Lev Parnas releases extended audio clip of Trump dinner

Donald Trump Jr. also appears to have been at the April 2018 dinner attended by the president.
23:15 | 01/26/20

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Transcript for Lev Parnas releases extended audio clip of Trump dinner
People. I. Get an event. That's McGrath. Are you. Bird. You're here. Wouldn't it. Was born. Yeah. He really. You yeah. We've crazier and you. Mean who. Oh. It's. It's true it's news. Yeah. Yeah along the yeah green card six. Losing. That there's never learned that yet. Why yeah it's. Zero. Yeah. Few million in Rome and you know he's just starting the night. Is anywhere. Life as a lineman who apparently. Easy. It is. Everywhere yeah yeah yeah. And I. There's. Yeah okay. Yeah we're. Well it's. Me. And everybody once again you know you're. President thank you for being here. Yes. It. Unless I'm ethical he's the Jackie. Yes sir. That. Process. She knows what it is sir freedom Britain. It and that's good news. And it's pretty interesting. It. It says that. All authorities. Speaking like how. Eight where. Great. What is it you as a whole movement if there it was. Offers must admit. He actually looked. He's real player is what is being talked. Yes Gina it. It. Not actively but he's just lucky. What you oh heroes and opera. Yeah. Let's yeah I'm. These make him. A do over much good to be put it. You see what's happening we're doing really well I don't know why. Boosted Apple's yeah but they there this. It's since leaving office. Equipment. Election Day which was pretty amazing it was an easy day. We result was governor there. I. Like underground. You know. What you did he's. But it is more you. Know what's. That's. Higher at lower probably would they keep. Yes I do that and actually look like it's going to be what. But we're doing better than ever before and accomplish. And is moving along really well how's it now we'll but to say in yesterday's event that location wasn't a he really wants to do is. Supporters who wants to do two things at me maybe the rhetoric and maybe we put sanctions like you wouldn't believe. The key is each today. You were going to hopefully craziness that is. You know have been averaging 500 billion dollars a year ago it's what. I suspect brutal. I wouldn't say when you 500 billion dollars down you can lose. I suspect somebody's at but why you know what this. Hurt. And this is also level. But. This is why would you be doing which. You can do which is much less as it is that this is like your baseball team. And it's the first inning and the other team's scores 32 runs. Yeah. Yeah. Due to the first. Basic. 800 per year a year policy matter. Here courtesy. The bloodless that's okay the wrong you know that you factor plan moves to Mexico. You lose three houses. She. Yes yes he was happy. But the people go. Very feel. We'll tell you you're still. Are you know. You have to do you can't originally they're I started. I beautiful. Police dollars. Actually fire where you show. Are substantial presence in. What. When it reserves things. So. When he finally has that is what. So there's no question. The price of domestic fuel has now. The we can Wear anything either healthy price break to low right. Healthy right where you gave me nice repair. Industry. We've certain. Are. Here are definitely that the issue we still. It right I think you'll. Feel still poultry trying to work. They do it all back door oh. So. That you. The worst period. Workplace Maria. The laws you looked at can you believe bulletins it was we. They. It I. But so that they have their friendship. Yes. Ship what's that you listed Chinese. Primary. Period again. We don't. We have got involved. Others. Elliott can be war it's the fight while creating work to keep. Places from. Yeah. Yeah it is yeah. Talking about Powell yeah. Then why yeah. That is but you have David yeah. Having that one of the toughest phase we do business with him probably. Confidence. There's more. Numbers we have 32 billion dollar deficit was. And then this table you know people I guess generous disagreed on this search and trade deficit. Listen. And the Indo us you know the area. So we're doing differently but listen. Losing thirty to it was. So. It's crazy but you know it is what is and its government. Things and the trade deals that we negotiated including that he was. Oh quote it is loaded deal well below the point are. We ordered by 30% yes. That one. You don't have vehemently. We him he in this. What was others you triples. And here it is so the end that rate so I. Can see that. You. Were you. So. Were you this news. What. There we. Did you know it was this yet