Libertarian Candidate Gary Johnson on His Race for the White House

ABC News' Amna Nawaz and Devin Dwyer interview libertarian candidate, Gary Johnson.
12:44 | 07/21/16

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Transcript for Libertarian Candidate Gary Johnson on His Race for the White House
And we're back here at five secretly that the Republican answer questions at a rate Devin Dwyer hear it found it possible we found wandering in the hallway is that there in adults trying to trying to keep them merry little low profile trying to be mayors Connell. Of the Republican National Convention that's going and hot presidential candidate former new New Mexico governor Gary Johnson the libertarian presidential candidate on the ticket. Yeah on the ballot in all fifty states along with bill weld former Republican governor Bob Massachusetts though that. Two of us did serve two terms each as a Republican governors and heavily democratic state so what's so libertarian presidential candidate to lead at the Republican national could well says it was just outlined. In this nation the comment. And and and be interviewed said and done. In that context like this I want speeder respectful but there is a third choice. Now myself bill weld or on the ballot in all fifty states. And I would love to have the opportunity to debates in the in the presidential general elections to do that we've got to be at 15% in the polls than just a couple of days ago. CNN had a set 13%. Which. Are you doing a man that's like one in eight people and that's pretty Eck struck. That you can absolutely they'll be respectful and give us your honest take on what you have seen so far. Here at their public event. Well it nets in the context. I'm I'm surprised by the lack of enthusiasm my ass and and yet got to take rock and please correct me you. I want you might consider tonight an exception that I think a lot of it would you're yeah I feel a little different. Well and we got we got to make him straight that's gonna come on him speak so I think that that's significant. I just I listened to all of you with regard to what they think analysis why. Or. Or enthusiasm tonight I guess that they cook. We took some questions earlier Gary from some some of our FaceBook viewers replied right now and case look at an ABC news please keep those questions coming your questions. Was about Gary Johnson about a third party candidate. How realistic a chance. The EU path. In November I know it's tough question you feel the beat you ticket had a right now the real clear politics average has about 9% CNET 13%. I am well significant is that that's probably doubled in the last seven weeks. There's no chance that a third party has of winning last. Or in a presidential debate Super Bowl politics hundred million people him. I really believe that there is a six lane highway between. Hillary Clinton cultural. Libertarians right now or rate the middle. At that we're what issues. Was mad at me. Speaking broadly governments out of my bedroom keep government's out of my pocket. Let's stop with the military interventions that have made the world less safe not foresee. I was really jazz today over the fact that this afternoon among active military I'm pulling. Its up all the candidates. Running for president. Johnson and men tropical. Are behind John while. Who knows I mean I just find that to be very ferries active military. Supporting Mac and it's. Says cigarettes are pro maps from the next few weeks you were in next campaign primetime your campaign your excuse me your convention the libertarian convention is static god. Republican Spencer be finished this week. What do you do in the next few weeks try to teacher numbers up to get on that XH come marked well after this interview right now I have a sensible probably pianist sixteen right now so thank you very all of us that those very voters out there aren't FaceBook that like your policy towards marijuana. Well and and should it. Paul the policy toward you when giants individuals being able to make. All the decisions and our life that affect our lives as long as those decisions don't put other's arms so. I think marijuana really exemplifies. That all lots of it's nobody's business but mine. As long as I don't harmony. In a comet are getting a couple of airy and here I was getting at and Robert Brown at the laugh and reader comments are reading at the if I. Didn't think that your kinks that you got tonight it's out now. If people out there feel like I can't speak to M the way you will. That that smaller government is. Is desirable that more bigger government is government having solution this. To all of our problems ultimately that's higher taxes that's money out of the war and my pocket that we could be spending. Hourly the American electorate. Hasn't addressed by at east. It segments of of everybody have been addressed by these two candidates but overall I think that most people are classical liberals. Fiscally conserve. Socially who cares as long as you don't force that on me and then nobody is talking about our military interventions from the stand point that so look let's. Let's be skeptical about these interventions that have created a situation to the world that are worse. Not better. What do you think that dynamic of the race now Gary between. The vitriol that we've seen between Donald Trump Hillary went and created. White tents at