable little children who lost their father Simeon. And I think that that that was a huge part of town America found that that we all lost him so young and and the Muslim children especially. And a lot of people had expressed the fact that they felt assist the Kennedys were an extension of their own family. And in the days following. There was a tremendous amount of popcorn hand written letters that the White House had received. Expressing condolences to the First Lady into the family. And I had a an opportunity to go up to the library in Boston to take a look at some of those letters the condolences that -- expressed. In those days following the assassination. Dear mrs. Kennedy and I'm very sorry your husband -- because it's been fifteen years since Kevin Riddell and held this letter in his hands. He was eight years old. In 1963. So upset. By the loss of president Kennedy and he decided to write in the First Lady and I'm should forgive your enemies -- -- her -- forgive me small innocent thoughts but confused and sad little boy from Michigan. Kevin's hand written note was one of a million and a half condolence letters that overwhelmed the White House in the days following Kennedy's assassination. Over the years. That the collection was called to 151000. Letters from. And largely forgotten sitting in the archives of the John F. Kennedy library in Boston. A literary time capsule. -- that Allen Fitzpatrick. Historian and University of New Hampshire professor. Unveiled to the world in a book written letters to Jackie. I've been teaching. And were searching modern American history for thirty years and I had never seen -- rich collection. Of material documenting. As many diverse group. Voices. In a moment of historical. Cataclysm. My dear mrs. Kennedy I am only one of the millions of people who are shocked and stunned that this monstrous crime. And never until last Friday have myself such desperate sense of loss and loneliness. There -- letters from people who -- and says my I was looking forward to voting against her husband in 1964 and now -- been deprived of the opportunity. And many people who disagree violently with his point of view. Nonetheless expressed there horror that this event had occurred in the United States is doing no. How many mrs. Kennedy and -- and. We don't know. All we know is what she said when she think the country for these letters she sent. She read them as she -- bear to read them. Opening the possibility. The First Lady -- may have read Kevin's letter. Carrier respectfully Kevin -- aging.

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{"id":20984984,"title":"Letters of Condolence to Jackie","duration":"3:13","description":"After JFK was assassinated, the country sent letters of condolence to the first lady.","url":"/Politics/video/letters-condolence-jackie-20984984","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}