Listening to America: Doylestown, Penn., voters on the nation's political climate

ABC News' Dan Harris hears from Americans on President Trump's first 100 days.
44:18 | 04/24/17

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Transcript for Listening to America: Doylestown, Penn., voters on the nation's political climate
I hate Well basically and ignore you now but I'm sitting within a group of voters here in Bucks County which is a battleground county. In a battleground state. Correct river run here but trouble in this state by over 1% realize this county by under 1%. Say your some of those coveted voters. In America. The Bellwether. So let me just around the horn here my mr. review who'd you vote for. Why. And how do you think trust him. Who acted vote for Donald Trump on my a main reasons my priorities are on our GDP growth. Reining in globalization. The very concerned with immigration and shops. And as far as how trump is doing right now. I think he's actually doing pretty good job he's doing what he can to deliver on his campaign promises. On any person is gonna have difficulty. You know and in their first term in the first hundred days. They're going to be lots of people who in congress who are not necessarily going to want to you. Go with what they wanna go with and on terms running into some of that right now. But it's only the first hundred days of this still a long way to go it getting him a great hope he gets I don't give grapes here give. I'm not she's aired on an errant pass failure in the past. What would she. Give us your homeland public I think it's a moment my own worse Matamoros is your full name we lose or why and I think drugs do. Okay my full name is pat Toppert. I voted for Donald Trump. And I did it for several reasons one of which is I'm a businesswoman and I was very concerned about what's been happy to businesses and failures I know he's been reducing waste improve it. I'm most concerned about immigration I had young grandchildren and I was very concerned about the people are sneaking in this country not coming in legally. And I felt all the people that talked about it I believe TV do something and I think you will and I think he's doing very well it's hard starting out anything. And we should say exactly where little York. Part yes I am I in the chair of the Republican Party and. Here's a good color for me. So. Great that you. Former schoolteacher I can do that I would sag give him a B plus. Why not why and. What all on us because it we haven't gotten everything's and in this just starting I don't get any student of first week the best you gotta work towards better. So yes I think he's well on the way to getting where we wanted to be but I think. Let's get cooperation congress and other places. Funny welcome back. Many questions for all that we get where Brian your full name we've motive for why and I feel. Yes my name is Brian Evelyn in the primaries are there for governor Kasich and then the general ruined Mitt Romney actually. So. I just thought that campaign for both sides was common embarrassment. I've really dislike both candidates quite a lot and I wrote in Mitt Romney it's an most of us work and currently I think I'm mixed with president truck. I'm a little better improve toward send in the campaign. I like this bees during the campaign farm policy it is those very liberal isolationist. And he did it 360 on Syria what's from happy did and seizing more involved with foreign policy and be stronger foreign policy which I thought was a big issue during the campaign. Should I wasn't happy with either candidate. And as a man I'm happy switcher on that unhappy immigration he's strong on that from me supporters. The last eight years and has been in force it off. I'm happy he is enforcing it a lot of his policy either hasn't been much movement the last hundred days health care failed. Immigration and that's not going we're very well. Budget is looming that might not go over where a well. The wall Mexico's never gonna pay for its look and over 21 billion dollars of money for law. Mom we'll see only goes very early but right now given a C minus. And little better in the campaign and I look forward to see what he's doing in the future which days to act. Meyer here yourself in a state piracy yet here and law enforcement yes and you're a operas here that your. With it forces side hustles and this exact. Rob. Robin Robinson. And ends. We devote or why and what I trust Hillary Clinton. Because she was most qualified candidate. I she cares about the environment she cares about children's education. She has my values and I voted my values and because I'm worried about the country I voted for the person. Who's most qualified to lead this country. No take not if there's any eighties. The only thing he's done is he's revved up. The base for the progressive democratic movement in this country at least in Bucks County. Because now people all of this I know who their state Reppas. And all of a sudden they care about what's going on I have an I have ever seen like this happen. Won't we news agency this week where people care we had a little science marched out here into -- town on Saturday it was she can't. I've never seen anything like this the women's march. The king to Doyle's town it's right here in Bucks County people are active. They won a boat they wanted to or not they want to do what they have to do because they are. Break. So alone select few and then we'll just. Hopefully it'll ever letter written comments on your comments you any anybody got an entity state noted no room there are no real rules here. Just go back to the issue that you care about the needs you want to vote to end. And just. Reflect a little bit on on how trump doing on those specific. You mentioned GDP growth the economy and immigration. Right break well. Ed. This stage of the game the years not much that has been achieved. On any of the those main points that I brought to the table. Arm