Sen. Lindsey Graham talks special counsel investigation

Graham said Robert Mueller should be able to do his job without interference.
1:46 | 01/08/18

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Transcript for Sen. Lindsey Graham talks special counsel investigation
Michael Wolfe's book which I've been waiting look. Fire and fury. What got guiding this stuff up. But it's causing many headaches for the White House and it. Then in suggests trump doesn't understand how much trouble he's in over Russia as well. As claims of money laundering mountain club is chop not taking mullis investigation seriously enough and how concerned do you think he should be. Well here's what I think I think mr. Mueller should be able to do his job without being interfered with how about yet. If Russia. The Russians hacked into the DNC. Still there are emails. Hacked the RNC yeah that's right but didn't use those they had in the possesses denials the hat in the clintons emails. And they gave them to WikiLeaks this web site. Who selectively leaked and that the campaign the Russians did a number on us I hate Putin. So I think we should be looking into what Russia did but the bottom line is we can't. Let anybody be above the law you don't try people in the press. So let mr. Mueller do its job. And make sure next time that we defend ourselves against the Russians costs they're coming after us again there's reason. To look at what Russia did. The Russians did it. The Russians packed in to the DNC I'm a Republican and the RNC and the RNC but they didn't use it again as he but they could next time. Right an attack on one party is an attack on all it is the Democrats today. Are hearing. I think mr. Mueller will do his job fairly and I'm not gonna read a book on my let mr. Miller do his job. Don't show bully wish you'd like let mr. Miller do its job.

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{"id":52216171,"title":"Sen. Lindsey Graham talks special counsel investigation","duration":"1:46","description":"Graham said Robert Mueller should be able to do his job without interference.","url":"/Politics/video/lindsay-graham-talks-mueller-investigation-russian-probe-52216171","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}