dialogue between the two campaigns by many counseling at worst it very personal. What's your take on that. That -- just as we're about to head into the homes are I think people are desperate to vote I think people really want to vote for someone as opposed to a lesser of two evils. This is really indicative of campaigns past and it seems to be the way we vote we vote for the lesser evil as opposed. Voting somebody. For someone that you actually believe it I am. Trying to provide ways. Like they say I think our. Sentiments of most. If you met Donald Trump I never have now I'm a Hillary Clinton. I have as governor and she being shoot very. She was very partisan. As. First Lady and I addicts and I was Republican governor so. Oh bill was very personable. How about my pants governor you're your former governor used gonna take the stage tonight in the spotlight. You have a kind of assessment and at him on this ticket in how he. It has since served as governor the great state of Indiana well. We have some differences I do support women's rights shoes she supports marriage all I see where my hands. I see my aunts. Oppose funding or HIE. And was trying to trance of that funding to our conclusion there or. Our kids gave gifts. That would be something. I just. That is not something that I could support. He is leaning in the drug war where everyone else is really saying ooh let's look at this let's look at the fact that we have not. Highest incarceration rates and any country in the world and it. Mandatory sentencing is at the heart of Acton at the heart of that is our war on drugs that Douglas nonviolent crime that. Is resulting in prison sentences for people so. We get some differences clearly when it comes to the social. The school that. Serious negative. Oh lead when it comes out equals ill in. Two debates I'm just curious why you work lately. In a debate you were on stage with Hillary Clinton and Marc short to be going at it with that kind of tell it's better or else our. I'll I'm not a zero hour I'm not a rock horror. I do respect the process. Running for governor in Mexico I'd never miss my opponent print radio or television two times that are rant but partner. I really do believe that people. Want to votes or someone. As opposed to the lesser of two evil so. I'm not I'm not acclaim. There won't be you vitriol coming out of the Johnson weld and last thing before we let you go matter. Governor Johnson. What's what I think that hit that people don't know about you. After all the media appearances at your convention one thing people might be surprised about your. Well. It may may be people do know is that a I'm not a rock thrower and I huge tell the true. So telling the truth means that you made mistakes. And I'd make this litany of mistakes. But there's never quicker ways to fix mistakes and it meeting them and then moving forward. A Lonnie. Thing the other night I was saying look ever operate. The pressure that she must've been under. And who's to say what it was that transpired. But when you don't think that criticism was unfair. I I think people really need to understand how much pressure there is on in this case. All Lonnie it was not responsible for that pressure but she's put a situation where she's at a speech in front of twenty million people an outage he'd do that this. I I could see her looking at Michelle floats from years. I'm not saying the following happens. But what if she would have stood happens. Today I was under so much pressure. And I'm so I'm sorry that I looked at her prior quotes I wasn't really trying shoots students were made of but it seems like answer. I think there would have been as I take away is only ally can pamphlet size respects I'm not saying that happens. But admitting mistakes. And then moving Covert lips. Damage done it never gets worse then exiting the mistake. At that point. Things only get better. It I make mistakes all the time last week mistake. Like to think I don't make cities mistakes. I'd have to think about. Yeah big mistakes you get back to. I guess perhaps I. It best companies. That listeners stock declines. I use that as a buying opportunity. Instead of viewing it as there's a reason that this product prices declining it's probable me. You shouldn't be it should be in this assessment so. I wish I could take. Back a lot of the oh wonderful investments. Senator it's you will be the secretary of treasury. No actually pick up a pretty good you know what it comes the economy when Rex that happened I really what I really. Did they end set it at that time the sense that the market was dropping 600 points. I did say at the time that I really think that US aspects are going to gain. Up from this happening in the US assets will he has a statement watch out when it comes soon Euro base. In vestments and then the second day I was asked if firm audits of the prior day when the market was down 300. Scientists have long term it's gonna be really good thing bond prices going to. You know absolute high yields going to a apps lows. Do you still hold that yes I do and since our. Rocky road ahead for Euro the broken back to you libertarian president to candidate former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson walking the halls. Here at the Q our company stay out of trouble here I'll try extra register and I thank you at the ice Brooke.

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