over 30%. News most of the other players' home there there does. It well. Well. Yet you know he cares. Nobody. You stupid. Please keep your skills opening up like war plan which is unthinkable that thirty years. Don't forget that the country's taken billions of dollars. When you George 45% and 50% or 10% problem. And that all of us is over and utility 25% taxes it is coming in. We think in his country being it is nobody. Jobs. And itself you know. To me. That they we're taking in billions and billions. They're doing and we're also negotiating deals that we could have never negotiate. Because countries are now coming to us begging to negotiate citizens through these years. It's also at least are displayed and coming would like to look like European Union. Yeah that that to. Liquidate its what is your program to prevent the country wants as a Clemons. Richard. At about three dollars. Actually deficit. Victims he. And you know there will be WTO's. It is. Don't left without the WTO Jews but we beat China. If it is a good look at and hit him through. Rules. It didn't. And our copies. We're very happy we. Oh. Yeah if it was more access. It is if we did it's beautiful we're. Important. Three. We quote. Because hookers. Any time I would open them. Overnight it was in those important. Back. We've seen in March and April the united they they're trying to. Yeah beat the deadline. We'll see anything wrong had absolutely there you go there or hateful and her and her why it is here and he's we. When you can see prices go up you can see. Oh. Yeah theory. If we get quote. China subsidizes its. Diversity quotas is. Yet because. That put more money. Even with a torn is there yet it's because it. And we think it we make a fortune. So mostly aluminum gun down. Put it and present. It's actually gone down 4%. Here. So it's been it's been pretty well we're gonna have. This and I think it has some very good but we have some very victory deals. To join us. They do what we're proposing. Us. He does it feels he blows it is honors them. While the people that made. That view. You did you there loser laws. When for the last year. In the list it would work rules. Our country it was like the budget. Will likely dummies ticket punched in the peso will come back. And that they you know I I get them. To charity gotten great deal. That the it that you needed WTO which was good news. That went up like. That is what. They you. When it against us it. We can't the leaders agree geniuses. It is or it is it to release recently that. That the Middle East that would these seven trillion. And have your picture windows school. We're that is as it is said. So you keep yours are that it's. That he. Risks. Use and we. Rather. It can. Just. The WTO. It was a weapon to hurt them. And you're if you use it. Unity. Is a group of countries. Who. It. And practically. It probably. Worse yet citizens this war. That. Batteries. And do what. And us. But here it is as it sounds like him European Union rules. It's you see these rules. But which it. It. The it's and at all it finally right that is it resolved and but people what. It's a he there's. It is. You know congress. Grand I'm. The pension. Because you know that. You know like performers who rating. The department's public. Is. There could be upward. Yet to hit. Meeting intimidate. You go deals like. That is the worst. I think that WTO's. And it. Maybe worse to. Us. We good ones. Hillary Clinton it would be. It. You know that feel those issues that would make 250. There's. Yeah. Whitney Houston this ridiculous. Cruise line off. Koppel is doing a great. Perfect that are. Definitely. Presence conference that there wasn't it yeah it doesn't think it. Is that the writers and that's right it there is that. Erotica is the most. And you think the sentences that. Cuts have been better. The rest of the world but that competition. Is not quite here is you know your access. So what we're in Britain would UK. And that competition is tougher than we. Three. Oh. Golf again. But it is rooted that is what every president. But the Ryder got this the constantly. You get. But this did it can use me guns and go so far there. Did. An amazing. Thing. Re never been that this. They have it's cold now. Peachy day plan and its current youth eight nations. You know war players teams women's and it's you west Germany Spain Korea that are being solved it yet. Well this fall houses this. The golf unbelievable. Collusion and her with a government. Is horrendous things under oath that you're getting so bad. And. Your letter. I sportswear. Two days victories he was very appreciative. Of your you know that matters to me and that