Lewandowski: 'Silent majority' will support Trump in 2020

Trump 2020 campaign senior adviser Corey Lewandowski responds to President Donald Trump’s “white power” retweet, and his 2020 re-election chances.
6:42 | 06/30/20

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Transcript for Lewandowski: 'Silent majority' will support Trump in 2020
Are now street Couri Lewin dousing he served as a trump campaign manager in 2016. And has occurred advisor to the president's reelection campaign thank you so much for joining us mr. Lu and asking. My pleasure to examine. Aren't so let's start with the video that the president re tweeted this weekend that showed a supporter yelling the words white power at a group of protesters. The White House said that he didn't hear the comment even though it came in the first ten seconds of the clip. And as recently as April the president said when it comes to things he tweets he notices everything so Kinney have it both ways. I think in this case the white has been very clear and present is very clear it was obviously mistaken as soon as that was brought his attention that we was removed. He has said from the beginning he's got enormous supporters in the villages but there is no place in no tolerance. For that type of rhetoric can the president sought. And removed immediately when notified. But missed signs simply deleting opposed do you think that the president should do something more directly to condemn the words of that supporter and to reject the notion of white supremacy. All I think the president very clear that there is no tolerance for that. He stands with the men and women who believe that everyone is equal there's no question about that in looking at. The present to you more than remove the tweet but as soon as he was notified. The language in next week it was taking down the White House is very clear the president didn't hear and that's not what's more they can do other than that. Well he could denounce it right I mean because to be fair the click to go out to 82 million followers for several hours before it was deleted. So it would be possible for him to say because I mean as you might imagine. There are people who find idea of people saying white power hurtful and is president the United States is a unifier in chief. It seems like there is more he can do and and actually say I do not agree with that. Yeah except to meet the words into the presence Nile hunting dad. The actions that he took immediately following. The information wish he was made aware of what was said it was appropriate and taking a tweet out like that is the appropriate thing to do it is very clear he does not tolerate that does not support. Our let's talk about the president's reelection message the wall street journal editorial board recently wrote quote he still has no second term message beyond his own grievances. And on this week Sunday morning Chris Christie was an ally of the president said quote he is losing and if he doesn't change course both in terms of the substance of what he's discussing. And the way they he approaches the American people then he will lose do you disagree with either of those critiques of the president's message. Well I do because you have to remember what the president has also said he'll. In incumbent president's reelection is did he keep the promises he made his first term and what can eat cheat and a second term. If you look back to the promises that he is made the American people whether that's on immigration reform. Well Arizona homeland security and national security funding are military or whether it's on. Economic security and making sure that we had the greatest economy the world literacy. Right to the crowbar and then he's kept those promises and what he's talked about a second terror is. They killer someone who built the economy back in the first three years from the doldrums of the Obama Biden years. He can do thinking he used the opportunity you are content to come together and we have to have our jobs back thermal receipts. Nifty passes corona virus pandemic. And recent state in national polls have the president's position falling well behind Joseph Biden Ed Rollins who runs approach trumps super pac told the Washington Post quote you can't win with these numbers they're atrocious numbers of course we know the president. Proved many battleground state polls wrong in 2016. Bit. Given concerns about the president's standing right now beyond his face especially among women and independent voters and he'll need to win. We Agassi just seen houses and went to the way back machine in July 1988 the New York Times posted a poll said that. Then governor Michael Dukakis was beating then vice president George H. W. Bush 55 to 38 in New York Times predicted. Governor Michael Dukakis would be desperate the United States. We'll look how that turned out it was almost the same exact time in the campaign as we are right now the only poll that matters is when people go to the Barre. And here is this notion that being associated what Donald Trump. Izzy that thing the media chastised. People we see people beat up on the street because of it slight figure that hidden well back silent majority if you will is going to turn our once again. Is that we're going to drop. Near the way back machine still undisputed I you recently criticized the campaign for. The president's Tulsa rally saying the quote a fundamental mistake was made over promising and under delivering is the biggest mistake that you can make in politics so closing at fault and what should the president do about it and should the president change his approach at all on trying to hold large rallies in the middle of pandemic. It doesn't look back on a week it Monday Morning Quarterback you know how big rallies went from Tulsa Oklahoma voters are going forward and you know the notion that 6000 plus people showed up in there. World of Kobe in nineteen should really be recognized his successor is it a million people of course not. But the work locally. Nineteen is fundamentally change the way we interact socially the way we worship the way we transmit our. Our teachers schools the way we food shop everything is different physical in nineteen and I think we entity get into account. Go forward itself as we go forward we have additional rallies I think we have to look at what those venues are we understand with the expectations are. And I think the expectations game is one where on the very same David Doss I was and that rally. July 16 people at an event. Eight people were members of the media eight people regular citizens that it offers a press conference or Biden rally so when you compare that to we don't want to run. Art and lastly do you have total confidence that the president's campaign manager Brad Parse cell as the right person to leave the president in victory in November. Does the campaign in your mind need to make any major changes to house being run right now. Well I always think that a candidate and get better I always index addition is better than subtraction jury honestly and so I think. You'll bring in additional resources as you would traditionally do at this time the campaign. The president did four years ago when he brought in Steve van and Kellyanne Conway Dave bossy dealt with the Enron. You'll bring in more people more expert who had been out doing other things is really a winning formula and so if the here to criticize anybody I think putting more resources into the campaign is always better I think we have the right message we have the right candidate. And we are going to win this campaign in November. Carrillo and asking we appreciate you coming on a shelf thanks so much for your time. Thank you.

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{"duration":"6:42","description":"Trump 2020 campaign senior adviser Corey Lewandowski responds to President Donald Trump’s “white power” retweet, and his 2020 re-election chances.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"71523412","title":"Lewandowski: 'Silent majority' will support Trump in 2020","url":"/Politics/video/lewandowski-silent-majority-support-trump-2020-71523412"}