but what I see he is is a plan moving forward what I saw. Art during the election on Trump's west website what I read about some of the things he wants to do. In terms and you when you look at GDP have to understand that easel it is a multi tactical monster. And what are part of that is you know and job growth is part of that. Taxation is part that. There are lots of of things that feed into GDP growth. On immigration not so much but he can't have an effect on punch on of GDP and jobs and and other aspects. I'm particularly you know if if illegal immigration goes launched unchecked for too long. Com and so you don't on those fronts we're still waiting for some things don't happen arm like for example Brian mentioned on the budget. You know that has to come come to the floor on his tax plan has to come to the four. On that based on what I saw. Running up to the election the tax plan assault it's gonna save me a lot of money. And an are not the rich so. Did so. Some as except correctly. You haven't see a lot of action on issues you care about your confidence maybe or redeem me say that action will be taken and it. Right because with the the plan with the plant is is is being documented his plans plural have been documented in in terms of how he's going to help. Grow the GDP. So on this same view that is reflecting back on issues that really animated you during the course of this campaign. And are you seeing results you want. I'm starting to yes I do believe that as my house that there are plans in place let's be honest here this is a four year term and we're a hundred days. Nobody starts out hit it and doing everything I think he's got a very good start he beast be versed a lot of the executive orders that were very onerous for business. He's doing things that I think we need to get done. And he's standing up. I feel in the past we have the present just got everyone out there and it. European they'll look innocent they distant take us seriously think that I'm sorry that's just not true I pay my opinion when. I think that they did not take it seriously and that's why I think we hit Syria in the cases that we see the Red Line we do was crossed a hundred times. This is on the line lesson cost and I think we have to take heart stand with some of these issues and I think this may want to. Republicans would not let Obama on Syria. In the same case is an act let us just did it didn't act. Act and and we never had Obama do anything with that Congress's opinion you know county executive orders. I can't count them. The most of any president that proposition. Reversing but they're reversing most of the ones that these executives are drinking water happy gonna drink the water when all the water becomes. Filthy. Robin I don't think it's going to become filthy I think the owners they can be done business with EPA all these alerts for business in the past actions packed -- a lot I think there are regulations that the states can do I don't think the federal have to tell us what to do with our medical. I don't think people see in the White House know what's on my back creek but I think our commissioners and our governor Joseph that's that it should be not the federal level. They don't know about our schools I don't think one of these guys if any party sits in the schools or teachers now. I think it was back to local control let the federal government do with disperse that anger federal. When you were saying earlier on the yes trump has energized the entire country is more aware of who their local reps are who their state reps are. On who you know who's represented and them on Capitol Hill and that's a good thing. That's a really good thing because when people get to actually get involved and they start paying attention to the issues. Then they start to DG and and find out and learn about this like water for example or whatever else I don't know if you know where we are very little weird and in twenty residents when he twelve they were over and not 99 billion Richard voters did not go to polls. And young women that that's got to check check you know and that put you in the winter months ended right. And the latest thing is I think so many people have their blinders on. And they're so partisan. I am a very moderate person and both sides agree with the people except their blinders on if trump does some things they're gonna hate it either way. Like that we can only react to clean air you know I'm very I'm. I think EPA is very important to each responded I'd hate to billions be taken out of it. EPL a Republican but the environment very important. And I think the state has a big part of the UPS the federal and the state both have roles to play in the EPA and environmental protection and I hate. Money being taken out of it from. I don't like which Thompson went environment but the state and the federal have both. Giles the plane that life. I think it's time to federal government. Does what they're supposed to do I think they've encroached even if police departments are formed energy education. I really what does a man sitting in Washington know about my school district. What does he know what I need I believe my local school board knows I believe my local commissions Mano. But for them the macro and micro I think I think he was elected federal doing the might well. That don't do what they're supposed to do they can find the EPA portions forgot and that the state knows better. I don't think Washington is better than we do here and I underscore. Delegating responsibility for the states to use seat it costs taking action a year that you approve up. I think that's where it's going yes I do I think you once he said that during the campaign doesn't believe that the bureaucracy in Washington is be slow it. Government it's ridiculous a number of people who worked there and we could get down. The money will be used but they'll be used locally instead of being used tear it'll come down to the local level who