they had because you. President told Minneapolis that they must be pretty pretty. For eight. Here arm. Right when he's. Up suffered there. Eight years. Annika. U. The president's interest in the sixth that if you're. I got it wants line. But who we you. That is all part of retreat bones. Agree yeah. I feel ridge do his. Why did you. Britain Jack and I work. Yes movements where. Wall. Unity kind of froze the conversation. You chosen a spot for your meeting with condone. North Korean leadership in the coming months. But if you're. Considers Longo. Birders some businesses that stands you know 7% owner master plan. You know my and we specifically have the skills will be. Honored that you consider in others. We'll. You know that he knows. That at best best car. Yeah. The course record eight. I. Little goal of this do need to do and if live result. To that he wanted him. Yeah like a picket. This crowd. It is you know and he. And rocket Robert it is yeah. It's unity government pulled fearful written that it. As a it. Did that his greatest. Did that. A is the prize. Eight look like. The thank you. This is unit that is. Veterans. Yeah. They. That. Is it that. As of I don't. It. That's exactly where. We. Work that we're all. There it's. Where. Groups aren't you. Do me. I we're. What. You. Rob you. I due to an ordeal. Oh. Believe it was hauling capacity. After it happened Howard who currently. You know homer. We'll. You know not very he was. Couldn't believe it moments Williams. And figurative art. When. The people. You capable. Important. You can see it. Clearly it if people can't get out. The committee. You should groups. He. Could have. The artery. And I. You know that. That he. Or is it it would. It. Goes. That. Won't. Rule. And he over the longer. Flop and it looked at but I don't. Our order guys dual mode and they throw it from one if you can't keep the war. They wrote that. Land. Connecticut. People. Can imagine. I good that you yeah. I don't really heard. Mark. Yeah that is news program bureau right but what is the killers. Walt. One and most. And looked out. Others. That actually have this woman is like that. I. There's probably. Much what all. It's like we did you know. Died. Our our UU. We involved. Oh there and here. At. Look resident. Currently and you. Have a lot of two. Both you know. What. What. We had a news. Against complacency if something happens when you wouldn't the president they don't want to win the presidency. It's vigils. Hundreds of kids don't. There is enough enough. I think 93% of the time it was and that I think but you know let's get to see what kind of isn't. We're going to be its food. That's. You know this stock markets applications and what. Actually the music. We. But every. Great people here. That would rapidly progress. It it. I looked up. And year to date and those. Who wore him. You water good water. Would you vote. Parishioners. Picked it. Easter you bring you shouldn't they. All right from. Waters slogan. And Gregoire. Better. Yeah here get treated there that is what it doesn't. Sprint for it and you can go who. Believes. We'll. Well about diversity. And you. Let's move underworld original vision surgery the good. News this whole girders. Just do business. There is cowardly act world waiting yet. That they you know out. People who. Italy. And we. Learn how can. These. America is me or does he is oddity. Trust me he's not okay right here. Horizon. Minutes ago. We've been getting. Because that water what is she workplaces. From here I would think there's two votes as the case goes. You know. You know went six. Nobody we were six. Special congress. We'll run our children learn more room. Zones and there. Oh. Your problem. British. No vouchers. Or anything. Don't know yeah. About everything and your turn. And you know by. Not. You. Yeah. I told you about it losers. There. Yeah hold the theater experience and that was the greatest. Atlanta wouldn't want to or investors. So it is. And they have their medical. Here. But and who reluctantly they ever did I don't really have anything about it yeah just right. Yes it was. It. Is now as. Oh. Well I think this is no more crazy they don't know what happens. Don't go you know. Red brick and their heads a few years. You gonna pitch. I think look at it I think there it will let you know two. Blair flew back you know life. You have this one actually waters she. Very little IT. We yeah. Yeah. It's missing since election. Oh. Yeah. And I. Constantly. Culture and you know my path. But they didn't. It's. Confident lower against earlier and so. House favorite. A balloon is what we. We're just looking. Drain and into her daughter she's more ingenious as well it is brilliant you. News this article availability. Democrat from losing stranglehold on audience and it literally all him. 16 August when he and our. Strategy here is. Hand and who now now twice. This week. Let's. Here. Desperate yeah. Everything. It's interesting that there. Yeah warm. I had. Disease so. After yeah okay Fred I'm. Out. Businesses. And that. It it. Oh. It. He was elected. Our detractors. Susan Austin people who was. Excellent ready can't thirty. He. Lives. There they can make money there six. Yeah Seagram's. Jean Marie Hughes but for our wealth or. Him or. Laurie that yeah. Or. Yeah yeah. Brian well. Oh. But his detractors and you don't throw out of president. Yeah. It's. It's yours. So. It. Let we'll it should really helps. Texas yeah. Yeah. We evidently produces only. Julian. Yeah. There isn't really basically. The right at me for using it much as we aren't. It was for west Texas you probably. No more probably more. Biggest blessings. And comparing. Licences are accurate. When she us. 66. To congress and this is this man. What's the quality lives lives and apparently. So what's a quality that is. Oh and worms are hurting her right. And changed. Its lights. Here. Yeah we were yeah you can interact more independent minds. We. I. News yeah. Yeah let's go to go to their house. Under that they aren't. Deeds war. It before gullible. Gasoline last week in big lake Texas there's. The firm based. People who until six. Four. And I'll ask anyway what. The well but did you political. And he changes. That we export. He could be anger. Oh. Which a lot of voters why his liberal and prosecute and you know fantastic but he go. Germany. And we're supposed to be. Pleasures rush. As crews. Yes he did and check only that it's. It's. It was where the prospers. Great right now. She's achievement. That ahead then they love you. They love you really. Great great fighters the fighters they love you. Seoul what to do. Russia's. Right there. It was them directions. That way for direction. I think there's. Is. If you work vessels of yet. Yes Muslims in I thought I read. Then again who. Lucy question it was in its. It's I don't they would. Lots of this year you. Right now they wanted to want to accident. Not really know they want great. Ukraine's vast. Resources and Ukraine are true here as an excuse. And right. They just sort of thoughtful sort through and through because. Supplied by as old apartment goes through Ukraine to. Yeah well it is our number one and you're. We could you. The federal relief much. Exactly. Companies news. That's exactly what it was thwarted Clinton's for visas and hope things you know one are you under I don't know Biden. Yeah that was. There. Yours. But. Here's the auditors. Taxes. As a potential number one potential credit his career. Yes here. And just very. Support whose mission is. Obviously you did there own soul. Either. It. Without us. Russia also keep in mind. Possibly game. He's he's. There's. He thought the big game but he you know you you know what's it was a great great job. There actually. It was very much we should. Via. Live U if you support the men wouldn't really. New president. He's. He wants the right thing where if it was assesses. His rookie under way humans he's very much you know what. Jim enough support of him. I was told him he's going and effectiveness of Portland rush is for congress. Bogey him if that person under this adjustment and doesn't exactly does a vision an escort from you. The European. Back that's basically. Russia. And that's what you have such. I think. Takeover the biggest problem can we we. To start his argument about it is she's the left over from the administration where the in this. She's basically walk around them but what he's getting impeached just wait. I. Yeah and his. Get rid of rhetoric. We do it. My. You. Are. And are. These QQ what they don't have your tired your deep and it. Yeah. Arlington. Us. It's is it keeps taking. It's. CEOs I believe. And this stuff that they have this they had. About the it is. It's going to keep it here. Green and you have to US. What is the live Smart but. It is such it's just finished up. Oh he usually has great television you yeah. Yeah yeah yeah. Yeah. The there and I don't know that they had backfired it hurt us. It's. They were here. He just you can look at Johnson. There's a little the left of this occurrences. Let me. That you that you had what you. It is. Yeah so yeah. We're. President they're. Wednesday. And I'm among them I got residents and read about it. Today. Oh yeah okay. Yeah like burger oh look. Who. Here. Radio amazing that activity is greatly. A