know best. Start. I just the law that just drives me 21 billion going deal law once being taken out of the environment national parks. Interior. And I just some I don't bore the wall like last month but immigration do care very yes last month it went down 60%. Just we need to enforce immigration law our country has borders if Democrats don't like borders issue work on laws to make it aboard this country. And until then they should. Work on you know enforcing our laws. We need laws we let in over a million people every year legally. And I just don't like and people are butting in front of the people who are working hard to come here legally either vetted. They're paying taxes. And Democrats don't like borders they should work on laws to get rid of borders and until then. You know enforce our laws. By I don't always been forced fumbles 60% Camden one month. After it hasn't been four straight years. But I don't like the walled villas and climate that only it's. Where courts in other ominous because people are scared I'm here and yes well I think bees it's being enforced puberty scared weather and spend all the time money to come here and they're going to be thrown outward before they weren't. See you you. You let someone what constant desperation I don't not I think you can do without spending 21 billion on wall and he can just enforce it. And then without the law and put keep in an environment interior keep the 21 billion. Where it is now into taking and put in a wall which Mexico's never gonna pay for a repeat 21 billion for a walk and get a letter climb over. About about the wallet how the walls were to be paid for. Armed off on on his campaign website what trump was going to do was we was going to seize money that illegal immigrants are sending back to Mexico. On through wire to wire and wire services that all going to xmas Mexico's Central Bank. That would all coat normally go into a central bank and then hopefully get to their families this which is what what which is what was going on. On it so these that that kind of of the money was flowing south. To come from from from this side of the border was where that was what's he what he'd say he was going to do on the web site that was in very very great teacher. It. Can't see. Peaceable. And I think we should need to start saving money in the protection of Trump's tower and all his family. His family's traveling around the world and we are paying for it we are paying so much money. To protect him and for his travels to Florida he's going to spend more money in this first year. Then Obama spent in all eight years. I'm a narrow and it's no warning area. Past drill now and never and it I don't make that big collective. Apparently that the if we're gonna go back into this thing is that that while getting into it at the big patent that fact that the obamas took their whole classes of children they took their families. They did planning travel I don't think any of our president and numbers pat is right can I finish thank you. Thank you. You look it up they take and large groups over many trips. All the presents I don't begin with exempt this man is going between his homes I don't think it's jumped its stock London New York had dinner with your white. I would and I connect finished going to have dinner with your wife in New York. Which is what Obama did do this is not this is going back to be with his family. Little different and I think. If they start traveling and that you know actually done things a hundred days it's impossible if you think of a time where politics has created this much attention in. In your community. You can't. Most president this. This is a little heightened and I've been doing a lot of news this is heightened because what people work as Robinson a week in an almost like they did stirred up a lot of people are coming around. But there's always been people on different size and you've found we Thanksgiving dinners at elections been tense. Whichever president even if what I think it's heightened but it's been around for a lot of times for the white Republicans and Democrats be two different opinions were. So let go of liners were the family goes on vacation that we can I don't care because of his beach house the President Obama went to Hawaii for break I don't care where they go. Every weekend this is three million dollars for every nearly every week and three million plus we're protect dean trump tower in New York did you get an Republicans made. Bash Obama for on Hawaii couple times a year. You pry but that was a joke here every week it's almost every weekend he's gone to his beach house is protected. He cares radios that's a penny that's what I'm talk about the wonders what is in effect. It here went on I was playing golf I didn't care at all or bomb when he didn't go government can govern from Hawaii which is American government from the White House I don't care where he is. That was petty arguments Republicans you've actually Marie was he can do the work Maria's trump can be in his speech thousand government. But they're strikes from Florida can. It's the money is. Our Secret Service are extended far beyond what they're capable right now aside from this what are the meters use it for you were. Keep yeah and I. Witness Russia and the way Russia keeps me out. You know I was a little girl my mom's when the first when they join united states army. And I was scared to death of being bombed by the Russians. During the sixties scared to death had to hide under the deaths with you know with my hands over my head. And my mom said to be robbed and please don't worry the Russians are never going to bomb us. If they take us over it's gonna be fraught with. And I listened all the things are going not a one of our top officials said if you want to know what's going on followed the dead rations. Things are happening here there's collusion seventeen OR seventeen Intel. Departments have said they're signs of pollution it needs