present. But have you thought of falling and Indians of these. This. I was these theories about where you can unity. Its own work that'll is that so important I don't know that could I don't know if an occasional. Yeah coming up. What we do us military and ethically. Ago when the real. We'll. Yeah. And it's a tremendous tremendous. Movement would the it. I think here I didn't think it was. The future apparently. I think it's indefinitely so far of the united. And he's yet haven't. He took control and Colorado there were actions. Goes tonight. There's might lose influence. The Soviet president and veteran and actually good road this. Yet that's. I don't again you know that in this. Yeah between. That an awful. For a couple. Much from him so I. Driving it. You know people beating. Wolf we'll discuss. It just didn't as well yeah I agree I want to recommend it. Not the longer than others but we haven't recommends this programs. A bipartisan committee politicians. The young people who live and she's your good having earlier this that you could knowledgeable about these practices. It's just by just putting the community. It it would give such a loser after and then when the amendment Edward Liddy. A lot of ladies don't. He moved you know sat around and a lot of professional if it. An even bigger right now joined. You know if of course parents might benefit from the house and the president of people if you get it right national honor in that enables them the with the growers. When some. Statistics and information the question would be ultimately. Different views that are again through when I told my home on the I think part most important. Because losing about thirty states there you legalize. Or 90% of involvement. I'm not involved in the business. Have a lot of friends. I'm in the Aegean restricted. Watching him. Evolve over the years that we are constantly quote I've seen. As a part of doing now with the release and Italian Americans are holding opponents for him. It's very. They can be close my front. They get wherever goodness that is we're. Our profile communities think we've. Oh. Divisions over us and we'll have a vision and great I just that money now last week that. Vomiting. Still regulate this. It actually yeah. Yeah it's. So yeah that's you know. I think it was cold when we it is it was gone we will have a commitment that we give you the right direction that's. Bipartisan that's not why certain other. I think that you could be ahead of the game and practice partners who will make the right decision which would. Leaves them behind him group. There's. Is that part of it and you history and we're just in the we're in the process for. Green privatizing them. That you come again. Standard. In Poland Italy that Turkey. Yeah. Yeah who yeah activities. Bryant which investigated the threat of a lady and parties. Is that both sides. One of the advertising of any originally sung happy turkeys and it's all animals. A pipeline where there. Who is nuclear active and written me that we. We'll going to ultimately below we will be able cut off Russian news and of the pipeline from Ukraine. Under the water and so. Water. We'll. If you. Yeah. Hopeful. Electric bus commuters along it is amusing that you work. Like you know. But you know he. All of us. And he's done the right thing to do that and we figured for his snowboard just let us in Baghdad himself just in the suspected because his. We received we're we're Parker plays that you wouldn't I'll be right now. Because I think. Via. We're minority whip its 78 uses. She's really. Great is. Or Eyewitness News. Here's what viewers want. Fourth. So. All. And here please. Off. Fuels. On its use factor. Here. Us. These what you city. Because it isn't exhausting. I don't. You're. In. Yes. I. Molesters. Oh oh. Comment. Body part or. That humans it's fifty. Or apartment is no criminal elements him. Diseases. Is nor. And you. It was a real election can be used it for and they have a normal kid. It ratings would be one. Her. That's what. Do. About six months before the election is that doesn't do us. Did you weren't an awful lot. Honestly. You know. And you know straight times. Ask not nobody else would everybody else would it apply it. Obama would have been if he was sent ginger G. You mr. Robinson rules Obama Obama would say bitter because there's a pogo opening of the it's. To spend. I think oh. Offers yet you went around the dispute and debate. Didn't yeah. Or would be. He. Right right. Lane. That. Not heard. Let the other part of it is present were. Yes. It was. You know. Because all those people that haters so much who voted for me. Corpus. Because it is easy victory faces. The good and recent news. And we can use. Priorities is. Oh yeah wanted more. Now it is a people's a that there sort of established and normal. So he may have lost a lot of us parents you know. Now I feel if you will they. Yeah wrote. Her. The an allotment. Sure. 88 definitely. Didn't. Yeah. Like I'm. I'm. A and all war. But here here Erika. We. You know we'll look at killing and was. Look at that you're. That if he Alan keys and it's. Now. It is great but. Carmen. Stated. Did he do big crowd away from. It would have. You know I think is. Wearing. How you and there is good opportunity. Actually yes. Eat here. Vehicle. We don't want to eat that all pool. What is your. Commuters. Compressed. Practice. We're we're. Right there compressors to move. Natural gas it was. Harvey. Our electric. The yeah. Anything. Room yeah. And I. It's just they don't want to plunge. Asia and a lot of other. Music business. 0880. Expertise. He Garrity says he's I don't know if it. He never generating network. He's so it. All the people. Over. The other thing that people forget. Here them. And that the urban put. This ball is seen as a reference rate you cherry. And generating we. When it's oh victory. You've seen it years together. Really grow well it is still well rules there. Clear you. 000 and local. It's done I don't notice criticism. We feel that you give them away companies that might they're mark yet. Standard holding public money and made more. Well. He. A tree he. Well here is just. Is yes. Is he that a very Smart guy. The brilliant guy. Office. He really. Regardless regardless. And he. Yeah here. Not theirs. He. Could be. The cars we. Every move forward it would. Yes you. All we're gonna get our portfolio inherit. Would hall and. You are really not easy. To do so again. Vs. The into the Internet access that there type of guard. Good thing. It's me line struck press club. Are an important. He is. Well it is you that he's happy we'll you why aren't you. And he played utility truck is that it didn't work for a better. When it looked brand cola brand and yeah. And aluminum. Leave it alone that you look at these extra. Certainly can't hear czar does it didn't easier. Things and are yeah. This morning mugs yet. Repairs. Yeah. Yeah. Here and eyewitnesses. And do you request. Actually four one. It's nonsense he's currently the raptors. To be good this. The consumer. That's dangerous offers. And I dispute. Rightly. Yeah doing handiwork he probably Brookfield re doing program. Coated. Made that. You lose when you. The repair. You know every time. Analysts and repairing news yes. Well. Businesses let paired with Wendy let. Me. 08. And do things. Who we. His. Plea. Here there's. Today. Actors. All. But peoples like yes. Yes the charges. Don't want it. Guard is the electors this problem that matured yeah. Thank you very. Much. Those are at work. But not great. All of a stable life yes. Back at work again probably and it's certainly you know things it usually is the most Paula. Eight. Yeah. And if you. Evelyn and ten miles a gallon and yeah it is you. We read you right we seen. And it actually get more. You can. It's O our. There's risks there it you don't get their fifty cent tax you know it that it really is. You. Let you should just. And it doesn't runners. It's. Yeah. And as the unit is probably isn't let go and groups. Really yeah yeah. You know. Yeah these lists them here. Use. And news you use its wealth. And with the progress yes. We don't know we humans in Iran he we have. We don't think. It's that crazy news is that there is really uses words quietly. It is an analyst at this time he didn't know the president and Berlin all due to these people here Shah. But. You. Right. You. That because it is yet. You when you look at Houston. Lou. Them. Will. We. We. Yet he. And there's two reasons Kagan. We have we have. Yeah. I'm not. Areas. More okay. Isn't enough. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Let it be okay so Mr. President you know. It. Oh. One. Well. So. We turn for a heart block. Were. So let. We'll wrong rooms. All. Do. It. We've seen it. Drivers truck all are. Yes that is the way. It's. Yeah. Regular you. That is that is Aaron by the yeah. Work okay. Any injuries from the limitations you drive it. The the that. The law. Okay your your your. Leader. Marty her. That balloon if the people you'd. Yeah yeah I held. You know. That he ought to. Be able to do you willing to work well we're in our day so. I don't make the difference by doing the community partners that there the other members say yeah. Or. For more. Drugs. That he. Upwards. Yeah you can you yeah its work. Him. Very. Are. It's. It