to be investigated. And mr. Trott need to show us his taxes like every other currency. Well departments that says that here is on the Russian meddling but I don't election I'm sorry sight admit that need to be investigating yet I mean. Is there is not our ally. Ellman when trump said who is a great leader O Bowman know. I mean that's off oh that's so unpatriotic. And he was really the start of the birther movement questioning where President Obama with Elin acted like yeah shows Eric. After all elected he's president Ron and but he elected they're not gonna be there for probably years. And going back to the birds or little we can go back to stuff does Hillary did with the foundation we did Lana lawless what they did. I agree with him let's talk about what the president is doing let's get out petty stuff yeah. Just as Russia. Worry you did did the fact that that their investigations into whether there might have been collusion between the people in trials world. And the Russians during the campaign does that concern you. Does concern me know. Up same life. Getting involved it's what it did happen to penned a level I guess if they're talking to each other in a bar two people meet Muster I don't think that's any deep into the campaign. I have not seen any proof anywhere that they were in the campaign. They said that this 19 may have talked to somebody when he was over they were something that there's no proof and I think it that was there would be out by now. I've not heard anything at all that they can prove its oldest talk in the spotter but I've not seen anyone tell me conclusively that's been done. Here is there's been a lot of conjecture. The reports that you mentioned Robin. On our beat in essence conjecture there's been nothing conclusive that is coming out of them and it will say this that if something were something were to be proved and then we we would all be happy different conversation any investigation. We needed him. Well very slowly various billing and it. Philly did it concern you know if there was. Oh absolutely because if if laws were broken justice has served. Absolutely longer Brent and added that both up to the top Soviet. But justice task easier when it is plausible speculation plot behind I need them I need more than he's proved. That's a problem that date at all engaged in our elections even if we trump and campaigned include but if they're problem anyway not. Kind of blew my mind utterly campaign trump kept saying nice things about student. And then bashed archer allies like Germany. And B when he became president hung up with Australian prime minister. And prudent as an enemy to us Russia is and he found that Syria which doesn't vesting terms that yet on Syria and now Koontz won the worse relations with America again and truck realized finally that student Lapierre. Friends with America and I don't know gonna tipping point of trying to be best buddies with them and let bashing real allies. And didn't understand that. We've got new. Participant. Is it. Zoning Lauren start on Dan Harris and I thank you think this guy has appreciated. Robbins. Hi Brian. Passionate and mile. Thanks guys appreciate it it does it tell us a little device so. Let me let you always wait what do you. Would you quit your job we'll work. I'm a self employed nutritionist. I worked with food companies irate the food labels. That appear on packages to meet all the government regulations. And I've also done marketing food marketing projects and freelance writing in the co authored some books and written for magazines and newspapers and then media work for. Promoting you know nutrition and food. And who would you vote or. I voted for Hillary Clinton lacked. Because I did not run the president that we have now. That was your hand mating. Force it was. I was in that was an anti trump rather than a program. Not necessarily. I. Am a Democrat had been a lifelong Democrat. And Hillary did it appear to running continue with. A lot of the values and progress that had been made under Barack Obama's administration. And how do you think. Present company doing as we come up on a hundred days. It's disappointing to me. Get you very vote him and deep. What. What are the issues where you are disappointed. I don't like the way. This country seems to be in the state of angry bitter divisive in this. And I don't see efforts directly from him to heal the wounds of election 2016. And I am concerned about our ability to progress and move forward considering that. We all share this country and this government is supposed to be for all of us. So we have to find a way to move forward in spite of better differences. And I do not see that happen Lou with the way he has been conducting himself. So really for you can you tell summarizing correctly here with you mean if and when you said that. The number one issue that comes to mind for you is the tone and tenor of the discourse in the country. Correct I think election season 2016. Is the worst campaign season I've ever experienced in my entire life. I think it was damaging to the spirit of this country. In terms of how we participate in politics. And there's a lot of healing to be done. And we need a lot more positive constructive attitudes to move forward in a way that we can regain the confidence. Our people in this country that we need to get into the voting Booth. For every single election not just presidential elections all of them primaries and general. Local municipal county state. We need to have people feeling confident that their vote does matter and it if. If your if your issue is. Tone and tenor of our the way we talk to each other is as though Americans. In the past ninety plus days what has count done or not done that has you concerned. I think the part that has me concerned is. I'm still feeling somewhat of an angry bitter sort is. I'm the one in charge in if you don't like it that's your problem. I'm not feeling at a sense of reaching out and trying to reconcile and making it clear. That we might not agree on everything that I'm here for you to. And I just I just don't like the way things have progressed I also think some of the decisions and choices that have been made. Don't necessarily reflect the values of this country the way I know them. The debt but I think America stands for specifically. I don't think we're an exclusive country where we try to kick people out berg. Divide people up or tell people you're not wanted here that'll never been my understanding of what this country is about unity coming up. Well people who come in illegally should be made to play by the rules I agree with that. But if someone has been here illegally for a couple of decades and and they suddenly get told to get out that's a little odd to me. Enforce the rules all along not. If there illegally here and they've committed a crime do you think the turbulence they still got credit. Should be treated as a criminal period whether there an immigrant or citizen. Criminals here. The oxman didn't she keep them Chris never send them back to where laws. Well we do have some criminals and prisoners who are not American citizens. There are in prince Abdullah once Nellie B Sanctuary Cities that are cropping up all over the country. I mean that's only you don't give us citizen and you like doing it crime. You should be taken out why should we keep you put justice system you're you're not assistant U didn't she keep illegal. Truthfully I have not personally studied every single state or spectral related to that matter. So I don't really think eminent position to weighing heavily on that particular aspect of it I have to admit. I have sorted. Minimize the amount of news that I absorbed because I don't find it healthy. To listen I really don't. I don't think what. Last year did to us and let the beginning of this year is doing to us is healthy for us mentally emotionally or psychologically. So I have to I have to very carefully watched a certain amount of news and then turn. It off. I do agree with you that it that there is a lot that is not being healthy during the course of this election. Now I think that I might we we might disagree with we're the source of that lack of health comes from. But overall I thought I was wanted to key in on something that you said earlier about the healing and they did the other political discourse. I don't think it's government's job to make us get along with the each other that's our responsibility. So it whatever Healy has to happen in this country I think it has to come from all of us I don't think we can rely on the president or congress or anybody else to heal us. We have to take it take that the bull by the points ourselves. Yeah and I I regret if I gave the impression that we are supposed to let them do that for us. Of course it's up to us but I'd. Think we do depend on our political leaders to leave to the way. And political leaders are very influential. So they do play a role in this. When I contrast the spirit and the mood of election 2008. To election 2016. I find it deplorable. I distinctly recall John McCain pointing out went some and at a rally accused Barack Obama of being an Arab who couldn't be trusted. And John McCain came back and said that's not true he's a good man we just disagree on some issues. That's where our campaigns should be and that's not what happened in 2016. It wasn't at all on the you know and and unfortunately. The the issues issues of character became. A replacement in a lot of conversations. On over issues and I I had a problem that myself. I'm thinking you don't really is character really more important than the fact that we've got all these unemployed Americans is character really more important than our foreign policy. Is being mean or seeing things that are rude or off color is that really more important than. Gross domestic product that hasn't grown above what is it one point 3%. It's it you don't priorities. Now not what I don't expect everybody to have the same priorities is being that would be. But I'll bet you know from the weight aren't seen is that a lot of the divisive dispute to fight it takes two to tango so device just comes from both directions. But once you've won let's play pick up. And the makers your government for humanity group where SA but let's just that exit if you not not going to double. Include if you win respect if you if you want. Don't you have some obligation. To set a tone and country unity. Getting I exit think if you agree that you think don't have as no I don't agree with that I saved. I'd say that that is customary it's not mandatory. And that we have to you have to meet its individuals ought to take responsibility for how we feel about whatever it is it's going. Because nobody can make me feel all way unless I let them make be feel away. I you don't a mock my lowest control mindless emotions I mean you can say it would if you want to say I can decide whether or not to get angry about it I can decide with enough to get happy. So now but I think that's window dress differently than what a. They have to factor in what's different in this election and I've seen and I've been 3730 years doing this that when this election was over. The people that were unhappy to be self incentive just doing what I didn't 2008 I was happy when Barack Obama wants. Trust me I wasn't but I do well picketing hiding close schools I didn't have all this. This is this group did start and it's this negativity. Initially you remember president trump thanks. Hillary Clinton he had or at the White House he said very nice things about sheet into her credit showed up an illustration I gave a tremendous credit for that. I think you're leaders start to do what they were supposed to get. But I think the people in the counties they started they pick everything I mean it's not. They're not. Gracefully accepted he's not worried about art world and we're worried about it aren't attacking a ticket