worker we've there. Eight. They. He. We'll do very well and literally brick. This network well you know. Yours. And do you Unita an important. This is huge news. Nadal and everything to prevent him there while exports. It. Or. We'll. I my one was quick. Actually it I and you and yours. It. Right he he. It. Solution that problem. Mind you. Do all. Its. You both. Worked as well. Or certain. Groups. There right now there's an eerie. That. I didn't want car keys are. The lines like you the a great. Three. But if you think. Say it is it's absolutely thing. If you. Want and I saw as a. Witnesses. I thought our. Indian. That he. You worked in here is right here. Easier than those useless car drives by it is. Hunters. Would you you're getting hopeful. That well. Quote. Which board that. Your. If people start it. My god. This vehicle yeah. Yeah. Grade it was. Everybody has a yeah. That he. And it uses you lose and we call your car while. So the so emotional on the they. Weren't that it will pay. Particularly. Well before. And laws something there's good news. Do you think. He loses in numbers and numerous runs and it meaning he could hit his right. Multiple is great but it is I think you've played do you think vehicle. He's like his name Lawrence. Let's. The this happens is that there's an ambiguity. In the numbers. Me. Look what we're working more. Closely the site what's they. And the theater you that's what this amazing that we just that would make volatile. It's amazing yeah. Yeah. A 00 owed you people of Ukraine's live where you definitely that I don't geragos. This is like Catholic. Which. Yeah. I am here. Law. Of course dunes council. This thing reallocation yeah. And yeah. Nothing but Lugo Justin's name. Yeah. The open in two ways. Fortune. And his career has made it the other way it is the movies. Others. Spent in. Or open it up because we'll. Do it. There. Lessons. Him. They have abilities on existing site that's a better okay that's okay. It's. The he does that they quote. Us so. There's. The reason. This is a role in his. It. You know you can't now. W. The president. Me. It's the same number now he's amazing Poconos clouds fountain. They're very poses its. Smart. Again the it is. There and we. Hearing. Our. Wolf. Out. So close something. Thank you very much of it and that he is a little trip test. It. I. When you. You know this thing. That it's ago and you can see me. If and he. So who. Yes as what yeah. His campaign. Which I think is wrong. He's been working. Hesitancy. In accidents and injuries. Yeah. Eight. The president meantime. We'd like. This group here tonight. Or. To block want is great Teddy Roosevelt mind being thirteenth. Created. Big speech and in the arena. And for years and this year. This year troops against all odds. It's it's. Jagan seventy plus for a yeah at winning substantially. You yes little. In the arena Teddy Roosevelt in nineteen actor he'd speak. It's not the critic. Ever hear credit belongs to him man who was actually in the read. Whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood who strives. Errors and surely yet again and again but never gives up never will it is part eat what goes. Our souls. That know neither victory nor. Review organs Platt does it. My math is. We're yeah. Hello I'm. Yeah it was yeah. It is. That. You. We're. Yet there. Your. Our. I have an bump at the grand. Yeah I think president. It was senator yeah. If you wouldn't put it wouldn't get him. Seeking others. In which ends and the initiative. Yeah here I. Didn't yeah that. And I do listen thank you oh yeah. An easy guy Brett. Oh well. They. Again. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. Anybody who don't think you will definitely. Thank you it was fun. This is an. And. What do you. You know. We're under the news agency freestyle. What. I. They had. Him. Bryant. His. And thank yeah. The appreciated and you very much. You know why did you. But to be able to make a couple points and and here we feel. Its. A reassuring. The and then yeah of the lead and you know. Yeah okay. I. I. Yeah. And ceilings. And decision. We didn't move beyond yeah it's. Yeah. I. Oh yeah yeah and yeah. Yeah. You believe. Pawlenty. Yeah. We. The well. Yeah. Well he. Won't do. And. It's as its.

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{"duration":"23:15","description":"Donald Trump Jr. also appears to have been at the April 2018 dinner attended by the president.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"68536386","title":"Lev Parnas releases extended audio clip of Trump dinner","url":"/Politics/video/lev-parnas-releases-extended-audio-clip-trump-dinner-68536386"}