and it is pink kitty is part of freedom of speech but this country is based on crazy about it right when you we have a right way to do that is the part. I Tea Party served a purpose. In that it woke a lot of people out what's the argument that the party is what's happening with the date the tape it's not my experience the Tea Party did not do the EST that did this it they did not have. The and then at the congressman's offices as the senators not only but not to did not they'd channel but not to the degree that they were coached how do we they went in and take over they actually get very violent and volatile data had seventeen fight they weren't happy that they were not doing physical. We need we know that protested have been Kate. Yeah. True he's yeah. True UC Berkeley. Like Ann Coulter ready aviator not that she can't even go abusers threats against her life. Salt Donald Trump really isn't California cars on fire people beaten up once these bridges that Tom all the violence Tea Party. Number one piece of let's remember wept her seat. It is when Barack Obama ran against Mitt Romney and John McCain people were not kicked out of rallies spit mind. Told we don't let you hear undated take you out on a stretcher there was no angry rhetoric like that. A lot of anger was instigated. There were angry things said during campaign 2016. Am very angry hateful thing that's. I. Really violent things right. I don't let it take him out of the spectrum of the place that guy's face. I don't hear from Hillary Clinton Hillary Clinton really is I don't remember seeing cars and fired. People being beaten and they are there are under its. People say and her fold mean things tonight it's horrible BC Donald Trump realize all the time it's dangerous to go to. These you're gonna get beaten up your cars can get a little fire it. And it gives you want you to you know if people take the train station at. Yeah but instigated all this anger we did not. Let's see this election 2008 I'm talking about the campaign season and are now on newsstands K yeah bass or not. Kelly I think we're worried. Out our country and our democracy not married Robin I don't know punch people and I don't attack. Have that's very few number of hope that all all hat and how many more conservative campus we met and service speakers of August Odyssey. And double doors be blocked screamed that we couldn't get in. Pilots did we see at the women's marked the day after the inauguration. They took place. In all that's the quite. Neil popped on out of it that you don't follow us we don't that weight is now. Democrats who are unhappy with the results are capable of coming out in large crowds and not being violence. Elizabeth speaking here articulate yet they come to Aaron that yes. We'll only added that all the time all the time they they show law and it may be Democrats like in a dinner by the apartment. But there are people show up at the rally disease that we have as Republicans that are belligerent and throwing stuff up. Burning cars chubby people shopping people. We don't know you preventing Republicans don't show up usually peaceful we don't do that this. Story that we curse why we cannot say it's for sure Democrats showing temperature rallies do we know how good your report and what we know what science we know what signing. Wielding obviously don't know. We we we see what signs they're there I don't normally don't nine. I'm when he when Aikman they come to an to a 35000. Person trump event and and start heckling and things like that. That's where people but no closer the people that are being sold we want you but I don't structurally. At events for John McCain and Mitt Romney that's the question I don't know what you know. Because we know he angered trump instigated I am not saying that the reaction is justified. But let's look at the whole picture here we did not see Democrats do it this. When George puts junior ran against him. So what's the explanation there are so does that they were so sure Hillary was going to win they were so I asked him that killing is gonna take it and when she lost they couldn't handle it. I can't believe colleges closed didn't have classes didn't act on it was unbelievable canceled test. Delighted that we're teaching our young people we don't get doorway go back. During her campaign alert or after the election. Union have. Let's look at the factors that led up to that kind of anger. And is the origin of those factors doing anything. To try to reverse that anger. We keep that source to be active year. The source all of the angry nasty bitter feelings. What is that source duly moved to turn those feelings. President president trump wasn't helping nearly KO presence campaign trump was not helping during the campaign what is right or rotator arguable users but. The Democrats should rise above that could not go be violent events but is he helping. I think he's the same person and he always will be on Twitter eyes dish every I tried to elect him during the campaign. Every time I watched him sought tweet. It's just bluntly pat but I don't think it but yet but I think people should. No look at that you like rise above it and I think the united McDonough for uniting I think our government should unite we present President Reagan president Kennedy name and unite the country President Bush when he unite the country after 9/11. The government needs and I ended. People here rising about it that government the president needs to find out the. The people who support the president making clear to him we expect you to rise about it. What about that approach rapidly get paid. Oh well will accommodate this people should just change their ways that every. Totally reform are double again by far and I consent. And that's the reason. I didn't reform movement immensely but what I mean it's it's I was sick obviously sitting around this table there's tension. Here and throughout the country do you think president Trout. He's doing enough. To address the division's investment. You know something I released my problem is what I don't think that's his job. I really don't I think he's governing he's got a big country Iran I don't think we have to work when it here. I think that we have to take care but I think he's being fair I think he's being not a what I hear and see he's been very. Cordial to the other side in terms of happy in the in having the in the he's concentrating on the same they got the house members in the senate. He's treated and I'd see him being very cordial he's talking about not prosecuting Hillary for all that foundation suffer abuse I don't like that that's at stake that only eight. Excuse me that's a big laurel bridge I think. I think that's what he has to do I don't think he has to do what the local stuff. He's not the one running out here doing the protesting he's got the lumbering. You can call the Senate Minority Leader structure Clough. So we went that night cops right that's in. I just want to make it clear Hillary. Committed no crimes. That's on one thing whether. They didn't taking responsibility. For his deep his ability to influence others. Do you believe he should take responsibility. For the manner in which he influences. Citizens. Want to take off again on actions of course they can bring. Out actions hit the ability to be a high profile opinion leader these are the kinds of things. They act celebrities have gone into lawsuits over Oprah Winfrey was dragged into a lawsuit she made a comment. At about hamburgers she was dragged into a lawsuit. She is a high profile opinion leader she is responsible for her ability to influence others. Do you think our current president should be held responsible for his ability to influence the citizens of this country. Q I think he's responsible for his actions. Lewis I can't control his influence north can't even think he should be held responsible for the manner in which he influences. He. It almost popped up our acts and I will not get into his influence to I don't know do you know. We are experiencing what his influence us. All this anger and bitterness. Yeah the peace we continuously. He each week's all the angry stuff cute accuses Obama of wiretap beating from our two weekends because. Yet the angry hateful. Things that he said I am personally completely disappointed with his entire election cycle I don't like the way. Much of the Democratic Party leaders conducted themselves I don't like the way the primaries were handled I don't like the fact that. Ethical corruption during the primary was pushed aside because it got Hillary on the ticket. But now that we think it's the reason she lost we suddenly happy go investigate directions. I don't like any other and the reason I don't like it even though I did vote in this. Election. I don't think it helps Foster stressed and confidence in the voting system. And we had a lot of people who didn't vote and a lot of people who voted third party and right in. And I don't think oh these shenanigans in August carrying on is helping those individuals feel confident that their vote matters. I think this needs to be addressed in a nonpartisan way. Religious police put the I it's really appreciate all. Articulate. Denunciations of views roundtable in just close out by asking you where. A hundred days in roughly into the truck presidency more than three and a half years left what are you wanna say. I said before our I want to see an increase in GDP growth. All I want to see us do something about the the tax code in this country. Dot it would be wonderful if Richie could doubly more jobs Filipino. It just summarize. Very much the same thing I'd like to see more jobs I like to see the taxes cut I'd like to see less onerous. Do you provisions being put on businesses and IDC the immigration and under control. Com and obviously the economy is extremely important more drop once that and then farm policies future and leave North Korea Syria Russia. It's a huge problems the United States right now that we need to deal with. And I just want congress to work together it's been a hundred days and Republicans dominate the government. And there may have to get key legislative problems. Passed and I think that they need to work together in government needs to work together and actually pass legislation in. They need to work on I didn't get along. Put the blinders aside in Bucks County agree congressman who is independent minded and he does Reid thinks is best for the legislate for the district. And for the people. I think falters in seem to put their political views aside and do what's best for their district and I am. Do its best people. Quote. I would hope we would get some diplomats back in the State Department to help with the foreign policy because we have so many. I'm hot places all over the globe. I'd like to see environmental protections. Remain in force because I want clean air and clean water for my children. I'd like to see education standards. Go higher and not become. Our private. I would like for mr. trump to issue was taxes. And I would like to Russian pollution and the Russian interference in our elections investigate. I'd like to see more citizens get involved that is the one good thing that's come out of this horrible election cycle. I believe Democrats became little overconfident. And little apathetic. And I'd like to see more people will not just get out for a protest or demonstration to get involved. I think it's their choice their party is their choice their candidates are their choice. But this kind street disposed to be a government where we did people are part of it. And ease political party leaders and people in office they work for us. They're supposed to respond to what we want an that would only happen if we get more involved and stay involved. More Robin. Bryant had my love thank you very much really appreciate it thank you think. Or at.

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